Today's question: Do the MU Greek social policy changes go far enough to protect students?

MU sororities and fraternities are implementing several changes to their social policy, after a couple of incidents at off-campus sponsored parties.

The Beat: The possibility of a second new elementary school

Columbia Missourian reporter Alycia Yount joins KBIA's Eric Durban to discuss the recent Columbia School Board meeting.

Trying terror suspects in New York shows we have no fear

Americans should have faith in our court system and support the 9/11 terrorists trial being held in New York.

The Beat: Columbia College athletics go international

Columbia Missourian sports editor Greg Bowers and reporter Joan Niesen joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss how international athletes get to Columbia and their transition upon arriving.

Past 10 years should be known as 'Snafu Decade'

With 2009 coming to an end, the past 10 years need a name that describes the many surreal things that have happened.

The Beat: Behind a super athlete's story

Columbia Missourian sports editor Greg Bowers and reporters Kelly Nelson and Mark Levitt joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the story of an athlete who pushes the limits of human endurance.

Daisy the pitbull fights stereotypes by being a lover

Nobody said a word about my husband and me adopting a pit bull until we started telling people that I was pregnant. That’s when I realized just how easily people’s prejudices come into play, especially since pit bulls have been given a bad reputation.

Close relationships can hinder ability to live independently

Living through others makes it hard for one to function as an independent person.

Today's Question: Do you believe Johnny Wright will attend his next court appearance?

Johnny Wright is out of jail on bond, with a court appearance scheduled for Dec. 11. Columbia police had been looking for him for more than two decades before he was arrested in September on a second-degree murder warrant in connection with the disappearance of Becky Doisy.

LETTER: MU could lead in quest for clean environment

MU students are helping in their protest of coal use on campus and are bringing the university closer to being coal-free.

LETTER: Women's health issues elusive in House health care reform bill

The Stupak Amendment is a controversial health care reform bill that could prevent private insurance companies from offering abortion coverage in the future, even though they currently do so.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Now is the time for togetherness

We must educate ourselves and others to make the decisions that are best for society rather than allowing ourselves to be manipulated. We must take action to address the mess we face.

Reporters work to make experience better for online readers

Missourian reporters and editors are taking an increasingly Web-centric focus for the newspaper.

Today's Question: Does the House provision on abortion coverage go too far?

The Stupak amendment to the House health care bill states that federal money cannot be used to pay for insurance plans that cover abortions not performed for medical reasons or in situations involving sexual assault.

Examining Sesame Street's impact after 40 years

Sesame Street is not only a childhood staple in the U.S., but the show is popular in many countries, such as South Africa, Brazil and Germany. However, the reach of this American show is sometimes at conflict with a country's culture.

The Beat: Inside "Today's Question"

Columbia Missourian reporters Roseann Moring and Tram Whitehurst joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the evolving community conversation.

COLUMN: Effort to ban Tasers not likely to pass

The anti-Taser coalition is split as to what to do about the weapon, and being shocked sounds better to me than being clubbed.

The Beat: Tweeting breaking news

Columbia Missourian reporters Elliot Njus and James Patrick Schmidt joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the process behind the tweets.

The Beat: Looking at Missouri grade school standards

Columbia Missourian reporter Michelle Hagopian joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the latest findings.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Students suffer from having online program pulled