TODAY'S QUESTION: Should California’s same-sex marriage case be telecast to test the new pilot program for broadcasting trials?

The U.S. Supreme Court said no to this question on Wednesday, stating in part that the pilot program should not be tested on such a high-profile case. What do you think?

COLUMN: Memories of Port-au-Prince

A trip to Port-au-Prince 40 years ago left a lasting impression.

LETTER: Remember King by volunteering your services

Missouri Clean Water AmeriCorps members are asking citizens to use the day off to volunteer. The staff of Misouri River Communities Network will be sorting donations at the Central Missouri Food Bank and asks the public to join the effort.

COLUMN: Fear of flying? — blame the bureaucracy

All the evidence needed to stop Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was there well before he boarded Northwest Flight 253. So why was it the passengers who had to stop him?

TODAY'S QUESTION: What, if any, new regulations should be placed on puppy mills?

Missouri has the most puppy mills in the nation. Animal rights advocates hope to regulate such breeding by imposing harsher penalties on offenders; critics think trying to regulate puppy mill operators who already don't adhere to licensing rules would do little to stop the problem.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let the EPA enforce the Clean Air Act

COLUMN: Obama not keeping promise of transparency

Especially on important issues such as health care reform, President Obama  must make good on campaign promises of conducting debates in public and involving members of both parties.

LETTER: Band mixup not that big of a deal

Navy fans bemoaning "hurt" feelings and "disrespect" has grown tiresome.

COLUMN: Community builders unite us better than online social networks

Fans of high-tech communities like Facebook and Twitter should not fall in the trap of neglecting their real-life neighbors and coworkers.

LETTER: Bias found in two Associated Press articles

The Missourian should better edit AP stories or label some of them as commentary.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does Mark McGwire's admission of steroid use change your opinion of him?

Putting to rest a question that dogged him for years, former St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire has admitted to steroid use. The admission comes on the heels of accepting a job as the Cardinals' hitting instructor.

LETTER: Obama's promised transparency has not come to fruition

Power brokers continue to dominate the way government is run.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Journalism's dreamers must keep eyes on statistics

Popular perceptions of what is happening with journalism don't always match up to how readers and viewers want their news.

LETTER: Frigid weather makes the homeless visible

Our community needs to remember the homeless throughout the year.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the death penalty be abolished in Missouri?

Grass-roots organizations are calling for a moratorium on executions in Missouri until a study is conducted.

LETTER: Health care reform bill needs to be flushed

The bill is nothing more than a treat for the insurance industry, not real reform.

DEAR READER: Sometimes the commentary becomes the news

A lively debate over the performances of the bands at the Texas Bowl offerered differing and unique perspectives of fans and band members.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What are you doing to keep your home safe from burglaries?

During November, 42 burglaries were reported, and 74 were reported in December, including 21 on Christmas Eve.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Will Yemen be tomorrow's war?

The attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound jet has raised questions about the nation's committment to fighting terrorism.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What changes should be made to the National School Lunch Program?

Concerns over cost and quality of meat has spurred Congress to pledge a review of the Child Nutrition Act this spring.