Today's Question: Should Obama have scrapped original plans for missile shield in Europe?

Officials say a new plan for missile defense will better address a changing threat from Iran. Critics say it betrays longtime allies in Europe and caves to pressure from Russia.


Nothing imitation about crabbiness over lost Walmart seafood counter

When Walmart axed its seafood counter, it lost more than cheap imitation crab meat. It lost a customer.

Readers board and surveys are routes to improve Missourian

The Missourian continues to look for new avenues to gather reader feedback.

'Pepper and Friends' comes to an emotional end

The KOMU talk show "Pepper and Friends" aired for the final time on Friday.  Pepper will now appear on KBIA/91.3 FM with a weekday 10-minute segment similar to the television program.

GUEST COMMENTARY: A vow to spend taxpayers' money wisely

Blaine Luetkemeyer says his appointment to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform means he will keep a close eye on how dollars are spent.

Today's Question: Is downtown Columbia too noisy?

Proposed changes to the city noise ordinance would make loud music and yelling illegal between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. if it disturbs the peace of a resident and can be heard from 300 feet away, which is a large increase from the current ordinance's 50 feet.

LETTER: Documents show truth about city's dirty laundry

In a continued argument with George Kennedy, Kurt Albert wonders why would anyone oppose truth in government. Kennedy is accused of hiding readers from the historic and moral truth.

Tariffs on Chinese tires affect the global economy

U.S. economic interactions with China are often felt around the globe.

Mayoral race, Steelman's future, civil liberties up for discussion this week

Between Jerry Wade becoming the first official candidate for mayor, while Sarah Steelman's announces that she won't seek the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, and the consideration of surveillance cameras downtown, people are talking.

Today's Question: Should City Council reconsider its decision not to install city-owned surveillance cameras downtown?

Keep Columbia Safe, a grass-roots organization led by Adam Taylor's mother Karen Taylor to place surveillance cameras downtown, is trying to collect the 2,579 signatures it needs to place the initiative on the April 2010 ballot. 

Journalists need truth, not press releases and fancy sources

Americans in general, and journalists in particular, should devote themselves to the truth, which can be found by digging beyond information presented by press releases and high-ranking officials and following one's gut.

LETTER: America not divided by political groups but by emotions

The greatest division in America today is not between the Democrats and Republicans, nor between people of different race, nor between those who are for or against health reform.

Fallen Marine's photo shows a more human war

The AP photograph that captured a Marine's last moments has stirred national controversy. But the photo is breathtaking and, unlike so many other stories and photographs in the newspaper that day, it was stunningly immediate and emotionally real.

Cheap, easy and adventurous, birding is a great hobby

Birding is a great way to spend time with loved ones or to relax by yourself. With fall migration coming soon, there's no better time to give birding a try.

Today's question: Should the Tour of Missouri continue?

The Tour of Missouri has relied on state support to keep running. But with an unsure future ahead, where will the Tour find funding?

LETTER: Data stored from license-plate scanner should have limits

While the ability to scan license plates could be a useful tool for police officers, the temptation to misuse such technology is high.

When money talks, politicians are too eager to listen

The future of America is about more than the accumulation of money. Today's politicians should take their positions seriously and shift their priorities towards building a nation fit for tomorrow's generations.

Downtown surveillance cameras not an invasion of privacy

Surveillance cameras will reduce dangerous crime, not bother well-behaved citizens.

Today's Question: How should Columbia's new park complex be developed?

Proposed enhancements at A. Perry Philips Park and Gans Creek Recreation Area are up for public discussion again. What additions would you like to see made? What do you think of the current proposals?

The color of politics

Columbia resident Brian Wallstin writes that the opposition of President Barack Obama is often based on race rather than strictly politics. He cites attempts to show that Obama was born in Kenya and the reaction to his presidential school children as examples.