Murdoch says it's time to put a price on digital news

There is a lot of speculation regarding online journalism's pay-for-content movement. Soon enough, however, we'll have some answers.

Situation in Iraq is changing

A calmer summer in Iraq and the possiblity of early U.S. troop withdrawals brings questions about the future of Iraq.

Any health care reform in a storm

A lot of conservatives are threatening that the Obama health care plan is one step away from socialism and draconian government oversight. But if the system in place hinders even those who are already insured, then maybe any other system deserves a shot.

Today's Question: Is the airport worth expanding?

Several airline carriers have dropped service in Columbia since 2006, and the most recent numbers show that the number of "deplanements" and "enplanements" are more than half of what they were in 2000. Still, with the arrival of Mesaba in August of 2008, Columbia is slowly seeing an upward trend in activity from the most recent years.

Dobbs, Luetkemeyer, Obama and more: Plenty of stupid to go around

President Obama made the important distinction a few weeks back about being stupid versus acting stupidly. Most people might not be the former, but many have, at one time or another, committed the latter.

Do it now: A plan for universal health care

Shawn Tully of wrote a recent article on the freedoms people would lose with health care reform, but he left a few facts and arguments unsaid. Health care reform is necessary, and simple math proves it works.

When mortgaging your property gets old, try settling in Catan

The German board game Settlers of Catan succeeds where Monopoly fails at being the perfect board game.

Today's Question: Should social media be used in education?

Social networking sites are becoming more popular and some teachers believe they will help enhance the classroom experience. Still, opinions of both teachers and students are mixed on the issue.

The problem with Facebook photos

More and more people use excessive numbers of photographs as proof they had a good time, but the camera takes the person out of the moment.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Police use of force in Columbia growing more out of control

With the recent arrest of Carl Alan Giles, in which at least 10 officers were present when Giles was found urinating in an alley, it's time to reexamine the department's use-of-force procedures.

Today's Question: Charging for admission at Roots 'N' Blues

Will charging for Roots 'N' Blues tickets this year produce a lower attendance at the festival?

A hero shunted aside

Stan the Man should have had his day at this year’s MLB All-Star Game, and he should not have been upstaged by anyone, not even the president.

History offers valuable lessons in modern issues of race

The arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates provided proof that conversations on race are still vital and important. It's up to everyone to know their history in order to maintain the discussion and keep others informed.

The news needs novelty

A liger-driven story that recently graced the Missourian's home page might not have been hard news, but it did allow readers to meet one of their most pressing needs: getting a daily dose of novelty. 

Today's Question: Should the public be allowed to speak to the fire chief candidates?

The Boone County Fire Protection District is working to include public opinion in the process for selecting its new fire chief.

Health care’s better Down Under

For an example of universal health care that works, Americans need only look to Australia.

National ID cards could trade privacy for security

Should countries buy into the system of national ID cards? Most people agree that this would enhance security, but it also makes it easier for one's information to be lost or stolen.

Nigeria's troubles not so far away when Columbians are at risk

Students and researchers from Missouri get trapped in vicious fighting in northeastern Nigeria. The risks in writing about them are real, and the decisions aren't simple.

Today's Question: Should raising chickens in the city be allowed?

A group of Columbia residents are pushing the city to loosen its rules on raising chickens.

Do it right now: The other health care proposal

Aside from the “America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009," a second health care reform bill introduced by Representative John Conyers, D-Mich., meets the original premise put forth by candidate Obama of having a single payer healthcare system.