When money talks, politicians are too eager to listen

The future of America is about more than the accumulation of money. Today's politicians should take their positions seriously and shift their priorities towards building a nation fit for tomorrow's generations.

Downtown surveillance cameras not an invasion of privacy

Surveillance cameras will reduce dangerous crime, not bother well-behaved citizens.

Today's Question: How should Columbia's new park complex be developed?

Proposed enhancements at A. Perry Philips Park and Gans Creek Recreation Area are up for public discussion again. What additions would you like to see made? What do you think of the current proposals?

The color of politics

Columbia resident Brian Wallstin writes that the opposition of President Barack Obama is often based on race rather than strictly politics. He cites attempts to show that Obama was born in Kenya and the reaction to his presidential school children as examples.

Today's Question: What qualities should Citizens Police Review Board members have?

The city received 49 applications for the Citizens Police Review Board. It's now up to the City Council to choose eight members who will independently monitor police conduct.

The lessons learned from the wedding season

As the wedding-heavy summer season ends, now seems a good moment to reflect on why some ceremonies succeed while others sputter.

LETTER: MU should seek cleaner alternatives for fuel

MU should look at clean, sustainable energy to power the university and protect its interests, which include the students, city and world.

LETTER: Health care debate being run by three opponents

Much of the discussion surrounding health care is being run by the American Medical Association and insurance and drug companies.

Today's question: How do you think Obama handled his health care address?

Obama's address outlined three aspects he wants to see in a plan.

In business and journalism, Frank Batten nurtured hope

Batten helped to define the role of the newspaper in the community. Journalists should follow the example he set in values and vision.

Baucus requirement unfairly targets young people

When trying to start a career, pay off student loans and starting families, health care can be extravagant for young people.

Glory of the open road meets reality

Road trips have given rise to many memories, but their days might be numbered.

Social networking used to spread cyberpropaganda

Governments are using Facebook and blogs to monitor and squelch anti-government sentiment and spread their own talking points.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Be wary of prostate cancer

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, which provides an opportunity to bring attention to this disease and discuss how to find a cure. Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men in the U.S. behind skin cancer.

Civility lacking on the right during Obama's speech

The absence of courtesy during Obama's speech made it evident that the Democrats will not have any Republican support for health care reform.

LETTER: Documents tell whole story of Albert-Oakland Park

George Kennedy's column on Paul Albert did not present all the facts. The Albert family asks that he present the documents he was given to supply all sides of the story.

Today's Question: Did the uproar over Obama’s speech obscure its message?

 The message of President Barack Obama's Tuesday address to American school children was straightforward; the controversy surrounding it was not. Was the president's call for hard work and goal-setting crushed under an avalanche of politicized commentary, or did the speech's target audience, students, come away with the right idea?

Sept. 11 should remind us that freedom isn't free

We fight terrorism by properly funding K-12 and post-secondary public education, by providing affordable health care to all, by developing renewable energy rather than new oil fields, by providing jobs to all who are able and willing to work and by protecting those who cannot care for themselves.

Old St. Francois County jail now open for guests

The inn, on the TransAmerica Trail bicycle route, has 14 bunk beds in three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Questions surround cancellation of 'Pepper and Friends'

Management and funding of the show are questioned.