Today's Question: Should the city cut back on social services funding?

What do you think about the city's proposal to cut social services funding? If possible, are there better ways for Columbia to save money in 2010, or is a cut simply a byproduct of a bad economy that every department must expect to face?

America is not living up to its potential

The health care debate is the latest example of America missing an opportunity to correct its mistakes of the past and display the ideals of the country.

Our love-hate relationship with standardized tests

Regardless of whether standardized test scores actually measure a student's knowledge or the quality of a class of freshmen, schools continue to use them as a means of comparison.

Misinformation hides the real cost of ignoring the uninsured

The most distressing realization of this summer's debate over health care reform is that so many appear to care so little about the well-being of their neighbors.

Today's Question: Should the Missourian have published the photo of the dying Marine?

The image captures the moment immediately after a Marine in southern Afghanistan was mortally wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade. The Marine's father had asked the Associated Press not to publish the photo.

Conservatives, not Obama, indoctrinate the American public

As Obama prepares to give a back-to-school speech aimed at children, conservatives accuse the president of "indoctrinating" America's youth.

Servant-leadership adds value to the lives of others

One should strive to become a servant-leader to better the community, one's own life and the lives of others.

LETTER: Media hurt pork producers with flu's name

Missouri hog farmers have been damaged by the name "swine flu." You can't catch the virus by eating pork, but you can affect livelihoods by avoiding it.

This is the last time you'll see 'swine flu' in a headline about H1N1

The Columbia Missourian is committed to keeping pork out of pandemic headlines.

My shout-out to Sen. Jeff Smith for his role in state politics

Before his fall, Smith was an icon for a new age in state politics.

LETTER: Entrepreneurs need affordable health care options

Health care reform will help small business owners have more bargaining power.

LETTER: Health care reform needed for seniors

Government-run health care programs can be both efficient and effective.

Today's Question: Was the outcry about the Smith-Cotton High School band's T-shirts appropriate?

The T-shirts, which depicted stages of evolution while also including a brass instrument at each stage, were banned after parents complained about the concept of evolution being used.

New Japanese prime minister changes political dynamics of Asia

Journalists and Asian experts examine the effects that the new Japanese prime minister will have on Asian relations, America and the Asian economy.

*Past council disputes cross generations

A conflict that began years ago is being continued even though the principals are either retired or deceased. 

LETTER: Seniors deserve better health-care options

Coverage shouldn't be limited to what is approved by Medicare and your insurance company.

Today's Question: Is Anheuser-Busch’s 'Fan Can' marketing campaign inappropriate?

Anheuser-Busch is receiving criticism for its cans that come in college colors. Universities such as MU have asked the company to pull the cans off the market since they target underage students.

What Columbia's next mayor should accomplish

Jobs, public transportation and crime are just three of the issues the next mayor should concentrate on.

Today's Question: How to fill the void left by 'Pepper and Friends'

With the different media outlets in Columbia, members of the community can still be showcased in the aftermath of "Pepper and Friends" being cancelled.

Sedalia School District's educational credibility hangs in the balance

Sedalia School District's choice to remove band shirts reflecting evolution distort logic and categorize scientific theory with religion.