Decline of moral behavior painful to watch

Common sense should dictate decisions more often.

GUEST COLUMN: Common sense answers for affordable health care

The hospitals have agreed to tax themselves $52.5 million and use that money as the match to draw more than $90 million of federal funds to Missouri.

Many reasons behind decline of religious Americans

Declining numbers of people who claim a religion can likely be attributed to a number of factors. Fewer children seem to be attending Sunday school nowadays, and not many grow up in the family’s church of choice.

Today's Question: Does The Tiger Hotel's renovation project qualify for tax-increment financing?

The Tiger Hotel is one of two projects under consideration for tax-increment financing in downtown Columbia.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe always available to listen

She is the best choice for the Sixth Ward because she is also hard working and dedicated.

Limited state funds shouldn't be spent on Missouri Scholars Academy

The Missouri House is recommending that the Missouri Scholars Academy be cut from the 2009-2010 budget.  The camp is a wonderful place, but it's not the Sorbonne (I speak from experience here), and if funds are limited, that program should not be at the top of the government-dollar list.

GUEST COLUMN: Kick advance-financing laws to the curb

If the status quo were a viable option, this might not be a difficult choice — but Missouri’s ever-increasing power needs must be met.

Understanding the vocabulary that got us into this economic mess

The terms and jargon of the economy are boiled down.

LETTER: Reward Barbara Hoppe's good work in the Sixth Ward with re-election

Hoppe has had a positive impact on her ward throughout her time as councilwoman.

Today's Question: Does the Tenth and Locust development project qualify for tax-increment financing?

Tax-increment financing freezes property taxes on undeveloped property and then invests the money back into the project. Two projects currently have applications pending review by the city.

The Beat: Missouri softball team prepares for Big 12 season

The story behind the story of the Missouri Tigers

The Missourian's article Thursday made sense of the many subplots in MU athletics.

LETTER: Health Connection an important outlet for seniors

The Beat: City Council candidates tackle crime, trails

GUEST COLUMN: MU should protect gender identity and expression

A referendum for adding "gender identity and expression" to the non-discrimination policy at MU is set for April 6-8. Include Me MU is also meeting with individual schools within the university since each school each hasthe right to implement further policies for themselves.

El Salvador election suggests end of Latin American coups

The recent peaceful election in El Salvador is just one example of how Latin America seems to be moving away from violent government turnover.

Paul Fisher a true champion for freedom of information

Paul Fisher didn't suggest the Sunshine Week promotion, but he surely appreciated the concept behind it. His work led to knowledge and information regarding journalist access, more specificially through the Freedom of Information Center.

Today's Question: City Council candidates discuss crime prevention ideas

The Second and Sixth Ward candidates discussed their ideas for reducing crime at a forum on Monday.

Downtown area does not make sense for redevelopment

In some cases, eminent domain is a necessary and useful measure toward progress. But, in the case of the Missouri State Historical Society, taking the blocks at Elm and South Sixth streets would be a mistake.

Today's Question: Can Missouri make a run deep into March Madness?

Many predict that Missouri can go far this March, including several analysts from ESPN's selection show who said the Tigers have the ability to make it to the Elite Eight, and one who said they have Final Four potential.