Today's Question: Balancing the city's budget

The Columbia Police Department was reassured last week by candidates for two seats on the City Council that the department's budget would not be at risk of being cut. The candidates plan to reduce costs in other ways.

Strong unions are good for America's workers, businesses

The Employee Free Choice Act would be beneficial to American companies, contrary to the apparent beliefs of many business leaders. .

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe deserves second term on City Council

The Sixth Ward councilwoman has the qualities and experience to navigate Columbia through tough economic times.

LETTER: Seniors need Health Connection to remain open

A Health Connection member says losing the senior-centered gym would be a step backward on the road toward a healthier America.

Novelty is not enough for owning exotic pets

After the last few months of snake-laden, monkey-wild, chicken-chocked news, it seems time to review what should be a pretty straightforward lesson: Owning unconventional pets needs more justification than novelty.

Daughter reminds dad there's still demand for local issues

Newspapers that want to attract middle-class, college-educated women in affluent families, need to do more work than just diversify into niche publications. They need to invest in hyper-local news.

LETTER: Robison the right choice to fight crime

If elected to City Council for the Sixth Ward, Rob Robison would support local law enforcement with more tools and funding to apprehend criminals. He is the only candidate to receive the Columbia Police Officers Association endorsement.

LETTER: Rob Robison would be a steadfast leader for Sixth Ward

Robison is genuine and reasonable in his approach to leadership.

LETTER: Robison's leadership, character make him ideal candidate

The Sixth Ward candidate has ideas to expand the business community in Columbia.

LETTER: Rod Robison will be good for small business

Sixth Ward candidate Rod Robison will make better decisions for small business.

LETTER: Hoppe proved her value to Sixth Ward in first term

Barbara Hoppe knows the system and works in citizens' interests.

LETTER: Robison an active citizen who cares for town

The Sixth Ward candidate is dependable and always willing to help others.

LETTER: Rod Robison will bring fair-minded approach to Sixth Ward

Robison's presence on the council will benefit the entire city.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe dedicated to understanding issues

The Sixth Ward candidate educates herself about city issues before taking a stance.

Governor needs to own up to militia report

Gov. Nixon should place Director of Public Safety John Britt on administrative leave pending a full investigation and accounting of acts of profiling under his supervision at MIAC, and should fully answer and apologize for the militia report.

Gmail undo button a step in the right direction

Finally, technology that is making our lives easier.

Drug wars have helped turn Mexico into dysfunctional state

For years, drug use in the U.S. has been thought of as a social or crime problem, but now it is seen as an international problem involving military expenditures and delicate diplomacy. Journalists from across the country discuss how this problem affects both Mexico and the U.S.

Today's Question: Mike Anderson's future job prospects

With the Tigers entry into the Elite Eight, it's hard to believe that men's basketball coach Mike Anderson might consider leaving. Athletic Director Mike Alden could offer him a contract extension at the season's conclusion.

You can learn a thing or two from a conversation about Tasers

Having the interim police chief join the community conversation in such a thoughtful way is refreshing to see.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe's experience needed for another term

Barbara Hoppe should be re-elected to the City Council.