DEAR READER: Photojournalists bring back the war in Afghanistan

The Associated Press' Julie Jacobson shared her story of following and photographing Marines in Afghanistan to a cadre of editors in Kansas City earlier this week.

States consider impact of legalizing, decriminalizing marijuana

The push to legalize marijuana in America continues with a legalization bill moving through the California Legislature. Despite many misconceptions, places like the Netherlands haven't legalized marijuana; the use is decriminalized, but the mass production of it is still a crime.

COLUMN: Downtown cameras, Davis health care proposal are bad ideas

Downtown cameras are expensive and don't work to solve crimes, while the proposal to nullify provisions of a federal health care bill is unconstitutional.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How can the government best mitigate the effects of unemployment for Americans?

If the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program is not renewed, 53,048 Missourians will lose federal unemployment benefits between January and March, according to the study. Nationwide, more than 3.2 million will be affected.

COLUMN: Surveillance cameras will improve safety in downtown Columbia

Downtown surveillance cameras have proven their effectiveness around the world and won't violate anyone's right to privacy. Why, then, are local officials opposed to installing them in Columbia?

TODAY'S QUESTION: Will you vote for or against having surveillance cameras in downtown Columbia?

Columbia's City Council has decided to allow voters to make the final call on whether or not the city use permanent cameras to monitor downtown Columbia.

COLUMN: Believe in Santa Claus

Santa Claus may not be real, but I want to believe in him. At least during this time of year to recapture childlike wonder lost in adulthood.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Time for MU to kick the coal habit

Simply put, coal equals carbon. With every light switch flipped, TV show watched, and adjustment of the thermostat, we are feeding the coal habit.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What is your reaction to Missouri football's Texas Bowl bid?

On Sunday, Missouri football players talked about looking forward to playing against a worthy opponent in an important recruiting area on a major TV network. But many fans are frustrated that several bowl games perceived Missouri as a less valuable participant than had been expected.

COLUMN: Take some pride, dress the part

Dress codes aren't mandatory, but people should at least dress presentably.

COLUMN: Better television programming a start to curing society's ills

I’m convinced that as many hours as people spend in front of the set, we would be a less violent society if we had more sensible television fare.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Forsee's position on cap and trade is disappointment for many at MU

A closer look at Gary Forsee's letter reveals that his views more accurately represent those of our nation's most polluting special interests than of the students, faculty and staff of the UM System.

Today's Question: What do you think of the timetable for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan?

President Obama has said that American forces will begin to return from Afghanistan starting in July 2011. Is that date too soon or too distant? Should there be a specific timetable?

DEAR READER: Missourian Readers Board poses some good questions

For example, violence is a story that won't go away, so what can be learned from the deaths of the Kahlers?

The Beat: WATCH D.O.G.S brings male role models into elementary classrooms

Columbia Missourian reporters Christina Manolis and Jordan Zirm visited KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the programs' goals and successes.

COLUMN: Spending what we don’t have is now the American way

Take a gander at our current debt: $12,027,341,155,152.20. Tallied up all those zeroes yet? That’s $12 trillion and change. We can blame Bush for creating the mess, or we can blame Obama for not cleaning it up. Or we can blame both.

Today's question: Are you concerned with Forsee's perceived climate change contradiction?

Forsee sent a letter Nov. 17 to Missouri's congressional delegation urging opposition to cap-and-trade climate change legislation, which would provide incentives for capping carbon emissions.

COLUMN: President Obama's troop strategy leaves questions

Obama's addition of 30,000 troops in Afghanstan may affect the commitments of the U.S. partners.

COLUMN: Presidents Obama, Forsee traveling down wrong paths

Presidents Barack Obama and Gary Forsee have made questionable decisions this week.

The Beat: Downtown Columbia loses development project

Columbia Missourian editor Scott Swafford and reporter Elliot Njus joined KBIA's Eric Durban on The Beat to discuss development downtown.