Today's Question: The conversion to digital TV

Should the government have been more active in making sure the public knew of the switch to digital TV?

Every citizen has the power to lead

President Obama is the commander in chief of the United States, but he's not its only leader.  All citizens have a responsibility to keep themselves informed and stay active in order to lead the country toward a better future.

Today's Question: 'Pay as you throw' proposal for garbage collection

Is "pay as you throw" the best method for dealing with excess garbage in Columbia?

Show me the photos!

The president's decision to withold telling photographs of prisoner abuse "is a betrayal of America's professed cherished values."

LETTER: 'Pepper & Friends' important to community, KOMU's mission

A loss of "Pepper & Friends" from KOMU is a loss to Columbia, too.

Attention to detail the missing ingredient in sandwich art

Columnist Andrew Del-Colle pleads with his favorite sandwich artists to improve their approach to the art of the perfect sandwich.

Big banks' greed giving bad name all bankers

Gone are the days when bankers wanted to be user friendly their customers. The industry is taking advantage of the ugly financial situation to improve its bottom line.

Good jobs are hard to fill

While technological advances kill off positions for journalists and assembly-line workers, the teachers, nurses and IT personnel of the world remain or become more in demand.

Big news comes in small packages with the neighborhood newsletter project

Missourian's Neighborhood Newsletters has been fairly successful so far — e-mail newsletters are now delivered to 10 neighborhoods, and almost 1,000 people have subscribed.

Catching the big one: Casting a line for the Lord's love

Let’s follow the example of Christ and bait the hook of God’s promises and trust Him to make the big catch of that lost and wandering fish. So, the next time you feel like a big fish in a little pond, remember, God has the right bait to catch to put you out and give you just what you need to face to challenges of today.

Today's Question: Government involvement in GM

Despite President Barack Obama's assertions that he wants to stay out of the auto industry, GM's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy would give the government a 60 percent stake in the American industrial giant.

GM, automaker crisis shakes world's economies

Now that General Motors and Chrysler have filed for bankruptcy, restructuring the American automobile industry may be necessary to re-establish supremacy in the market.

Proposed Columbia city ordinance would deal with graffiti problem

 Laura Nauser's proposed city ordinance fills in the gaps in the current ordinance by defining and outlawing graffiti. It would also set up a fund so property owners don't have to fix the damage themselves. The next step is to prevent kids from property destruction in the first place, by giving them opportunities through economic development.

Sotomayor political circus pulls into D.C.

 It isn't the "greatest show on earth," but expect lots of flamboyant promotion, unnecessary acrobatics and sleight of hand from the media.

Not much to show from GetAbout funds that benefits bicyclists, walkers

There's a nice new sign at the entrance of the MKT Trail, for instance, but how does that increase safety pedestrians and bicyclists?

LETTER: Missouri Department of Transportation should consider Complete Streets movement

The Complete Streets program, a movement that aims to make streets easier to drive, bike and walk, fell victim to MoDOT's lobbying.

LETTER: Health care overhaul should include more choices

If Medicaid covered home- and community-based services, it would save money and provide better care.

ESPN advertising decisions serve as a reminder for the digital transition

Nike and Glaceau's advertising campaigns for Kobe Bryant and LeBron James show the convergence of the Internet and advertising, but is it blurring the line between content and ads?

Woman-Centric home a house for the whole family

Don't let the name throw you. Yes, the Woman-Centric home's title may be cringe-inducingly outdated, but its innovative design makes it the house of the future for the family of today. 

Using stimulus money for tax cuts would make more 'cents'

Determining which projects and subsidies are most deserving of the funds is a nearly impossible task since politicians can't predict the future. Tax cuts, on the other hand, would have put the money where its guaranteed to do at least some good — in the hands of the people.