Dear Reader: It's time for some steamy (weather) stories

Summer heat stories are as predictable as Christmas shopping stories in November or NCAA bracketology in March.

Bringing big-city transit to college-town America

Getting around Columbia by bus can sometimes take an hour or more. Other ideas are being proposed to revitalize the transit system, but until the city can improve the situation, many are likely to remain in their cars.

Western nations can play key role in resolving crisis in Iran

In today's Global Journalist, guests look at President Barack Obama's balancing act between showing support for protesters objecting the re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his belief of engaging in negotiations to limit Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Today's Question: Will Jackson be remembered for his triumphs or his later trials?

Will Michael Jackson’s legacy in the public’s eye be more known for his career as a whole and its contribution to culture, or for the final few years tainted with trials?

Tackling Columbia's lighting woes isn't just about brightness

Many have offered opinions on the budget reduction for streetlights in Columbia. But while some think the plan sounds dangerous, just as many safety issues could arise if things are left as they are.

GUEST COLUMN: A vision for Columbia's sustainability program

A properly planned sustainability program would focus emerging community efforts on reducing energy and resource use, as well as on generating less waste.

Keep The District canopied

The canopies of Broadway, despite their look, used to bring shade and comfort to pedestrians. Store owners need to put up something in their place so shade's not so difficult to come by.


Since their removal however, such comfort has been hard to come by.

First-time mom finds pregnancy slowing her down

How can she still enjoy the activities she loves sixth months into pregnancy?

Importance of free elections can never be overstated

It's a story that's been told many times before. But if there's one thing we've learned from Iran, it's the importance of free elections.

LETTER: Cutting funds for Ellis Fischel doesn't make sense

Taken: America's sense of adventure

Traveling, especially to big cities, can be dangerous no matter what continent you are on. Although some cities are more dangerous than others, I have also found that ineptitude often causes more problems than the environment.

Tweeting in Tehran

Today's Question: Should Columbia replace and/or remove street lights in order to reduce its budget?

Contrary to popular belief, increasing street lighting might not be that effective in deterring crime. Should Columbia replace and/or remove street lights in order to reduce its budget?

Columbia City Council bike ordinance is unfair to motorists

When one considers the demographics of Columbia and Boone County, the percentage of those who can even consider biking or walking as a primary transportation mode is quite small.

Today's Question: How do you feel about Obama's health care reform plan?

Health care reform is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and, with the president's new proposal to expand coverage to every American, the current system could be facing a major overhaul. What are the foreseeable risks and benefits associated with such an undertaking?

Discrimination against anyone is harmful for our future

Americans have hurt other Americans for decades. That's unacceptable, especially when those in positions of power inflict that kind of pain under the guise of political freedom.

The magic of Stephen Colbert's rapport

Not only is his show making the world a less stupid place, but newsman-satirist Stephen Colbert also used satire to direct the world's attention back to the tired-yet-important topic of Iraq. And the world could use more men like him. 

Today's Question: Best fuel for the job

MU uses coal as a significant fuel source to save money despite the fact that burning coal produces nine billion tons of carbon dioxide each year nationally. The disputed concept of "clean coal" has been touted as a solution.

That magnificent Dad and his flying machines

He is the son of immigrant parents with no flying experience, yet flying became, and still is, his life force.

Sports reporter finds a whole new world in rodeo

Every day, journalists are asked to become "instant experts" on any number of topics. Missourian reporter Brian Nordli learned that first-hand this week.