LETTER: Marching Mizzou kept spirits up during Homecoming game

A MU fan thanks Marching Mizzou for being a highlight of the Homecoming game.

Honor Flight: A belated but heartfelt thank you

A program allowing aging World War II veterans a free trip to visit that war's monument is "virtually impossible to overstate," Miller says. By the end of November, 40,000 veterans will have had the opportunity to view the monument.

Don't let someone else fight for your health care

It's time for Americans to get back their fighting spirit and do something for themselves about health care. Don't depend on others to do the battle for you.

Today's Question: How should Missouri handle excess public defender cases?

A study from last week ranked Missouri's public defender system 49th of all 50 states and stated that the attorneys are responsible for too many cases. How should Missouri address this problem?

LETTER: Advocates can help prevent child abuse in Missouri

With the help of volunteers and advocates, Missourians can reduce the number of deaths caused by child abuse and neglect.

The Beat: Columbia Regional Airport's master plan for the future

Columbia Missourian Public Life editor Scott Swafford and reporter Chris Canipe joined Eric Durban on KBIA's "The Beat" to discuss the airport plan.

Why it's hard to love Twitter

Editor Evan Smith last week told students at MU about his Twitter conversion: He went from "hater to a zealot." I would love to follow his lead, but Twitter, for all its good points, is still hard to love.

Today's Question: What would be an appropriate sentence for Charles Williams III?

Last week a Boone County judge threw out the initial sentencing of a Columbia teen convicted of second-degree robbery, citing an error made by the prosecution in its closing argument. What should the jury recommend in his new trial for sentencing?

LETTER: We must not let Afghanistan turn into Vietnam

Carolyn Doll writes that we must learn from our past military failures and find a new approach to combating al-Quaida in Afghanistan.

The Beat: A look inside the 'One in 50 Million' health care feature

Missourian health editor Katherine Reed and reporter Angela Hamilton visited The Beat to talk about the feature.

Liberal, conservative terms can be too broad to mean much

Everyone knows what they mean, and they mean something different to everyone.

Today's Question: Would you support a competitive, government-run insurance option?

Polls show that many Americans would support one a government-run insurance option ... as long as it's not called a public option.

Power sharing not working in Zimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe has shut out Prime Minister Morgan Tsangirai repeatedly during the coalition government.

MU's mostly sobering financial outlook has some bright spots

The university might not be in the best financial situation, but things aren't as bad as they could be.

Too many believe there is only one 'right religion'

Too many believe that there can only be one “right religion," but we all take different avenues seeking our personal truths and we stumble when others believe differently.

Today's Question: What should the United States’ energy future look like?

In June, the U.S. House of Represenatives passed legislation that would reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 83 percent by 2050.

Religion should monitor crime, not the government

Instead of the government tracking criminals, religious institutions should hold people accountable for their actions.

LETTER: Most doctors favor public health care option

The majority of doctors and Americans favor a public insurance option in the health care reform bill.

Women's fashion magazines are evil, yet impossible to resist

Despite their dubious commerical ethics and unattainable standards of feminine beauty, glossy women's fashion magazines keep sucking me back in.

Today's Question: Should fire chief candidate's sons' arrests affect hire?

Fire chief candidate Kenneth Craft Jr.'s two sons have arrest records in Lee County, Fla. Kenneth M. “Casey” Craft III, then 17, was arrested in March 2004 on suspicion of burglary and theft, and Corey Craft, 19, was arrested April 7 on suspicion of five counts of third-degree theft.