LETTER: Pre-kindergarten programs deserve bailout

Taxpayer money should go to worthy investments, like children and pre-K programs.

LETTER: Nuclear power an undesirable energy source

Missouri should follow the examples of other states and choose cleaner fuel.

Do Sun-thing: Stand up for Sunshine laws, open government

This week is national Sunshine Week, a time to ponder how average citizens can help keep the government accountable for its actions. Wake up and start giving a hoot.

GUEST COLUMN: Nuclear power can build a balanced energy portfolio in Missouri

Nuclear plants are essential in providing Missouri with consistent power and supplementing renewables like solar and wind power.

The Beat: School board candidates file fundraising numbers

Columbia Missourian reporter Ben Magnuson talks about how some of the candidates have spent their campaign contributions.

Contextual definitions are everything

Nowadays, what someone says may not always be what they mean. One has to watch out for contextual differences between phrases in order to understand today's political rhetoric.

Today's Question: Do local benefits change your opinion of the stimulus package?

Some stimulus money will be used to build a new bridge in Columbia, but does that change your opinion of the plan?

Global Journalist: World Baseball Classic more than just exhibition play

Tournament brings the sport to the international stage.

LETTER: Support fair balance in funding students through Access Missouri

SB390 and HB792 would provide equal funding for private and public school students. Currently, the former receives an Access award worth $4,600, while the latter receives $2,150, in four-year institutions.

Today's question: Finding common ground with Tasers

For months, members of the Coalition to Control Tasers have worked with the Columbia Police Department to implement new oversight guidelines.

The Big Hurt: Betrayed by icons of baseball, financial world

Many among both baseball fans and taxpayers in America have felt betrayed in recent years by poor decision-making among the powerful to try to gain an unfair advantage.

LETTER: Missouri Theatre should handle ticket sales better

Inconsistencies between the theater's Web site and other advertised prices should be cleared up.

Missouri needs more good old American know-how

As self-sufficiency and individualism gain momentum over larger national chains, MU Extension programs need to be ready to help guide local productions and markets.

Taser debate not likely to go away

The Coalition to Control Tasers says it wants the Columbia Police Department to adopt a strict policy on responsible use.

LETTER: Forsee should reconsider closing Health Connection gym

The Health Connection helps its customers in ways others wouldn't be able to do. The staff there knows the customers and their individual needs, and can assist in structuring an appropriate workout. The gym also helps fulfill University Hospital's "wellness" mission.

LETTER: Nobody wants forclosures

Loans can be extended under certain conditions to avoid financial problems.

Today's Question: Funding stem-cell research

On Monday, President Barack Obama repealed former President George W. Bush's 2001 executive order restricting federal funding on most forms of embryonic research. Interest groups say the new executive order will not end the fight in Missouri, however.

LETTER: America's health care concerns must be addressed

Avoiding the health care issues in this country has economic as well as health consequences. Without changes, companies aren't as competitive as they spend more and more on employees' health care coverage, and the overall economy isn't as prosperous.

Chinese-American relations alive and well in Columbia

In international relations, it's important to remember to focus on the commonalities between countries rather than the differences that separate.

Today's question: Elimination of math and literacy coaches at Columbia Public Schools

Getting rid of those positions will save the district $1,603,250, but will remove specialized help for students.