COLUMN: Spending what we don’t have is now the American way

Take a gander at our current debt: $12,027,341,155,152.20. Tallied up all those zeroes yet? That’s $12 trillion and change. We can blame Bush for creating the mess, or we can blame Obama for not cleaning it up. Or we can blame both.

Today's question: Are you concerned with Forsee's perceived climate change contradiction?

Forsee sent a letter Nov. 17 to Missouri's congressional delegation urging opposition to cap-and-trade climate change legislation, which would provide incentives for capping carbon emissions.

COLUMN: President Obama's troop strategy leaves questions

Obama's addition of 30,000 troops in Afghanstan may affect the commitments of the U.S. partners.

COLUMN: Presidents Obama, Forsee traveling down wrong paths

Presidents Barack Obama and Gary Forsee have made questionable decisions this week.

The Beat: Downtown Columbia loses development project

Columbia Missourian editor Scott Swafford and reporter Elliot Njus joined KBIA's Eric Durban on The Beat to discuss development downtown.

LETTER: Payday loans help customers who need money in a pinch

Short-term loan customers appreciate having access to credit that saves them money by helping them to avoid fees associated with bounced checks and late bill payments.

COLUMN: Returning to the real war in Afghanistan will draw GOP criticism

Obama’s lecture on policy will be called an insult by conservative hawks, many of whom still wrongly believe that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had a major hand in the 9/11 attacks.

Today's Question: How will Dubai's debt default affect the world economy?

Last week Dubai World, a huge government-owned conglomerate, announced it would delay repayment of billions it owes for six months. How will this affect the world economy?

Today's Question: What would you like to happen during this state legislative session?

Missouri lawmakers began filing bills for the 2010 legislative session Tuesday, with some bills attempting to address issues previously brought to the floor during last year's session.

Rock music didn't hurt mommy, so how can it hurt the baby?

Despite the fussing and fretting of certain parenting magazines, I'm not going to shelter my infant son from the heavy metal music I grew up with. After all, it's not the music that makes a child an angel or a hellion; it's the parenting.

LETTER: Answer to crime problem is to stop it before it happens

We are living in a time where parents are too distracted to provide moral guidance to their children. Crime occurs because of a lack of moral training. We must turn off televisions, computers and cell phones and work to make changes that will reduce crime and improve life.

Today's Question: Do you agree with increasing troop levels in Afghanistan?

On Monday, a Washington Post article detailed what Obama will do next in an effort to help stabilize Afghanistan and eventually allow the military to leave the area. The decision will send 34,000 troops to Afghanistan to bring the total number to 100,000.

No good reason to try Mohammed in civilian court

Why prosecute some enemy combatants in military court and others in civilian court?

Who is in charge? Therein lies the problem

Freedom of choice to do anything we may want to do without the disadvantage of having a lot of rules and regulation may be fun, but obviously it’s not the ideal system for making living together in peace easy.

COLUMN: Mom never forgot that cup of tea from the Salvation Army

During World War II, while Mother was a member of the Royal Air Force, her troupe received tea and biscuits from the Salvation Army when they landed in Northern Africa.

Today's Question: What do you think about the police department removing its detective from the Internet Crimes Task Force?

The Columbia Police Department has recently had to cut several programs for budget reasons. In October, for example, the department removed one of its detectives from the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force.

LETTER: Webber, Still should support medical marijuana

As representatives of the people of Columbia who voted in support of medicial marijuana, Reps. Stephen Webber and Mary Still should support it.

We don't need another payday loan business in Columbia

The Columbia City Council's six-month moratorium on the opening of new payday lending outlets is a good start, but must be followed up by regulations that rein in the excesses of these businesses.

Today's question: Should Nixon work to insure more Missouri children?

Although Gov. Nixon announced in his State of the State speech that he wanted to cover more children with health insurance, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported that Nixon has resisted a proposal that would immediately cover many Missouri children.

Clarifying the positions of patients, advocates in the breast cancer screening debate

It wouldn't have been clear to readers what the patient's position in the debate actually was but it was clear about the oncologist's role.