Today's Question: Changing speeds in Columbia

Will reducing the speed limit in certain neighborhoods affect the speed people actual drive?

The Beat: MU football players prep for NFL draft

Columbia Missourian sports editor Greg Bowers and reporters David Ubben and Robert Mays share their forecasts on the athletic careers of some of the outgoing MU football players.

Today's Question: Should Missouri give $700 million to fund higher education improvement projects?

Given the state's debt and recent cuts by the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, is now the time for Missouri to be giving its colleges and universities more money?

LETTER: Steinmetz makes great points on concealed-carry legislation

Katy Steinmetz' column "Concealed weapons won't increase safety" explained exactly why guns shouldn't be allowed on college campuses. Her column should be required reading for the lawmakers who approved the measure.

Iran's answer to journalism: Jail the journalist

The imprisonment of U.S. correspondent Roxana Saberi in Iran poses a threat to openness of information everywhere.

Opposition groups take to the street

Groups in Thailand, Moldova and Georgia are demonstrating to show their displeasure with governments in power.

MU guest lecture focuses on identity of black female adolescents

Sheila Walker, a guest lecturer at MU on Friday, conducted two years of ethnographic research in Los Angeles County on how African-American girls form their identity.

Waters on shaky ground as both publisher and community advocate

Hank Waters, publisher of the Columbia Daily Tribune, editorialized on behalf of the State Historical Society's efforts in his newspaper. While he mentioned he serves on the society's board of trustees, he did not detail the level of his involvement. It's important to separate public journalist duties from private civic ones. Being transparent helps readers more fairly appreciate the opinion.

Pirates abroad, murders in U.S. bring gun concerns into spotlight

The recent pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia and a string of mass murders in the U.S. force Americans to question the prevalence of guns. The Marines who were attacked did not have any weapons, yet, average Americans have relatively easy access to guns.

Does Obama's relaxation of the Cuba Embargo go far enough?

The Obama Administration announced Monday it would allow unlimited travel to Cuba by Cuban Americans, as well as unlimited money transfers to Cuban family members on the island. The rest of the trade restrictions on Cuba, however, still exist — but should they? Do the new decisions hurt America's bargaining position with Cuba?

LETTER: Ameren's plan too expensive, too dangerous

Don't be deceived by Ameren UE ads. A new nuclear power plant is a costly threat.

Liberty and justice for all

It is time for the definition of marriage to change once again to match a society dedicated to extending liberty to all.

Douglass Park neighborhood community advisory board advocates lasting change

The "Go 1st Ward" Community Advisory Board promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles in the First Ward and other low-income communities.

The Beat: Columbia Tomorrow to be unveiled

The interactive database will detail the city's plans for development. Columbia Missourian  government editor Scott Swafford, reporter Liz Lucas, and Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow Matt Thompson talk about the project.

Michelle Obama deserves more than fashion coverage

First ladies are more than just fashion icons. The role of first lady has evolved, yet coverage is still focused on what they wear, not political beliefs.

Today's Question: Twitter utilized by lawmakers at state, federal level

Over the last year Twitter has grown into one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. Do you think Twitter use on the House floor is beneficial or detrimental to what lawmakers are trying to accomplish?

Today's Question: Should MU keep the Health Connection gym open?

Richard Oliver, dean of MU's School of Health Professions, said last Monday that he would like to keep the Health Connection gym open. But the gym, which is scheduled to close June 30, has become too expensive to operate. Meanwhile, members of the facility have offered to pay higher fees to keep the gym open.

Cigarette tax to control behavior of minority is unconstitutional

The now-tripled cigarette tax could lower state and federal tax revenue, while taking away personal freedoms of smokers. If the government's cigarette tax backfires, they may look elsewhere for "sin appropriate" tax levies.

LETTER: Girl Scouts made great because of volunteers

When volunteers give of their time and share their skills with Girl Scouts, they help girls to become girls of courage, confidence and character.

Gun owners have right to carry, but others have right to safety

The Second Amendment protects citizens' right to bear arms. But gun violence now interferes with everyone else's right to safety. The current state of affairs is far from what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution.