LETTER: New law won't increase electricity bills

The new energy law in Missouri will lower customer bills by encouraging additional energy efficiency.

The Beat: Last year's debt paid on Roots 'N' Blues

Columbia Missourian local government editor Scott Swafford and reporter Abby Rogers say there has been a debate on the level of city support for the festival.

Palin's attorney should know better than to dare the media

Threats by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's attorney to sue the media over suspected fraudulent claims is unconstitutional and little more than a dare to investigate the former Alaska governess further.

Today's Question: Would suspending bike harassment ordinance be bad precedent?

If City Council suspends the bicycle harassment ordinance, does it set a bad precedent for the future?

LETTER: Missourians should support the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts

Now is the time for the people of Columbia and mid-Missouri to reinvest in the historic Missouri Theatre.

LETTER: U.S. needs election system fix before it criticizes Iran

Before our elected officials criticize Iran's election system, they should look themselves in the mirror and make changes to the U.S. system, including abolishing the Electoral College.

A case for alien invasion

Humans are notoriously exclusive creatures, allowing the familiar into their circles and rejecting the foreign. Only an alien invasion would present a foreign entity great enough in size and type to unite us all as a people.

Has the digital age made cemeteries obsolete?

Although graveyards can aid in the grieving process, a much more peaceful and cathartic experience could be had by leaning against a couple of trees in honor of the deceased and be surrounded by life.

LETTER: City sidewalks in disrepair

The sidewalks in many portions of the city are badly cracked or completely unnavigable.  The city needs to do something about it for joggers, walkers and citizens in wheelchairs who have no other options.

Cap and trade or cap and trust?

The administration’s glorious augury of “Cap and Trade” act cutting noxious greenhouse gases to the bone while creating millions of “green” jobs is more consistent with imagination and theory than with fact.

Dressing sharp is one way to improve manners

For some of us, as young women, dressing for the occasion was as much a part of the event as our attendance. Making certain that the dress, the shoes and yes, even the makeup was right, was a part of the fun. It’s hard to imagine growing up as a female without this rite of passage.

LETTER: Societal values define the term 'puppy mill'

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture has minimal requirements for dog owners, society sets a higher standard, which leads to the term "puppy mills" for the technically legal but inhumane treatment of dogs.

LETTER: Ordinance will protect cyclists against true harassment

The Pedestrian and Pedaling Network voices its opinion on City Council's June 15 approval of a bicycle harassment ordinance.

The road to Microsoft City, Missouri

We expect to see advertisements in our media, but there’s got to be a line drawn between what space is for rent and what isn’t. The sale of a New York City subway stop seems to bode badly for that line's coordinates.

Today's Question: Nixon vetoes helmet bill

If the state requires motorcyclist to wear helmets, is it unnecessarily infringing on their rights?

Pulling troops out of Iraqi cities

Q&A about what the U.S. is doing to get soldiers out of Iraq.

Making Jesus the homeboy for inner-city youth

The inner-city youth need a presence to guide them, and we can't help them on our own. Only with Jesus as their homeboy will they be led down the right path.

Fourth of July offers journalists cause to celebrate

The Fourth of July might seem like one giant pyrotechnics display, but it symbolizes a lot more for American journalists.

A declaration: Our first freedoms play out in everyday lives

On the day we celebrate our independence, lets also recognize the power of the Consitution and our freedoms, which can be seen each day in the actions of our neighbors.

GUEST COLUMN: Bond issue a good investment for Missouri

Rep. Chris Kelly explains why he thinks a bond issue to raise money for capital improvements is the right step for Missouri to take.