Women are qualified to bring a return to civility

History contains many examples of women being the force behind change. Perhaps it's time for women to follow history's footsteps and lead the campaign to return to civility.

Limbaugh undeservedly banned from Rams purchase

Limbaugh is a controversial figure but should not be banned from NFL business deals.

Yes EU can: Why Americans should understand the European Union

At a time when Barack Obama is preparing for his administration's first summit with the EU, it's important to remember just how tightly America's prosperity is tied to that of our neighbors across the Atlantic, and what a significant role they play in the global economy.

The Beat: Addressing MU faculty concerns

Columbia Missourian reporter Ben Wieder talks about issues facing the university and the upcoming faculty meeting with Chancellor Brady Deaton.

Today's Question: Must a threat be 'imminent' to justify deadly force as self-defense?

William Clinch said he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed his former brother-in-law. His trial this week revolves around the imminence of the threat he perceived.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Congress should give public a chance to read bills in advance

Major bills should be open to public review prior to being voted on in the House of Representatives.

DEAR READER: Meet the members of the Readers Board

The Columbia Missourian has formed a Readers Board to help improve the paper through public feedback from the 10 community members.

The Beat: Inside the top 10 things you didn't know about MU football opponents

Columbia Missourian sports editor, and avid ukulele player, Greg Bowers and reporter Robert Mays talk about how the list is created. Bowers lent his ukulele skills for the closing music of today's show.

LETTER: Health care debate much more complex than reported

Roland Meinert's guest column earlier this week leaves out several useful pieces of information.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Gender politics play out in Caster Semenya controversy

The newly discovered intersex anatomy of South African runner Caster Semenya opens up a floodgate of critique, some deeply rooted in gender prejudice.

U.S. spread thin in Mideast, south Asian conflicts

As more attacks further destabilize Pakistan, President Barack Obama must consider whether to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Today's Question: How would your ideal health care bill look?

The Senate Finance Committee approved a 10-year, $829 billion plan to overhaul the country's health care system Tuesday. However, this is just one of the proposals concerning health care reform. The final plan might look very different than this one.

Cuts won't produce 'world-class education'

MU's financial dilemmas balance out its world-class aspirations.

The Beat: Columbia's downtown noise ordinance is up for change

Columbia Missourian editor Scott Swafford and reporter James Patrick Schmidt talk about the issue and the proposed changes.

Today's Question: How can Missouri laws change to more effectively deal with drunken driving?

Gov. Nixon announced Monday that the Missouri legislature would reform the state's DWI laws by spring.

Fear and loathing over the Patriot Act

A provision to the USA Patriot Act is up for renewal that allows the FBI to access to personal data, a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Hunter S. Thompson had it right when he founded the Fourth Amendment Foundation to preserve the Constitution. Let's take up the cause.

LETTER: A look at why stormwater flow creates problems for Hinkson Creek

Stormwater flow creates levels of problems for Hinkson Creek.

The Beat: Chris Belcher's first 100 days as school superintendent

Columbia Missourian education editor Liz Brixey and reporter Hayley Tsukayama take a look at Chris Belcher's early days in office in audio interview.

If Obama gets a Nobel ... then maybe other dreams can come true, too

The Nobel Foundation probably jumped the gun in awarding the Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, but, maybe it's a sign that other hard-sought goals could be accommodated on a short track, too.

Sending more troops to Afghanistan might cause loss of goodwill

Public opinion is what brought the Korean and Vietnam wars to an end, and this might happen with the war in Afghanistan. Our president and those in Congress who support this war might be looking for new jobs if they go against public opinion.