The Beat: American Copy Editors Society holds conference

Columbia Missourian assistant news editors Katie Walley and Pam Cohen talk about what they learned at the conference.

LETTER: Fair Tax offers simplicity, helps low-income people

The Obama administration should reconsider its tax code proposal and instead adopt the Fair Tax Act, which would be fairer to low-income people and bring trillions of dollars of offshore capital back to the U.S.

Celebrate National Pet Week

It’s National Pet Week and the 94th annual Be Kind to Animals Week, a little reminder to stop and think about how your pet enriches your life. And for those who don’t have a furry companion, it's a good chance for you to think about whether you are at that point in your life where you can adopt a new member into the family.

GUEST COLUMN: Requiring voter ID will do more harm than good

In the midst of a budget crunch, Missouri lawmakers have bigger things to worry about than changing the state Constitution to disenfranchise thousands of voters. The rights of all citizens should be protected, not just those with state IDs.

Today's Question: MU quarterback arrested, suspended from team

MU freshman quarterback Blaine Dalton, 18, was recently arrested after Columbia police found him in possession of prescription pills during a traffic stop. He was suspended from the team indefinitely after the arrest. Are you pleased with how the MU football staff is handling Dalton's situation? Is there a larger discipline problem on the team that the staff is failing to address?

Today's Question: Is extending Stadium worth the money?

After years of research and discourse, the Missouri Department of Transportation has decided on a "preferred alternative" for its proposed extension of Stadium Boulevard. The chosen alternative calls for extending Stadium east of U.S. 63 to the Lake of the Woods interchange at Interstate 70 and St. Charles Road. The plan would also extend Ballenger Lane and widen Broadway as far east as Olivet Road.

Voter ID necessary for fair elections

Requiring a form of photo ID would not be the disenfranchisement some want you to believe it is. Better yet, it would prevent fraud.

LETTER: Disabled voters should be allowed to get voter IDs

Disabled people should be allowed to get voter IDs.

LETTER: No reason to deny 21-year-olds from concealed carry

There is no reason to believe that 21-year-olds who go through the required training and background checks to obtain a concealed carry permit will pose any greater threat on campus than they would anywhere else.

The Beat: Hickman and Rock Bridge High School elections

Columbia Missourian reporters Joshua Nichol-Caddy and Kaity Kerwin talk about the importance of the elections and the results.

LETTER: Conceal-and-carry on Missouri campuses would increase safety

Concealed carry opponents seem to have a difficult time separating the good guys from the bad guys and simply assume that all those who carry a gun do so for nefarious reasons.

Today's Question: Bike, Walk & Wheel Week under way

Columbia's annual Bike, Walk & Wheel Week is under way. Are you are able to bike, walk or otherwise wheel your way to work or other frequent destinations in Columbia if you choose to do so? If not, why?

The Beat: MU football players continue quest for NFL

Columbia Missourian editors Greg Bowers and Jacqui Banaszynski and reporter Andrew Astleford talk about the players' quest for the NFL.

The Beat: Decoding Transportation Development Districts

Reporter Jacob Barker and public life editor Scott Swafford discuss why Columbia residents should care about TDDs.

GUEST COLUMN: Missouri’s court system isn’t broken

A proposed amendment would weaken Missouri's judicial selection process by inserting party politics.

Cricket vs. baseball: Which is the superior sport?

Which is the greater bat-and-ball game? There are many factors to consider in this summer-sporting showdown.

Reporters' patience and hard work yield results for public

Missourian reporters worked on the transportation development districts story for eight months, reviewing about 10,000 pages of documents and interviewing key players.

MU professor faces big hurdles in bid for Sudanese presidency

MU professor Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim is planning to run for president of Sudan in February. Given the brutality of Sudan's current president, Omar al-Bashir, and the many economic and humanitarian issues in the country, Ibrahim will have to make great strides to win the election.

Pray for those you've lost touch with

Maj. K. Kendall Mathews writes about losing selfishness and reconnecting with people from the past.

Today's Question: Are TDDs good ways for developers to fund roads, or should there be more bureaucracy in place to oversee they are not abused?

Over the past three years, Columbia shoppers have paid $8.4 million in sales tax to fund development projects.