Today's Question: Is NASCAR doing enough to keep its drivers safe?

NASCAR uses restrictor plates to prevent cars from traveling at unsafe speeds, but an unintended consequence is that cars bunch up in large packs, creating more opportunities for collisions. Do you think NASCAR needs to do more to ensure the safety of its drivers?

Belittling, second-guessing is lazy journalism

Name calling and insults are not becoming to any columnist, no matter his or her political leanings.

GUEST COLUMN: Investigative reporting may have helped overturn wrongful conviction

A class project for journalist Ben Poston, investigating the possible wrongful conviction of Josh Kezer, finally came to a conclusion almost two years after he graduated from MU when Kezer was exonerated by a Cole County judge. Poston published an article in 2007 that broke the news that the case had been reopened after 14 years. It also highlighted new witnesses and evidence not presented at the original trial.

LETTER: Tell the Missouri General Assembly to support fair tax

House Joint Resolution 36 would pass the fair tax at the state level, and help attract businesses to Missouri. Show your support by calling your senators today.

We need to act to solve addiction problem

The War on Drugs has not succeeded because we are too quick to write off the problem. To solve the drug crisis, we must realize that addicts — many of whom are in our own families and friend groups — are trying to cope with the stresses and anxiety of life.

The Beat: MAP testing program replaced

Columbia Missourian reporter Kim Tran talks about the new exams and what students have to say about the change.

LETTER: Are concealed weapons allowed in the House?

Missouri citizens voted against concealed weapons and state legistlators shouldn't overturn the outcome of that referendum. After all, are concealed weapons allowed in the House chamber of the state capital building? If not, why not?

Today's Question: Missouri football players prepare for the NFL

Six former Missouri football players were picked in the NFL draft. Which former Missouri football players do you expect to see get significant playing time for their new teams next season? Who landed in the best situation?

Today's Question: How should Columbia deal with hate groups?

An anti-gay group is scheduled to stop in Columbia to protest the City Council's unanimous approval to create a domestic partnership registry. What is the best way to deal with hate groups coming to Columbia?

International journalists in jail

Stuart Loory looks at the dangers of being a journalist in foreign countries and what is being done to free those in jail.

Missourian comments policy follows the golden rule; you should, too.

New regulations for the comments section aim to clean up the site and improve readers' experiences.

Kelly's conservative tax plan vote likely to backfire

Chris Kelly, 24th district representative in Boone County, is supporting a higher sales tax now in the hope he can receive important concessions for the poor later. But this strategy is likely to backfire.

Lessons from history show Obama is on right track

An 'Us versus Them' mentality does not make effective foreign policy.

Today's Question: Is a proposed parking garage right for downtown?

The Columbia City Council on Monday approved a plan to build a $15 million parking garage downtown. Council members said the garage, proposed to be eight or nine stories tall, will be needed as the downtown area expands.

The Beat: Happpy birthday, Kewpie

Columbia Missourian reporter Kaity Kerwin talks about the centennial celebration planned for the Hickman High School mascot.

The Beat: Groups come together to revise school resource officer contract

Columbia Missourian reporter Ben Magnuson talks about a plan to revise the school resource officer contract.

LETTER: Marriage should continue to be between man and woman

While the idea of marriage has changed a lot over more than 5,000 years, the unifying norm has been that marriage is between a man and a woman. Perhaps same sex marriage advocates should choose a different term to have more success.

Five pounds carries extra weight

Today's society is one where food is readily available and exercise is becoming increasingly difficult to fit into a daily schedule. This dilemma may cause some to feel guilty for gaining weight.

Today's Question: New measures to prevent identity theft

There are many potential solutions for identity theft before the Missouri legislature. One proposal would require companies to notify people when their information has been compromised. Another would remove Social Security numbers from public court records. Which of these bills would offer the best solution for identity theft? Which, if any, of the bills should the House pass?

Today's Question: What should the future of school resource officers be in Columbia Public Schools?

Under a proposed contract, the Police Department would take the Columbia Public Schools' evaluations of school resource officers into consideration when conducting its own annual performance evaluations. Should any other changes be considered in the agreement between the police and Columbia Public Schools?