GUEST COMMENTARY: MU leading the way in alternative energy

MU won't eliminate coal use overnight, Chancellor Brady Deaton says, but the campus has made considerable steps in that direction.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are digital 3D movie tickets worth the extra cost?

COLUMN: Making a pledge for the new year

New beginnings let us leave behind old ways and habits and look ahead to a fresh start.

LETTER: MU band showed disrespect

Marching Mizzou prevented the Navy Drum and Bugle Corps members from playing their alma mater.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does research about brain cancer affect your cell phone use?

One critic of the cell phone industry says a pandemic of brain cancer is forthcoming. Studies show now link between phone usage and cancer, however.

COLUMN: It could have been worse

The recession wasn't an outright depression. Jobs and home prices took a dive, but it seems as if the loss has lessened. And, now, as the new year starts, it's beginning to look a bit more optimistic.

COLUMN: Congress must act boldly and for good of America on health care reform

The promises of the 2008 presidential and congressional campaigns for health care coverage for all Americans seem to have shifted to a "win" for the Democrats. Republicans seem to have no idea what they want.

COLUMN: Being ill-informed and judgmental define the aughts

The moniker “context-free” could easily be used to describe the entire past decade, or at least the way society is trending. Look no further than the ubiquitous end-of-the-year/decade lists and retrospects currently plaguing the Internet.

COLUMN: Put some pants on, ladies

I would like to be very clear: Tights are not pants. Those $10 black leggings found at Target are not pants. Lace footless tights are not pants. Jeggings (a combination of jeans and leggings, which also made it onto the New York Times list of 2009 buzzwords) are not pants. If the potential NotPants could be worn while playing Mercutio in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the NotPants are really not pants.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should public safety outweigh individual privacy in airport security?

On Christmas Day, a Nigerian man attempted to blow up a plane en route to Detroit. The foiled terrorism attempt has thrust the issue of airport security into the spotlight again. Should see-through scanners be installed at airports to make it harder to bring dangerous materials onto a plane or would this infringe on individuals' privacy?

COLUMN: Farewell to 2009, hello to opportunities to do better

In the coming year, we should all try harder to make our country a better place to live.

COLUMN: Legislators should not abdicate their responsibilities to the voting public

Missouri voters have been asked to make decisions at the ballot that should have been made by legislators. And sometimes those decisions weren't always the right ones.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should Missouri decriminalize the sale of yellow margarine?

A Missouri law would makes it illegal to sell yellow margarine, andRep. Sara Lampe is working to repeal this law. Is the amount of time and resources that will go into repealing a virtually innocuous law worth the effort?

DEAR READER: The presses will roll, probably, after the Tigers play in the Texas Bowl

On-the-scene coverage of the game and related events will be online Tuesday and in print Wednesday.

Yes, Dear Reader, there is a 'Yes, Virginia' editorial today

The editorial, written in 1897, transcends any particular faith and speaks to all. It describes an aspiration for hope and wonder.

COLUMN: Long list of people to thank for 2009

Here is some heartfelt appreciation to those in Columbia who make our community a better place to live.

COLUMN: A few things you didn't know about Santa

The jolly man answers questions about his job, requests from children and reindeer.

LETTER: Further thoughts on remedial math education

Although there are problems with math education, it is important to remember that everyone concerned is trying to make the system better.

COLUMN: Politicians blind to changing population

Global warming, Nobel Peace Prizes, Tiger Woods are topics I'll leave to others, but I do worry about politicians who ignore the changing beliefs of the public.

COLUMN: A few suggestions to improve college football

Electronic replays are unnecessary second-guessing of officials that cause both the team and the fans to lose momentum. Also, criticisms of the Big 12 for allowing bowl committees to bypass MU's football team are juvenile.