The Beat: Missouri defeats Oklahoma

Sports editor Greg Bowers and reporters William Powell and Luke Thompson talk about the Missouri-Oklahoma game.

The Beat: The Boone County Courthouse expansion

Local government editor Scott Swafford and reporter Jessica Cherry talk about the project.

LETTER: Racial issues run much deeper than statistical comparison

It is absurdly simplistic to conclude from a comparison of arrest rates that the Sheriff’s Department is doing racial profiling.

Abortion bill is hypocritical

The Missouri House passed a bill that outlaws coerced abortion while essentially mandating that physicians do all they can to coerce women into giving birth.

LETTER: Alice Walker turns blind eye to Israeli losses

Alice Walker's visit to Gaza to see the results of the recent Israeli offensive doesn't take into account that there is devastation on the Israeli side too.

LETTER: Stephens needs to treat its student like adults

Stephens students, who are required to live on campus all four years, will be forced to share rooms next year.

Today's Question: Are you concerned about turnover in school leadership?

With a new superintendent on the way in, the Columbia School Board president and vice president are leaving and two new members will be elected.

LETTER: Media ownership doesn't allow for free market, democracy

Corporations shouldn't have control of democracy.

LETTER: Restructured government would better represent Americans' interests

Instead of sending more troops to the Middle East, America would be better served by a focus on securing its borders. Meanwhile, corporate leaders have too much influence on government, which does not represent the interests of Americans as well as working middle-class leaders would.

LETTER: Leutkemeyer votes against stimulus for Ellis Fischel

A reader wrote a letter to U.S. Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer regarding the stimulus bill and the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

LETTER: Hoppe is invaluable resource to council, Columbia

A reader encourages Columbia residents to vote for City Council members on April 7 and to re-elect Barbara Hoppe.

Today's Question: Should the plans to widen I-70 be presented when no money is available?

The Missouri Department of Transportation is conducting studies and seeking input on adding lanes to I-70 even though there is no money for the project.

Europe's economy doing better than US

The economic crisis in the U.S. has spread to Europe, hitting the poorer  countries of Central and Eastern Europe especially hard. The balance of the EU is strained as it faces the first real economic strain since the introduction of the euro in 1999. Still, Europe's economy seems to be doing better than the U.S.

The Beat: Why food prices haven't fallen in tandem with gas prices

Managing editor Jeanne Abbott and reporter Kyle Schettler talk about the connection between the price at the pump and at the grocery store.

Opinions and rumors -- no matter, both need verification

The Opinion page at the Missourian should require real names behind all opinions and all rumors should be scrutinized.

How should we remedy the trash problem on East Campus?

Trash in the East Campus neighborhood has been accumulating when residents place their bags out early. How can the city help curb the cost of using special pickups when complaints are made?

Columbia Transit system service is lacking, but new committee could help

Columbia's insufficient public transportation will get worse as the city's population grows.

Legislature digging up trouble

Missouri legislature faces scrutiny as it plans this year's budget. Fiscal spending in the past has been irresponsible and extravagant and seems to be making little progress.

It's simple: Don't text and drive

We don't need more laws restricting what we do in the car, but we should use a little more common sense.

AIG should not get a pass

Some of us might not understand how big business operates but apparently neither do some industry executives.