Today's Question: Should concealed weapons be allowed on campus?

Considering the Virginia Tech shootings in April 2007, would allowing students to carry concealed weapons to class be a wise decision?

Even with low turnout, election still important to Columbia

While only 10 percent of registered voters particpipated in voting this week, plenty of coverage on candidates in both City Council and School Board elections was available ahead of time. Those who did choose to vote had powerful opinions on behalf of themselves and their non-voting neighbors in important races. The significance of this past week's Council decisions are evidence of that.

LETTER: Missouri casinos proud to be good corporate citizens of the state

Michael G. Winter, representing the Missouri Gaming Association, purports the corporate citizenship of Missouri casinos.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe's re-election good for Columbia

Barbara Hoppe is thanked for her service to Columbia.

Today's Question: Will proposed provisions for sex offenders work?

The Missouri General Assembly supported a provision that would prevent sex offenders from being 500 feet from a park and prohibiting them from coaching a sports team with players 17 and younger. Jail terms would extend to a maximum of four years for a first offense, and seven years the second time. It will need a second vote before it reaches the Senate.

State legislators need to get serious about governing

Missouri lawmakers introduce bills to look like they're working, but in reality get little done.

The silver lining of unemployment

Unemployment can be depressing, but it's an opportune time to smell the roses and do something productive.

Today's Question: Is Missouri doing everything it can to regulate puppy mills?

Missouri is known as the "puppy mill" capital of the U.S. The new Agriculture Director says he is trying to change that reputation. But, with a small staff of inspectors, the department cannot check up on every breeder in the state.

The Beat: Thornhill and Hoppe victorious in City Council race

Columbia Missourian reporters Pat Sweet and Andrew Van Dam talk about Tuesday’s results.

LETTER: Let's keep the politics out of the way Missouri chooses judges

A resolution under consideration in the state House to change the way judges are selected is full of bad ideas.

The Beat: Columbia residents vote for City Council members

Columbia Missourian editor Scott Swafford and reporter Liz Lucas talk about the City Council race and the challenges that the newly elected council members will inherit.

LETTER: Student protection act necessary to keep children safe

The opportunity to safeguard our state's children from pedophiles and sex abusers in the school districts should not be a topic for debate, but rather embraced as a tenet of a civilized society.

LETTER: Health care should be available for all

The U.S. should join other leading industrialized nations and offer a "Medicare-like" option in health care reform.

Today's Question: Should gay marriage come to Missouri?

The City Council has established a domestic partnership. The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled against a gay-marriage ban, and the Vermont legislature recently legalized same-sex marriage. Should Columbia join the trend and re-think its constitutional ban on same-sex marriage?

Regulations necessary to keep institutions honest

Congress should be able to regulate America's biggest business institutions so that the country's economy doesn't hinge on their success. It may turn out later that the loss of money through this crisis will be overshadowed by the loss of trust in those in charge of the financial system. Progress must now be made to protect the interests of future Americans.

Passing of daily papers a tragedy

Two recent studies show how newspapers give readers the chance to question and react.

LETTER: Health Connection should remain open

Individual attention offered at the Health Connection helped this 74-year-old recover from knee joint replacement surgery.

No need to pass; call a fart a fart

Dozens of news outlets recently covered the same story about feeding cows fish oil to reduce their release of methane, a greenhouse gas the animals exude when they, as dairy cattle might say, cut the cheese. But coverage of the story quickly divided outlets into two camps: those who hid behind turgid, silly euphemisms and those who bore down, manned up and used the word “fart.”

The Beat: Columbia School Board candidates vie for two seats

Reporter Ben Magnuson and editor Liz Brixey talk about the significance of having so many candidates in the race.

LETTER: Robison an independent voice in Sixth Ward

Rod Robison will work to make Columbia a better place with balance and independence.