Today's Question: iPhone competition raises questions over ownership

Four MU students developed an award-winning application as part of a university-sponsored competition. Should the students have 100 percent of the rights to the application they developed using university property?

If gardening space is limited, be creative with containers

Mix and match to create gardens that are fun and compact.

Today's Question: Should Missouri adopt a consumption tax?

The idea of a "fair tax" — one based on what people spend, not what they earn — is gaining in popularity. What are the advantages or disadvantages of a consumption tax?

Credit card companies play by different set of rules than the rest of us

Banks got themselves into financial trouble, and now they want to take advantage of credit card customers to get them out of it. We need legislation to protect the working and middle class from corporate greed.

Memorial Day meant to honor and remember

Too many people recognize Memorial Day as a start to summer barbecues as opposed to its true significance. This year Columbia will hold its 21st annual Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Air show and Parade. It was organized by Mary McCleary Posner and has grown in attendance and stature over the years. Posner has earned respect for getting the community involved in this tradition.

LETTER: Remember those who sacrifice for the greater good this Memorial Day

War costs go far beyond the out-of-pocket costs of fighting terrorism.

Today's Question: Are term limits leading to an increase in partisanship?

Some legislators are blaming term limits for an increase in partisanship seen in the General Assembly. Do you think term limits are causing increased partisanship in the General Assembly? Should they be done away with, lengthened or left alone?

LETTER: Naoma Powell made Access Arts an amazing organization

Powell's dedication and love of people has been an inspiration for others invovled in Access Arts.

Naked vs. nude: a contrast in definitions

Sure, it's all about being in the buff, but there is a difference between being naked or nude. Critics don't agree on precisely what it is, and it may a pedantic distinction to make, but the naked-nude line is also a provocative and intriguing one to draw.

Today's Question: Are the big three American automakers heading in the right direction?

Fewer car dealerships could be the strategy that will revitalize GM and Chrysler.

Tea bags and dirt bags: Giving voice to the tea party protests

Stuart Carlson's editorial cartoon on tea parties was published not as an endorsement by the Missourian, but because it was a reflection of how some members of the media reacted to the protesters.

The Beat: MU softball team to host NCAA Regional

Columbia Missourian reporter Rachel Crader and sports editor Greg Bowers talk about what's ahead for the team.

India faces uncertain path after election

The election ended Wednesday for India, the world's biggest democracy, but neither of the largest political parties are expected to win a majority of the estimated 428 million votes.

CARTOON: A new twist on the Forever Stamp

Leonard Griswell's take on the new Forever Stamp.

General Assembly report card: A good session for Columbia

Missouri's General Assembly is wrapping up, and Columbia seems to have come out ahead, but the session isn't over yet.

LETTER: Governement shouldn't prohibit marijuana research

After a recently published article about the benefits of smoked marijuana for HIV and AIDs patients, some wonder why the use of medical marijuana is looked down upon in the U.S.

Today's Question: Will geographic policing lead to fewer fights downtown?

On Tuesday afternoon, Police Chief Kenneth Burton announced a new Downtown Police Team to focus on problems such as controlling graffiti, panhandling and violence at bars.

GUEST COLUMN: Capital punishment is not the answer; save Dennis Skillicorn

No state or individual should have a right to kill anyone. Gov. Jay Nixon should commute Dennis Skillicorn's death sentence.

Graduation: The end of an era for four friends

Being the one who graduated first and led the way, I feel obligated to share the small amount of wisdom I have gained from my circumstances. The recession wasn’t real to me until after I moved the tassel to the other side of my cap.

Today's Question: Students voice complaints about Student Center

In the process of building a new student center at MU, many students feel their lifestyle is being cramped. How pleased are you with the new Student Center? Do you think more students will warm up to it once Phase Two is completed?