Text messaging while driving is wrong regardless of driver's age

Text messaging isn't the only problem. Talking on the phone, applying makeup and drinking coffee take a driver's attention away from where it should be: the road.

Today's Question: Finding opportunity in a down economy

More people than ever are applying for graduate schools in the face of a tough economy. But with more people earning advanced degrees, the job market is becoming flooded with "overqualified" workers. Is the deflated economy a good opportunity to pursue a advanced degree?

Media should be careful with 911 calls

The media needs to be thoughtful about when and how emergency recordings are used. Using them for scream-value alone is to risk a valuable means of protecting public safety and endanger the privacy of victims for something that often looks like an inane attempt to turn the news into "24."

GUEST COLUMN: The valor of patriots remembered on Memorial Day

The holiday was first begun to honor those who died in the Civil War. Today, we celebrate the brave soldiers who protect the peace at home and overseas.

GUEST COLUMN: What makes a great city?

Are the characterstics and qualities of a great city different for ethnic minority residents?

Guests often become friends for Pepper and Mouser

Many of the people who have appeared on "Pepper and Friends" over the past 27 years have been more then interview subjects. And they have been a variety of characters. "We run the gamut, I think, in local community television," co-host James Mouser said.

The Dennis Skillicorn execution: Why it was front page news

State-sanctioned executions are the government's ultimate expression of power, and therefore newspapers bear the responsibility of shining a light on the event.

CARTOON: The Magnificent Seven

Leonard Griswell's take on geographic policing in downtown Columbia.

Eurovision Song Contest: the world's version of American Idol

Internationally, this competition attracts an audience of over 100 million from more than 50 different countries.

Today's Question: A new plan for downtown businesses

The Special Business District and the Central Columbia Association are looking to merge into one entity — a community improvement district. Is a community improvement district a good idea for downtown? Why or why not?

GUEST COLUMN: Changing helmet law makes no sense

Changing the law to allow motorcycle riders over the age of 21 to ride without a helmet is a step backward.

The report of newspaper industry's death is greatly exaggerated

Most individual newspapers are making money, and readership is higher than ever.

Today's Question: Putting restrictions on credit for young people

Congress has passed a bill that would tighten credit for those younger than 21 — if they don't have a co-signer or can show a way to pay it back, they won't get a credit card. Will age restrictions for obtaining credit cards solve credit problems for young people?

Columbia offers no bailouts for Dodge City as Chrysler exits

With Chrysler telling Dodge City Motors to get out of town, the question emerges — who will stand up for small businesses in Columbia? The more I learn, the more it seems as though the answer is: No one.

GUEST COLUMN: Thirty years later, Aslanidis family at G&D still as wonderful as ever

The kindness shown to a young, financially struggling couple by the owners of G&D Steakhouse is still alive after more than 30 years.

LETTER: Blagojevich case shows there will always be corruption

While the former governer has received most of the media attention, little attention has been paid to those aides who worked for him, many of whom continue to serve in state government.

iPhone mandate from MU School of Journalism laced with problems

Experience as an MU student shows that the School of Journalism's iPhone/iPod Touch requirement is probably unnecessary, which leads to more questions about the decision to make the devices mandatory.

Today's Question: iPhone competition raises questions over ownership

Four MU students developed an award-winning application as part of a university-sponsored competition. Should the students have 100 percent of the rights to the application they developed using university property?

If gardening space is limited, be creative with containers

Mix and match to create gardens that are fun and compact.

Today's Question: Should Missouri adopt a consumption tax?

The idea of a "fair tax" — one based on what people spend, not what they earn — is gaining in popularity. What are the advantages or disadvantages of a consumption tax?