COLUMN: Examining a few bills about to be taken up by General Assembly

As state legislatures around the country get ready to debate bills, here is an analysis of a few bills proposed in Missouri, covering topics from protection for faith-based health care to eminent domain.

COLUMN: Ethics reform in Missouri legislature must include contribution limits

The best ethics reform would be to let the citizenry finance all campaign costs, but that's never going to happen.

LETTER: MU apology to Navy rings hollow

Marching Mizzou was selfish for playing five songs at the end of the game before allowing the Midshipmen to play their revered alma mater.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Disney makes a crowd-pleaser for black community

"The Princess and the Frog" is packed with dazzling characters led by Princess Tiana.

COLUMN: Are our national security expectations reasonable — or realistic?

Even if the security flaws that gave Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab a chance to blow up a plane on Christmas Day are fixed, lapses in security will always exist.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hundreds of unfilled jobs in Missouri? You've got to be kidding

There's a growing number of open jobs in the Missouri allied health professions, but schools don't have the capacity to fill them.

TODAY'S QUESTION: If the state budget needs to be cut, where should that happen?

The governor has already cut $600 million from a $23.7 billion state budget. With another $200 million in cuts looming, what do you think should be targeted?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Four things Columbia did badly in 2009

A small group of high-profile individuals get to make the most important decisions about our community.

COLUMN: A good editor would help the legislative process

Legislation should be written as simply and concisely as possible without any hidden tricks or hastily passed provisions.

LETTER: Questions about traditions following Missouri-Navy game

In the end, it was a great game and the Mizzou fans were great folks.

COLUMN: If the country is a mess, it's our fault

In this new decade, let's try to remember that "we the people" are ultimately responsible for our problems and finding solutions to them.

LETTER: Missouri band stole the moment at Texas Bowl

Most football programs know and respect each others' traditions.

GUEST COMMENTARY: MU leading the way in alternative energy

MU won't eliminate coal use overnight, Chancellor Brady Deaton says, but the campus has made considerable steps in that direction.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are digital 3D movie tickets worth the extra cost?

COLUMN: Making a pledge for the new year

New beginnings let us leave behind old ways and habits and look ahead to a fresh start.

LETTER: MU band showed disrespect

Marching Mizzou prevented the Navy Drum and Bugle Corps members from playing their alma mater.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does research about brain cancer affect your cell phone use?

One critic of the cell phone industry says a pandemic of brain cancer is forthcoming. Studies show now link between phone usage and cancer, however.

COLUMN: It could have been worse

The recession wasn't an outright depression. Jobs and home prices took a dive, but it seems as if the loss has lessened. And, now, as the new year starts, it's beginning to look a bit more optimistic.

COLUMN: Congress must act boldly and for good of America on health care reform

The promises of the 2008 presidential and congressional campaigns for health care coverage for all Americans seem to have shifted to a "win" for the Democrats. Republicans seem to have no idea what they want.

COLUMN: Being ill-informed and judgmental define the aughts

The moniker “context-free” could easily be used to describe the entire past decade, or at least the way society is trending. Look no further than the ubiquitous end-of-the-year/decade lists and retrospects currently plaguing the Internet.