No thanks to Fairness Doctrine part deux

I am heartened by the demonstration of some adult leadership on both sides of the political fence, to include President-elect Barack Obama, who indicated opposition to its reinstatement as late as June 2008.

Awaiting change: Obama's chance to earn his chops

After an election season filled with promises of change, our country is anticpiating a time where stump speech proposals may become the reality of a truly changed America.

Responsibility for world problems is ours

Many people feel hurt and angry because of the economic crisis, which has also resulted in large unemployment rates. This downtown in the economy is related to decisions made earlier, during the escalation and throughout the Iraq war.

Self-discipline, creativity work together to spark new ideas for society

While advances in technology have altered the way we perceive art and information, one has to question whether we are being aided, enthralled or simply over-stimulated.

The sad fall of the American car industry

GM was so successful in the 1950s that the company suspended its advertising and promotion efforts whenever sales volume approached 60 percent of the industry mark. But how could a company of such wealth and even popularity now go so bad and end up in Congress, hat in hand, looking for a handout? Better they should have come with a plan. Shocking they didn’t. The Congress had to tell them what to do.

Economics are not ecology

The economy is built around people and shouldn't be treated as a science.

Tell us what you think needs to change in 2009

Let's get into some specifics about change and talk about ways to improve our local, state and national communities. I hope you’ll accept this invitation to share your thoughts on change in the coming weeks. Pick the medium you’re most comfortable with and share your thoughts. Maybe it’s through a video diary or a podcast. Maybe it’s through illustration or animation. Or maybe it’s via the good ol’ written word. The important thing is to express it.

Fight prevention raises more questions than answers at Hickman High

A cell phone video captured what students and graduates of Hickman High School will tell you what happens too often: a fight between two students being broken up by either a police officer or an assistant principal. In the video recorded on Oct. 15, Officer Mark Brotemarkle can be seen pulling the girls apart and throwing them to the floor, pinning one of them to the ground before handcuffing her.

Count our blessings more than our MU budget

I joined about 20 faculty members on Nov. 21 to hear Provost Brian Foster and Budget Director Tim Rooney, who have the responsibility of drafting next year's university budget, explain some of the challenges they face. The future looks uncertain but grim. Foster, a man who measures his words, described the economy as "incredibly volatile."

Be thankful for hope, if not for the status quo

Filled with war, economic tumult and pollution, 2008 may not have much to be thankful for. But if you retreat, find your own Walden Pond and embrace the small joys in live, you might find the strength to use your single voice, with others, to make a difference.

What is there to be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

War, a dragging economy and life's little problems may have you thinking there is nothing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Three editorial writers argue otherwise.

Former Marine reflects on Corps' courage and sacrifice

During the celebration of the Marine Corps' 233rd birthday, former Marine Karl Miller recalls the tradition of the birthday celebration and reflects on the values that have come to define the Corps.

LETTER: Central Humane Society needs community's help

The nonprofit agency, which has provided a service in mid-Missouri for 65 years, is having difficulty accommodating its growing needs.

Terrariums make unique holiday gifts

Because terrariums recycle their moisture, they can go a long time without being watered. Here's how to make one.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Media shows leftist bias in coverage of e-mail controversy

Coverage of a request by three Missouri media outlets to obtain e-mails from Gov. Matt Blunt's office has been inaccurate and untruthful, the governor's chief of staff says.

Pronunciation: Be comprehensible, not pretentious

Using foreign words and accents will likely alienate those around you.

Poor public schooling creates uneducated voters

Because I am always on the side of the underdog, I have always wanted to be the kind of person who could champion public schools. Unfortunately, most of them have not met up to my expectations.

U.S. signs agreement to remove military forces

By the middle of 2009, all American troops in Iraq will be restricted from active duty unless the Iraqi government calls on their assistance. There are mixed opinions on the likely efficacy of this agreement.

LETTER: Cheney's actions warrant impeachment

An impeachment trial is the best way to uncover all the wrongdoing that Cheney has had a hand in.

A front page suitable for framing

Advertising and circulation revenues continue to decline at newspapers nationwide, and journalists shouldn't feel apologetic when public enthusiasm garners papers a little extra revenue.