Health care reform opponents need a reality check

If private enterprise is unable to provide affordable health care to every American, perhaps it should be the business of the government. But we can't just leave it to the richest people to make the decisions, either.

LETTER: Unregulated use of antibiotics in food is dangerous

My question would be why are the chemical corporations protected and subsidized, while the small farmers are harassed and sent to court or trying to save that seeds that are not genetically mutated? And more.

Today's Question: Should we have antibiotics in our food?

As a major pork-producing state, Missouri could be affected by legislation regulating use of antibiotics in food.

LETTER: We need real solutions to health care problem

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer should support Obama's efforts to provide real solutions to America's health care problems.

Understanding Uighur-Han conflict in China's Xinjiang Province

The Han Chinese are trying to assimilate an area in which the Uighurs live. As a result, some Uighurs, a small minority in China, began challenging Han domination.

Do I have to call it tweeting?

The word itself might sound ridiculous, but Twitter has spread and grown into a powerful Web entity. Only time will tell whether it has the kind of staying power to outlast new innovations.

High school journalists learn to be resourceful, assertive

While covering the weak economy for the Urban Pioneer, 16 high school students from six states honed their journalism skills during a 10-day workshop.

Today's Question: What programs should be trimmed in the city's 2010 budget?

With revenues continuing to contract, city leaders will have to find ways to save $1.5 million in next year's budget, according to some estimates. Some programs will inevitably face cuts as the City Council works to pass the budget in September.

Golf ties together one man's personal bookmarks

Golf has been in the background of many significant moments in the American consciousness.

LETTERS: Debating the future of 'Pepper & Friends'

Columbia resident Dan William Peek recently wrote a letter regarding the cancellation of "Pepper & Friends," and that letter made it up the MU hierarchy. Brady Deaton wrote a response to Peek's letter, which Peek then responded to in kind.

Prescription drug abuse poses new challenge for grandparents

Painkillers and prescription medications can be just as dangerous as street drugs, but many grandparents do not adequately guard their medicine cabinets from their grandchildren.

The road to conservation requires no new roads

The Roadless Area Conservation Rule needs to be fully reinstituted and regulated with a heavy hand. The Obama administration needs to reconsider the long-term damage the rainforest will incur if logging continues.

There will be never be another Walter Cronkite

Cronkite was an authority on the news of the day, and he was a distinctly neutral one.

Today's Question: Merging of Boone County Fire Protection District and the Columbia Fire Department

City and county fire services began increased cooperation this year as a result of the new territorial agreement that went into effect in March.

GUEST COLUMN: Health care reform for the Ninth District

In the coming weeks, Washington plans to take a hard look at health care reform. While there are a lot of positive draws to the new health care plan, it could spell trouble for small businesses.

LETTER: America needs and wants new health care

America is facing a health care crisis.

LETTER: McCaskill needs to step down, let a real progressive lead

Claire McCaskill is not doing the job we hired her to do.

Driving requires attention on road, not phone

The banning of cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle is not, as some would say, a matter of privacy, but rather of safety to everyone else on the road.

Today's Question: Is Obama's health care reform bill losing steam?

As the August recess draws closer, so does Obama's window of opportunity to pass his health care reform plan. Opposition has come from both sides of the aisle.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri workers need green jobs now

Working to make the nation's energy sources more efficient could help create thousands of jobs in Missouri – if politicians in Washington can catch up with the times.