LETTER: Time is now for real health care reform

The president of the League of Women Voters of Columbia/Boone County and health chair of the League of Women Voters of Missouri express their views on health care reform.

LETTER: Sotomayor a wonderful pick for Supreme Court

The nomination of Judge Sotomayor will give hope to women, mothers and teachers.

LETTER: Media shouldn't act like hungry wolves

Columbia resident Julia Williams disagrees with Missourian columnist David Rosman's view of Palin press coverage.

Elders can help you make the best of a bad situation

The greatest people are those who have been able to be content in the worst situations, and it helps to surround one's self with the wisdom of elders.

Today's Question: Charging for Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ

Would you still attend the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ festival if tickets (for a price) are required for some areas?

Online debate brews over vetting of letters to editor

Just how much should a newspaper tinker with letters to the editor? Did the Missourian wimp out when it listened to a politician’s version of the facts? There’s been an interesting debate brewing on

LETTER: Taxpayer money for Roots 'N' Blues, not for Thumper

The city should not charge Thumper Productions a "discounted rate" for the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ festival, and then charge admission to make up for the rest of the bill. Charging admission in any form would just discourage the public from attending the event.

LETTER: 'Pepper and Friends' has done a lot over 27 years

"Pepper and Friends" should be retained for the good it has done for the community.

South Carolina governor's mansion wanting for Missouri normalcy

Brian Jarvis reflects on his personal experience with South Carolina's gubernatorial woes and his gratitude for Missouri's relatively low-key chief executive.

Coups no longer the norm in Latin America

After the Honduran coup, the Global Journalist discusses the possibility of a resolution and how this coup stacks up with past conflicts in Latin America.

Today's Question: Streetlights and the city budget

Is reducing the city's street lighting an appropriate cost-saving measure?

LETTER: Everyone is entitled to affordable, quality health care

A strong message to Washington about health care reform is necessary if any imporvement is going to happen.

LETTER: New law won't increase electricity bills

The new energy law in Missouri will lower customer bills by encouraging additional energy efficiency.

The Beat: Last year's debt paid on Roots 'N' Blues

Columbia Missourian local government editor Scott Swafford and reporter Abby Rogers say there has been a debate on the level of city support for the festival.

Palin's attorney should know better than to dare the media

Threats by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's attorney to sue the media over suspected fraudulent claims is unconstitutional and little more than a dare to investigate the former Alaska governess further.

Today's Question: Would suspending bike harassment ordinance be bad precedent?

If City Council suspends the bicycle harassment ordinance, does it set a bad precedent for the future?

LETTER: Missourians should support the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts

Now is the time for the people of Columbia and mid-Missouri to reinvest in the historic Missouri Theatre.

LETTER: U.S. needs election system fix before it criticizes Iran

Before our elected officials criticize Iran's election system, they should look themselves in the mirror and make changes to the U.S. system, including abolishing the Electoral College.

Has the digital age made cemeteries obsolete?

Although graveyards can aid in the grieving process, a much more peaceful and cathartic experience could be had by leaning against a couple of trees in honor of the deceased and be surrounded by life.

A case for alien invasion

Humans are notoriously exclusive creatures, allowing the familiar into their circles and rejecting the foreign. Only an alien invasion would present a foreign entity great enough in size and type to unite us all as a people.