LETTER: Support McCaskill's smoking prevention bill

In Missouri, 10,680 people die each year from tobacco-related deaths. Sen. McCaskill is co-sponsoring the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

Today's Question: Who should clean up graffiti?

The City Council has been discussing who should be responsible for removing graffiti in Columbia.

Today's Question: Is North Korea an imminent threat?

North Korea reported carrying out its second nuclear test late last month. The U.S. and other countries have condemned it as an act of hostility.


Society should change its attitudes about fear, death

Whether it's politicians or terrorists, fear mongering is used too often in our society.

Government has become the supreme nanny, both locally and nationally

Each morning as I have coffee with my morning paper, I realize just how lucky I am to have grown up in the era before my government assumed the role of supreme nanny.

CARTOON: Coming clean about torture

Leonard Griswell's take on the release of interrogation practices.

You can't say that on television

The FCC has the power to make its own regulations regarding indecency in broadcasting, and if left unchecked, it could restrict free speech to the detriment of society.

LETTER: Trapping methane as bioenergy has advantages for farmers, ranchers

Missouri Farmers Union supports cap and trade because farmers can be paid when their farming methods trap carbon in the ground. Mandatory animal identification is a different story.

A love letter for the NYMEX

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and ... the New York Mercantile Exchange?  Why the NYMEX is now, in a time when all things Wall Street have a bad rap, one of my favorite things.

Today's Question: Finding the future ideal School Board member

What qualities in candidates should the Columbia School Board consider in choosing a replacement for Tippin?

For jailing journalists, Cuba is the little island that can

U.S. media take no notice as the director of an independent Cuban news agency is sent to prison for three years and the Comittee to Protect Journalists reports that 22 journalists are in prison on the island.

International reaction to North Korea's nuclear tests

On Memorial Day, North Korea detonated a nuclear device. Here, four journalists discuss the United Nation's reaction to the nuclear test.

LETTER: Looking at the whole issue of abortion

Anti-abortion activists aren't looking at the whole issue and often neglect to focus on alternatives to abortion.

LETTER: Keep 'Pepper & Friends' on the air

The show has spent years educating and entertaining the community. Please help keep it on the air.

Today's Question: Did GetAbout Columbia put too much money toward advertising and education?

City officials are split on whether GetAbout Columbia is spending enough of the federal grant money on infrastructure.

Bill Ferguson's pursuit of son's acquittal is worthy of praise

For five years, Bill Ferguson has been fighting for his son's freedom. Ryan Ferguson was convicted in 2005 in the murder of Kent Heitholt, the sports editor at the Columbia Daily Tribune.

America's enemies also come from within

Throughout history, the U.S. population has acquired a distrust toward "Them," any outsiders that American citizens would consider the nation's enemy. This distrust has grown so blind that we often forget just how many enemies actually lie within our own borders.

LETTER: Roots 'N' Blues festival should be open to all

If the City Council approves admission fees, Columbia taxpayers should not subsidize this private-for-profit event.

Today's Question: Regulating TDDs

On this session's last day, the General Assembly passed the economic development bill, which includes a few paragraphs regulating transportation development districts. Gov. Jay Nixon is expected to sign the bill into law.

'Summer Columbia' offers array of festivals, concerts

During the summer, Columbia might seem like a dull town to some, but the city in fact hosts a wealth of films, festivals and concerts.