The story behind the story of the Missouri Tigers

The Missourian's article Thursday made sense of the many subplots in MU athletics.

LETTER: Health Connection an important outlet for seniors

The Beat: City Council candidates tackle crime, trails

GUEST COLUMN: MU should protect gender identity and expression

A referendum for adding "gender identity and expression" to the non-discrimination policy at MU is set for April 6-8. Include Me MU is also meeting with individual schools within the university since each school each hasthe right to implement further policies for themselves.

El Salvador election suggests end of Latin American coups

The recent peaceful election in El Salvador is just one example of how Latin America seems to be moving away from violent government turnover.

Paul Fisher a true champion for freedom of information

Paul Fisher didn't suggest the Sunshine Week promotion, but he surely appreciated the concept behind it. His work led to knowledge and information regarding journalist access, more specificially through the Freedom of Information Center.

Today's Question: City Council candidates discuss crime prevention ideas

The Second and Sixth Ward candidates discussed their ideas for reducing crime at a forum on Monday.

Downtown area does not make sense for redevelopment

In some cases, eminent domain is a necessary and useful measure toward progress. But, in the case of the Missouri State Historical Society, taking the blocks at Elm and South Sixth streets would be a mistake.

Today's Question: Can Missouri make a run deep into March Madness?

Many predict that Missouri can go far this March, including several analysts from ESPN's selection show who said the Tigers have the ability to make it to the Elite Eight, and one who said they have Final Four potential.

More knowledge of Tasers would help Columbia

A bill proposed in the Missouri House would require Taser users to gain more knowledge about Tasers and would create a task force that regulates its usage.

Today's Question: Is the Willie Smith incident reason to enact a citizen review board?

Smith alleges that police handcuffed him, sprayed him with mace and slammed his head against a police car without first providing him an opportunity to explain himself.

LETTER: Paquin garden needs protection from vandals

Vandalism at the Paquin Park community garden is not right and cannot be allowed to go on.

COLUMN: Failure, the latest 'F' word in politics

Too much focus is given to political extremists like Rush Limbaugh because regular voters are not swayed by that kind of rhetoric. President Obama should learn to ignore the chatterings of his opponents.

Young parent, families shouldn't bear brunt of war's cost

Military recruiters shouldn't be allowed to influence high schoolers into military service, especially when the post-war health care for veterans is so poor.

LETTER: Shelter animals need advocates, not bickering

Bantering over the Central Missouri Humane Society's lackluster facility does nothing to help the animals that depend on it.

LETTER: Post office starts recycling program

The post office in Columbia, along with post offices in Jefferson City and St. Louis, offers a program for customers to recycle their mail.

LETTER: Pre-kindergarten programs deserve bailout

Taxpayer money should go to worthy investments, like children and pre-K programs.

LETTER: Nuclear power an undesirable energy source

Missouri should follow the examples of other states and choose cleaner fuel.

Do Sun-thing: Stand up for Sunshine laws, open government

This week is national Sunshine Week, a time to ponder how average citizens can help keep the government accountable for its actions. Wake up and start giving a hoot.

GUEST COLUMN: Nuclear power can build a balanced energy portfolio in Missouri

Nuclear plants are essential in providing Missouri with consistent power and supplementing renewables like solar and wind power.