LETTER: We must act now to get energy costs under control

With cap-and-trade legislation in the Senate, rising energy costs loom. It's up to Missourians to search out modernized and upgraded technologies to help counter these escalating costs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Don't ban animal antibiotics, keep food safe

Antibiotics are used responsibly to prevent and treat disease in animals. They are used safely and judiciously and should not be banned by the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act.

Missourian welcomes letters, guest columns ahead of the April 6 election

All letters will run online and every effort will be made to publish them in the print Missourian by April 4.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Dental therapists solution for rural oral health

Missouri’s oral health is among the worst in the nation, partly because of the state’s shortage of dentists. Programs in Alaska, England, Australia and Canada have had success with dental therapists, who can provide a wide range of dental services at a low cost. Missouri could also benefit from dental therapists if the state’s professional licensing law did not stand in the way.

LETTER: Live tiger at football games idea should be caged

Having a live tiger at MU football games should be pretty far down on the list of priorities for the university.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should President Obama spend on unemployment or enact a spending freeze?

President Barack Obama must deal with a large deficit and high unemployment and try to strike a balance to help both in the national budget.

COLUMN: Why we still need Black History Month

Each year it seems that people question whether Black History Month needs to be taught in schools. Now more than ever, the answer is yes.

LETTER: Consider Sid Sullivan for next Columbia mayor

Sid Sullivan is getting community attention for the city's mayoral race because of his ideas about social justice, quality of life and open communication policy about our local government.

LETTER: Concern for higher education's upcoming fiscal year

Barring an unforseen economic turnaround, higher education will continue to see less funding from the state. Here are a few ideas for making the most of the money.

LETTER: Football games are no place for a live tiger

Surely he was joking when Missouri Student Association President Tim Noce suggested purchasing a live tiger mascot for MU home football games. Doing so would be inhumane and a waste of finances.

LETTER: Obama's job plan more promising than GOP's

Republicans use ideology and rhetoric to argue for what they want. President Barack Obama's plans are built on objective consideration of the facts. Republicans will show themselves to be the greatest domestic enemy of the country they claim to love.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Will you buy the Apple iPad?

The Apple iPad has been involved in plenty of talk, both positive and negative, since its unveiling Wednesday.

COLUMN: The Missourian's top commenters of 2009

The Missourian's comments section was dominated by four titans in 2009, and I've got the numbers to show it.

DEAR READER: Responding to allegations about 'usual suspects'

There's nothing unusual about Mike Martin's "usual suspects" harangue against the Columbia Missourian.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Haiti disaster a wake-up call for Missouri to prepare

With the disaster in Haiti becoming a warning for other countries vulnerable to a natural disaster, Missouri needs to take action to ready itself in case a disaster should ever occur here.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Conversations about cyberwarfare grow after Google's claims against China

The Internet giant says China hacked into its server, making the issues of censorship and cyberwarfare popular global topics.

LETTER: Organization pushes for health care reform now

As Big Health Care continues to put profit-making before people, true reform is needed. GRO-Grass Roots Organizing calls for our leaders to buckle down and get health care reform done now.

COLUMN: State of the Union a reminder Obama is just getting started

Obama's State of the Union address reminds us that change doesn't come instantly. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: How do you think Columbia can improve recycling?

Public works estimates that only 28 percent of Columbia residents recycle.  An avertising agency, Pure, has been hired to help increase education and awareness about recycling, and a program replacing blue bags with plastic bins will start in some parts of the city. How else can Columbia improve recycling?

COLUMN: Missouri residents must define ethics for their legislators

People have different definitions of ethics, but Missouri residents must come together to decide on a code of ethics to which we can hold legislators accountable.