Russia plays political games with natural gas

The gas dispute with the Ukraine shows that there are no easy answers to resolve the issue and that Russia is still trying to control its former territory.

Five Ideas: Distractions for the MU men's basketball team

This week, we ask you to weigh in on Miguel Paul's family ties, chilly weather, stolen street signs, how the UM System is attempting to save money and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

US Airways crash a reminder of why it's good to respect the birds

Landing an airplane in water, as one pilot did in New York on Thursday, is incredibly difficult.

This was a good week for lively community conversations

LETTER: Views on Police Department taken out of context

Citizen clarifies statement about police communications.

LETTER: The Modern Whig Party resurrects American ideals

Modern Whig Party seeks workable solutions based on common ground.

LETTER: Bisphenol A is safe for consumption

The material is one of the most tested substances in food today.

Let our elected leaders have a say in next police chief

The city charter gives the city manager the power to hire and fire, and it also prohibits council members from "interference" in personnel matters. But is "interference" the same thing as useful advice?

LETTER: Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Nothing can justify the Israelis' behavior toward Palestinians.

A properly supported public education is the future of this nation

Ines Segert's decision to send her son to private school is not what is expected of a Columbia School Board member.

LETTER: Luetkemeyer will keep campaign promise to work on affordable health care

The Ninth District congressman signed the pledge in June, and he plans to keep his promise.

Association aims to unite Columbia's black parents

The group wants to support black parents and their allies in helping children achieve at a high level without being exclusionary.

Bulge blogging: Social networking keeps dieting honest

A typical New Year's resolution to be more healthy and lose weight is easier to achieve when friends support your efforts via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking outlets.

LETTER: Luetkemeyer, Congress must do their part to help citizens

Affordable health care and repairing a broken financial system should be Congress' top priorities.

LETTER: How The Sims could change U.S. government

The new administrations at every level could benefit from the Sim-induced creativity  of our youths.

Some change for the better

A short, but meaningful, list of changes for 2009

YOUR TURN: Questions from Gov. Nixon's inaugural address

What are your thoughts on the vision Gov. Jay Nixon laid out for the state in his inauguration speech? How can his goals be accomplished? Share your thoughts.

Multiculturalism comes with a price

The word sounds great on first read, but multiculturalism actually does more to push Americans apart than to bring them together.

It's time for everyone to move on past the racial divide in this country

It's been my experience that people who have not moved past racial divisiveness by now, may never do so, and so those of us who are willing to move on, should keep going.

Fighting in Gaza defies easy answers

Panelists discuss the various sides of the battles in Gaza.