LETTER: Coal's price tag is not cheap

Replacing coal as a power source is essential to protecting the health of our community.

Today's Question: Now ranked, is Missouri football under more pressure?

Missouri football is now ranked No. 24 in the AP Poll and No. 18 in the Coaches' Poll. Do those rankings put the Tigers under more pressure with the Nebraska game looming?

Today's movies filled with not with fun, but filth

The charm of classic movies has fallen to the wayside as nudity and explotion grabs the limelight.

Nostalgia for the old neighborhoods warrants change

What happened to the old black neighborhoods that were safer, more cohesive and friendlier, and where young men and young women addressed each other in respectful terms? We need to get back to those ideals and we need to do it now.

LETTER: Not all doctors support Obama's public option plan

Reporters who busted ACORN did so with an agenda

The right-wing agenda of the two "investigative reporters" has been nurtured by conservative media training and has negatively affected ACORN and real journalists.

Today's Question: Is there enough evidence to successfully prosecute Johnny Wright?

The man suspected of killing Becky Doisy was arrested last week in Georgia. After 33 years, the challenge now is to gather enough evidence for a conviction.

Time for a talk with Jesus

Through prayer, we too can reach our Lord and experience the intimacy that God desires to have with each of his children.

Can we admit that legal drugs are as deadly as the illegal variety?

Experts said the 2008 death of a high school football player was at least partly caused by a prescription amphetamine and an over-the-counter muscle builder. This should serve as a reminder that coaches need to keep track of what their players are taking, and that something can be legal without being safe.

UN Security Council addresses Iran's plans for nuclear energy

Iran's nuclear energy program brings questions from U.N. Security Council and countries within range of its missiles.

DEAR READER: We want to know community schools better

Some schools aren't getting the coverage they should.

Today's Question: Is the YouZeum worth saving?

The YouZeum has been facing issues since its opening more than two years ago. Attendance is down from what was expected and future funding for the museum by the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau will likely not be approved.

Luetkemeyer's health care message raises many questions

The message Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer mailed out makes some interesting conclusions about the cost and access of health care.

Americans make enemies with people over politics

American's inability to separate government from people leads them to make enemies with entire cultures based on political decisions.

Today's Question: Should Obama fly to Copenhagen for Olympic bid?

With the domestic problems the U.S. is facing and the possibility Chicago might not be chosen as the 2016 Summer Olympics host city, President Barack Obama's trip is seen by some as risky.

Today's question: How has the state government handled the Ozarks E. coli controversy?

At issue is a May 29 Department of Natural Resources report, which said at some places in the lake, levels of E. coli were 19 times higher than the state standard. That report wasn't released until June 26.

Four-way stops are civilized society's ultimate challenge

A year of living in Columbia has made the inability of many residents to handle four-way stops evident. Very evident. 

Dispatches from Missouri's Twin City

The Missouri Photo Workshop enables students to create visual anthropology through documentary photography, this year in the twin towns of Festus and Crystal City.

Today's Question: Is Missouri football underrated or ranked accurately?

Missouri football has been able to gain little momentum in moving through the weekly AP and Coaches' polls despite once again starting the season 4-0.

LETTER: Plenty of reasons Missouri needs a consumption tax

Research and statistics show that Missourians should support the FairTax.