Celebrating Columbus Day fails to properly honor history

Imagine the roads this nation and the world could have taken if someone else were credited with discovering North America. The possibilities are endless.

H1N1 preparedness varies throughout the world

Some countries are more prepared, or even over-prepared, to deal with the H1N1 virus than some of their third world counterparts. Many people are concerned that vaccine supplies will not be adequate.

LETTER: Baseball playoff series should be decided in one game, tennis-style

For business reasons, Major League Baseball should switch to one-game playoffs decided tennis-style, in which the first team to outscore their opponent in five total innings wins the game.

Columbia's historic properties are on their last legs

The Tiger Hotel, the Heibel-March building and the YouZeum are all historic. Unfortunately, it looks like two of the three may also become history.

Ground beef regulation sickening, in need of reform

An investigation done by a reporter for The New York Times shows that testing for E. coli can be lax — and little is being done about it.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Catholic principles should be applied to health care reform

With Catholic hospitals providing such a large percentage of medical care, the voice of the Catholic Church should be heard in the health care debate.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia deserves the best in city government

Kurt Albert, a Columbia resident, explains the need for a city ordinance that would stop staff deception in the local government.

LETTER: Politicians named 'Nixon' seem to always deceive the public

By refusing to come clean about when his office learned about the E. coli levels at the Lake of the Ozarks, Governor Jay Nixon is living up to the name that former President Nixon degraded.

LETTER: Current health care system prevents many from getting care

Many Americans live without health insurance, and even more are close to losing it.

LETTER: It's time for MU to lessen its use of coal

Coal is an incredibly dirty and polluting source of energy, and according to the World Coal Institute, the use of coal will increase by 60 percent in the next 20 years.

LETTER: Coal's price tag is not cheap

Replacing coal as a power source is essential to protecting the health of our community.

Today's Question: Now ranked, is Missouri football under more pressure?

Missouri football is now ranked No. 24 in the AP Poll and No. 18 in the Coaches' Poll. Do those rankings put the Tigers under more pressure with the Nebraska game looming?

Today's movies filled with not with fun, but filth

The charm of classic movies has fallen to the wayside as nudity and explotion grabs the limelight.

Nostalgia for the old neighborhoods warrants change

What happened to the old black neighborhoods that were safer, more cohesive and friendlier, and where young men and young women addressed each other in respectful terms? We need to get back to those ideals and we need to do it now.

LETTER: Not all doctors support Obama's public option plan

Reporters who busted ACORN did so with an agenda

The right-wing agenda of the two "investigative reporters" has been nurtured by conservative media training and has negatively affected ACORN and real journalists.

Today's Question: Is there enough evidence to successfully prosecute Johnny Wright?

The man suspected of killing Becky Doisy was arrested last week in Georgia. After 33 years, the challenge now is to gather enough evidence for a conviction.

Time for a talk with Jesus

Through prayer, we too can reach our Lord and experience the intimacy that God desires to have with each of his children.

Can we admit that legal drugs are as deadly as the illegal variety?

Experts said the 2008 death of a high school football player was at least partly caused by a prescription amphetamine and an over-the-counter muscle builder. This should serve as a reminder that coaches need to keep track of what their players are taking, and that something can be legal without being safe.

UN Security Council addresses Iran's plans for nuclear energy

Iran's nuclear energy program brings questions from U.N. Security Council and countries within range of its missiles.