Americans make enemies with people over politics

American's inability to separate government from people leads them to make enemies with entire cultures based on political decisions.

Today's Question: Should Obama fly to Copenhagen for Olympic bid?

With the domestic problems the U.S. is facing and the possibility Chicago might not be chosen as the 2016 Summer Olympics host city, President Barack Obama's trip is seen by some as risky.

Today's question: How has the state government handled the Ozarks E. coli controversy?

At issue is a May 29 Department of Natural Resources report, which said at some places in the lake, levels of E. coli were 19 times higher than the state standard. That report wasn't released until June 26.

Four-way stops are civilized society's ultimate challenge

A year of living in Columbia has made the inability of many residents to handle four-way stops evident. Very evident. 

Dispatches from Missouri's Twin City

The Missouri Photo Workshop enables students to create visual anthropology through documentary photography, this year in the twin towns of Festus and Crystal City.

Today's Question: Is Missouri football underrated or ranked accurately?

Missouri football has been able to gain little momentum in moving through the weekly AP and Coaches' polls despite once again starting the season 4-0.

LETTER: Plenty of reasons Missouri needs a consumption tax

Research and statistics show that Missourians should support the FairTax.

LETTER: Instead of blaming women, try not assaulting them

Comments by the Sheriff's Department regarding alleged sexual assaults at Les Bourgeois Winery seem to blame the victims and not place responsibility on the perpetrators.

LETTER: Public transit is a reliable way to get around Columbia

Americans are not doing what it takes to be leaders in a more earth-friendly world.

LETTER: Religious statement in headline impossible to prove

The headline of the Missourian's front page story on Sept. 23 contained inappropriate religious content.

President needs to hear, not belittle, opposing voices

Obama and his administration have deemed contending views as ignorant or misinformed, an attitude that strikes the independents who elected him as arrogant and elitist.

LETTER: Can the City Council move city grant funding around?

The City Council appears to have a double standard regarding reallocation of federal funds.

Health care system should focus on helping the masses, not profit

If we truly want to go down this path of indifference, we can no longer deny that we are the kind of people our enemies say we are. And make no mistake about it we can no longer serve as leaders of the free world.

Slang is so "jingo jango"

Kids at local high schools use "jingo jango" to mean "ridiculous." Here follows a look at what exclusive, subversive, informal appeal slang holds for them in general.

How journalism turned me into a liberal

How a Facebook-inspired trip through my past helped me understand my journey from indifferent Air Force serviceman to liberal journalist.

Today's Question: Should the U.S. commit more troops to Afghanistan?

The top military commander in Afghanistan has warned that without additional troops the U.S. mission "will likely result in failure." President Obama is now considering what the strategy should be for Afghanistan and how many troops that will require.

Nothing like youth to remind me I’m not young(er)

In the nine months since my return to the Wi-Fi’d halls of higher education, it’s hard to pinpoint when that reality first intruded. Whatever the drawbacks of being surrounded  by young people, they also make worthwhile companions.

World matters fill Obama's schedule

Obama talks about the environment with China, nonproliferation with Russia and peace with Israel and Palestine.

Today's question: What is your seating experience at Missouri football games?

The general admission student section at Missouri football games has caused problems for students and longtime fans alike.

Multimedia can help readers cut to the chase

When newspapers include video and audio, readers can find what they need faster.