Today's question: Finding common ground with Tasers

For months, members of the Coalition to Control Tasers have worked with the Columbia Police Department to implement new oversight guidelines.

The Big Hurt: Betrayed by icons of baseball, financial world

Many among both baseball fans and taxpayers in America have felt betrayed in recent years by poor decision-making among the powerful to try to gain an unfair advantage.

LETTER: Missouri Theatre should handle ticket sales better

Inconsistencies between the theater's Web site and other advertised prices should be cleared up.

Missouri needs more good old American know-how

As self-sufficiency and individualism gain momentum over larger national chains, MU Extension programs need to be ready to help guide local productions and markets.

Taser debate not likely to go away

The Coalition to Control Tasers says it wants the Columbia Police Department to adopt a strict policy on responsible use.

LETTER: Forsee should reconsider closing Health Connection gym

The Health Connection helps its customers in ways others wouldn't be able to do. The staff there knows the customers and their individual needs, and can assist in structuring an appropriate workout. The gym also helps fulfill University Hospital's "wellness" mission.

LETTER: Nobody wants forclosures

Loans can be extended under certain conditions to avoid financial problems.

Today's Question: Funding stem-cell research

On Monday, President Barack Obama repealed former President George W. Bush's 2001 executive order restricting federal funding on most forms of embryonic research. Interest groups say the new executive order will not end the fight in Missouri, however.

LETTER: America's health care concerns must be addressed

Avoiding the health care issues in this country has economic as well as health consequences. Without changes, companies aren't as competitive as they spend more and more on employees' health care coverage, and the overall economy isn't as prosperous.

Chinese-American relations alive and well in Columbia

In international relations, it's important to remember to focus on the commonalities between countries rather than the differences that separate.

Today's question: Elimination of math and literacy coaches at Columbia Public Schools

Getting rid of those positions will save the district $1,603,250, but will remove specialized help for students.

COLUMN: Red states biggest consumers of Internet porn

A study by the Harvard Business School found eight out of 10 states that consume the most online porn were states McCain won in the 2008 presidential election. Turns out the conservative “red” states might now be labeled the “red light” states.

Today's question: What do you think of Obama's education proposal?

President Barack Obama's education plan includes investing in early childhood education, stiffening test standards and increasing funding for teacher training.  

Past experience with government intervention deflates 'quick fix' ideals

Reform for health care, housing, banking and economic stimulus will bring government spending to previoulsy unseen levels.

The Beat: A look at who's running for school board

Columbia Missourian reporters Ben Magnuson and Taylor Barney talk about each of the candidates and the issues that are shaping this race.

The Beat: Missouri defeats Oklahoma

Sports editor Greg Bowers and reporters William Powell and Luke Thompson talk about the Missouri-Oklahoma game.

The Beat: The Boone County Courthouse expansion

Local government editor Scott Swafford and reporter Jessica Cherry talk about the project.

LETTER: Racial issues run much deeper than statistical comparison

It is absurdly simplistic to conclude from a comparison of arrest rates that the Sheriff’s Department is doing racial profiling.

Abortion bill is hypocritical

The Missouri House passed a bill that outlaws coerced abortion while essentially mandating that physicians do all they can to coerce women into giving birth.

LETTER: Alice Walker turns blind eye to Israeli losses

Alice Walker's visit to Gaza to see the results of the recent Israeli offensive doesn't take into account that there is devastation on the Israeli side too.