Why we sweat the small stuff

I'm fairly certain that everyone has something to worry about. And no matter what, it's probably not all that good for you.

The Beat: Community college enrollment grows

Columbia Missourian reporters Carla Jimenez and Caitlyn Emmett discuss the recent growth with KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat."

The case for an occasional asteroid

The enormous space rock that plummeted through the atmosphere on Oct. 8 brought more than a smoky trail and a massive fireball. It brought perspective.

Today's Question: Do payday loans need stricter regulation?

A six-month moratorium has been placed on new payday loan business and the City Council is now looking into other options to regulate the small loans with high interest rates.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Forsee, Cerner partnership railroaded through at lightning speed

Cooperating with Cerner ties the university too closely to a company with a questionable track record.

LETTER: Cutting online school program unfair to students already enrolled

Gov. Jay Nixon's cuts to the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program leave students with fewer educational options.

Can't spend our way out of our troubles

New giveaways to seniors and others are unneccessary, and are being doled out by people who can't always keep track of their own money.

Recession's squeeze teaches hard lessons about importance of workers' rights

When a recession hits this hard, all we can do is try to learn from the experience. This time around, America is being taught some hard lessons about workers' rights. Workers must be paid a fair wage, be allowed to bargain collectively, be protected by government regulation and be treated with dignity.

Today's Question: Was it worthwhile to pay admission for the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival?

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival tickets could be purchased for $10-15 in advance this year after having previously been free. What did you like about attending the event? Would you be willing to pay for tickets in future years if it helps the festival grow?

The Columbia Chive: Celebrating 21 years of The Onion

The Onion, America's finest satirical news source, is celebrating its 21st birthday this week. Here follows a celebratory homage, an imagining of what a Columbia edition of The Onion — we’ll call it The Chive —would look like.

Today's Question: What do you think of activists' proposal to ban Tasers in Columbia?

A coalition of six community organizations calling itself the “TASER-Free Columbia Campaign" announced on Friday a proposed November 2010 ballot initiative that would ban all use of Tasers inside city limits.

Hope for tomorrow begins today

There are homeless people in our community who do not have pillows to rest their heads on, food to eat or clothes to wear. They cannot be forgotten, as the Lord tells us that the poor will be with us always.

Moon isn't so creepy through telescope on Halloween night

David Rosman handed out candy and the opportunity to view the moon up close.

The Beat: Twitter in the sports department

Columbia Missourian sports editor Greg Bowers and reporter Andrew Astleford talk about tweeting in the sports world on this edition of The Beat.

Journalists make mistakes; it's what they learn that matters

Students learn from the photo posted online including William Clinch trial jury members.

Today's Question: Will the Humane Society's proposed adoption guidelines hurt animals?

The Central Missouri Humane Society's proposed adoption guidelines take away some of the required elements for adoption and replaces them with suggestions. It could stimulate more pet adoption, but at what price to the animals?

Vatican invitation to Anglicans has worldwide implications for religion

As part of an effort to revitalize its influence in the Western World, the Roman Catholic Church is calling out to conservative Anglicans who disagree with their church's decision to allow gays and women to become bishops.

Cheering for the other Black and Gold this weekend

Over the years, I have written about things that have made my readers angry. Now, I am taking another stance that is certain to upset a few more readers. This weekend, I will NOT be cheering for the Tigers.

Today's Question: Are some banks really too big to fail?

The banks that received bailout funds have benefited, but smaller banks have failed in record numbers.

Despite industry problems, Missourian taking the right steps

According to the Columbia Journalism review, journalism is in need of reconstruction. The Columbia Missourian and KBIA are already taking its recommended steps.