GUEST COMMENTARY: Be wary of prostate cancer

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, which provides an opportunity to bring attention to this disease and discuss how to find a cure. Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men in the U.S. behind skin cancer.

Civility lacking on the right during Obama's speech

The absence of courtesy during Obama's speech made it evident that the Democrats will not have any Republican support for health care reform.

LETTER: Documents tell whole story of Albert-Oakland Park

George Kennedy's column on Paul Albert did not present all the facts. The Albert family asks that he present the documents he was given to supply all sides of the story.

Today's Question: Did the uproar over Obama’s speech obscure its message?

 The message of President Barack Obama's Tuesday address to American school children was straightforward; the controversy surrounding it was not. Was the president's call for hard work and goal-setting crushed under an avalanche of politicized commentary, or did the speech's target audience, students, come away with the right idea?

Sept. 11 should remind us that freedom isn't free

We fight terrorism by properly funding K-12 and post-secondary public education, by providing affordable health care to all, by developing renewable energy rather than new oil fields, by providing jobs to all who are able and willing to work and by protecting those who cannot care for themselves.

Old St. Francois County jail now open for guests

The inn, on the TransAmerica Trail bicycle route, has 14 bunk beds in three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Questions surround cancellation of 'Pepper and Friends'

Management and funding of the show are questioned.

Denying public money to fund abortion unfair

An amendment passed by Congress in 1976 prevents the federal government from funding abortions.

Legos' soul moves aside for movie tie-ins, video games

Legos are staying afloat because of a new, more profitable business model, but this comes at the expense of creativity.

Journalists should tell their stories, even when they are part of the story

Journalists try to avoid reporting stories that seem self-serving. But when events in a journalist's life, such as a seven month-long public health risk, demand attention, often it's best to forgo that principle.   

Today's question: What is the best solution for the state pension fund troubles?

As the state pension fund's investments continue fall short Missouri taxpayers have been called upon to make up the difference, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Some lawmakers are suggesting that the state either reduce benefits or require employee contributions in order to ease the shortfalls.

Woodstock wasn't the great cultural event people remember

The event was more legendary in baby boomers' minds than in reality.

Today's Question: Should the city cut back on social services funding?

What do you think about the city's proposal to cut social services funding? If possible, are there better ways for Columbia to save money in 2010, or is a cut simply a byproduct of a bad economy that every department must expect to face?

America is not living up to its potential

The health care debate is the latest example of America missing an opportunity to correct its mistakes of the past and display the ideals of the country.

Our love-hate relationship with standardized tests

Regardless of whether standardized test scores actually measure a student's knowledge or the quality of a class of freshmen, schools continue to use them as a means of comparison.

Misinformation hides the real cost of ignoring the uninsured

The most distressing realization of this summer's debate over health care reform is that so many appear to care so little about the well-being of their neighbors.

Today's Question: Should the Missourian have published the photo of the dying Marine?

The image captures the moment immediately after a Marine in southern Afghanistan was mortally wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade. The Marine's father had asked the Associated Press not to publish the photo.

Conservatives, not Obama, indoctrinate the American public

As Obama prepares to give a back-to-school speech aimed at children, conservatives accuse the president of "indoctrinating" America's youth.

Servant-leadership adds value to the lives of others

One should strive to become a servant-leader to better the community, one's own life and the lives of others.

LETTER: Media hurt pork producers with flu's name

Missouri hog farmers have been damaged by the name "swine flu." You can't catch the virus by eating pork, but you can affect livelihoods by avoiding it.