Climate engineering: a contentious solution

Scientists might be able to cool the planet through climate engineering, but are the risks worth the reward?

Today's Question: How should the city deal with coming retirements?

More than half of the city's roughly 200 supervisor-level employees are expected to reach retirement age in the next five years.

Hate speech turns into hateful actions

Whether the topic is abortion, racism or health care reform, hate speech can lead to illegal and immoral actions among fringe groups, adding to the caustic atmosphere of debate in America.

Health care needs reform, not overhaul

The debate over health care reform is becoming more about playing politics than actually looking at the facts. But do we even need to fix a system that might not be broken?

LETTER: When it comes to health care, don't believe everything you read online

Rep. Sam Graves did little to dispel Internet rumors and misinformaiton circulating about health care reform.

Today's Question: What steps should police take to maintain control at MU football games?

Parking and alcohol violations are two problem areas for police every football season. What can be done this year to put less stress on law enforcement?

Outlawing drinking gear won't stop rowdy rafters

A bill outlawing the use of some drinking paraphernalia on rivers got stuck in committee last session, but most of its measures passed as an amendment of another bill. As the floating season ends, now seems a good time to reflect on the new rules — and why it seems unlikely that they'll stop rowdy rafters next year.

LETTER: 'Cash for Clunkers' is not a good deal

The Cash for Clunkers program isn't a good deal for consumers, because it's just another example of the federal government using taxpayer money on bad programs.

Clinton perceived well in trip to Africa

On her 11-day trip to Africa, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton covered themes such as doing away with corruption, installing democratic processes and improving human rights for women and minorities. 

Health care debate needs less heat, more light

Hillsboro made the national news this week when a town hall meeting on health care with Sen. Claire McCaskill turned ugly

Keep an eye for mail from God

The Lord is speaking to us every day and we should be watching for signs and messages from him.

Today's Question: What can be done to save the dairy industry?

The federal government provides several assistance programs, but cannot save the industry as a whole.

Deaton, McCaskill, Palin: More evidence of smart people acting stupidly

Whether it's firing one of MU's greatest assets or voting against expanding a successful federal program, smart people do stupid things every day. Some more examples:

Debunking the right's health care propaganda

Right-wing attacks on the proposed health care overhaul have used fear, anger and the mass media to scare the American public away from necessary reform.

Today's Question: Are Columbia schools' test scores cause for concern?

Only four schools in the Columbia Public School District are making "adequate yearly progress," a standard set by the No Child Left Behind Act, and two schools now face "corrective action."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Health care proposals will hurt elderly, the young especially hard

A lot of people don't know the finer ins and outs of Obama's health care plan, including some of its potential dangers. Among other things, the new plan could result in an increase in premiums ad billions of dollars in cuts for Medicare Advantage.

A town without a newspaper

The loss of my hometown paper, the Ann Arbor News, leaves the town completely without a newspaper, and its online replacement,, has no news hierarchy and confuses readers.

Legislative recess, elementary style

Considering all the infighting that goes on in Congress these days, people often liken our congresspersons to a bunch of bickering children. Sometimes, it's fun to imagine if they actually were.

Will civil unrest at town hall meetings produce policy change?

With a large portion of the American population upset with the progress being made in health care reform, town hall meetings have turned ugly and in some states physical. Will this induce the lawmakers to change?

Giles should have complied on Taser incident

In the recent arrests of Harvard professor Henry Gates and of Carl Alan Giles of Columbia, the circumstances leading to the arrests were dissimilar, but they shared at least two common attributes.