Regulations necessary to keep institutions honest

Congress should be able to regulate America's biggest business institutions so that the country's economy doesn't hinge on their success. It may turn out later that the loss of money through this crisis will be overshadowed by the loss of trust in those in charge of the financial system. Progress must now be made to protect the interests of future Americans.

Passing of daily papers a tragedy

Two recent studies show how newspapers give readers the chance to question and react.

LETTER: Health Connection should remain open

Individual attention offered at the Health Connection helped this 74-year-old recover from knee joint replacement surgery.

No need to pass; call a fart a fart

Dozens of news outlets recently covered the same story about feeding cows fish oil to reduce their release of methane, a greenhouse gas the animals exude when they, as dairy cattle might say, cut the cheese. But coverage of the story quickly divided outlets into two camps: those who hid behind turgid, silly euphemisms and those who bore down, manned up and used the word “fart.”

The Beat: Columbia School Board candidates vie for two seats

Reporter Ben Magnuson and editor Liz Brixey talk about the significance of having so many candidates in the race.

LETTER: Robison an independent voice in Sixth Ward

Rod Robison will work to make Columbia a better place with balance and independence.

Today's Question: Putting the election winners to work

Voters will elect two candidates each to the City Council and Columbia School Board on Tuesday. Of all the challenges in front of these boards, which should the new members push to tackle first?

Obama tours Europe, Turkey giving the impression of the anti-Bush

The global economic crisis and the war in Afghanistan are on the agenda for Obama's tour of Europe and Turkey.

The Beat: Looking back at the men's basketball season

Luke Thompson, William Powell and Greg Bowers talk about covering the successful season of the Missouri men's basketball team.

LETTER: Hoppe has balance to lead Sixth Ward, Columbia

Barbara Hoppe's record in the Sixth Ward has demonstrated her steady balance and commitment, making her the best candidate for another term on council.

LETTER: Rod Robison has all the tools of a good leader

Sixth Ward City Council candidate Rod Robison has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to community with his long-time involvement in Boy Scouts.

A moving story upholds Walter Williams' creed for good journalism

Journalists who witness tragic circumstances over and over can become immune. But Missourian reporter Christine Martinez used the tools of her craft to weave a touching story of a woman and her daughter-in-law struggling to care for two young boys, a rundown trailer and a pile of medical and funeral bills.

UM System President Gary Forsee completes challenging first year

Forsee has been described as a good decision maker by colleagues.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should police be banned for 30 days from using Tasers?

The Coalition to Control Tasers wants the City Council to stop police from using one of their weapons of enforcement for 30 days.

Today's Question: Should raw milk distribution be regulated?

Raw milk, which isn't pasteurized or homogenized like milk bought in stores, has its proponents and critics. Some believe the processes store-bought milk goes through kills important nutrients, while the Missouri Health Department last year said it isn't better for children to consume. The state does not regulate raw milk distribution out of individuals' homes. Should that change?

Buying newspaper stock a pledge, not an investment

Investing in newspaper companies might not pull in the big bucks, but it helps show confidence and optimism for the future of journalism.

LETTER: Rod Robison is dedicated to Columbia

Rod Robison's volunteerism and emphases on bolstering business and public safety are two reasons to support the Sixth Ward City Council candidate.

LETTER: Rod Robison lacks experience to be on City Council

The Sixth Ward candidate has not served on any city or county boards, commissions, committees, advisory organizations or even his own neighborhood association.

LETTER: Hoppe is good for business

While businesses are important to Columbia's growth, the community's appearance is also a contributor.

LETTER: Rod Robison will bring balance to City Council

Robison is endorsed by the Police Officers Association.