Tugging at Katy Bridge could put Union Pacific in troubled waters

The historic structure is a major Missouri landmark, one that will not be let go of easily.

Merrill touched lives as journalism professor

John Merrill stumbled, but he is one of the best journalism professors ever to have taught, advised and mentored students at the J-School.

School district should listen to public concerns

The Columbia Public School District should model good citizenship and find alternative ways of communication with citizens.

Carelessness is not plagiarism

After the cancellation of his Missourian column, John Merrill questions the deeper meanings of plagiarism.

Protests during Air Show are disrespectful to veterans

Although everyone has the right to free expression, a federal appeals court made the wrong decision in allowing protests during the Salute to Veterans Air Show.

Looking back on the past provides peace of mind for the future

In the chaos of war, looking back on good memories is a way to keep sanity and survive hard times.

Global Action to Prevent War seeks alternatives to force and fosters negotiation

The president of the Heartland Chapter of Global Action to Prevent War outlines the goals and strategies of the organization.

Musharraf’s actions create perilous situation

Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s second coup slows democracy and the flow of information to Pakistanis.

Women’s and gender studies is a worthwhile discipline

MU’s new women’s and gender studies department reflects a strong disciplinary core that has developed in this field of study during the last 30 years.

Tigers fans should look ahead, not behind

Older Tigers fans are afraid history may repeat itself this season for the MU football team.

Family's tales are treasured memories

Stories of mayhem and misadventure are often richer and more entertaining than fiction.

Missourian forced to re-affirm its standards — the hard way

The Missourian has ended its relationship with columnist John Merrill after one of his columns was found to have unattributed information from The Maneater.

Peace movement needs agitators to be effective

Agitators are necessary to draw the public’s attention to the cause, but all peace activists should not be lumped into this category.

With friends like Musharraf, who needs enemies?

Trouble arises when the United States abandons its moral principles to side with the lesser of two evils.

Consider options for transportation

The Missouri Department of Transportation's engineers should be considering ways to encourage other ways to get where we need to go.

Quick attack of Sen. Graham’s arrest is a political mistake

The Republican Party’s reaction to his arrest under suspicion of driving under the influence is unseemly and silly, Karl Miller says.

Transplanting trees takes some care

Fall planting is ideal for most trees and shrubs because it allows the roots to set well in the new location before spring growth begins.

Brooker Act is an unnecessary measure that stifles learning

If Rep. Cunningham’s legislation passes, it will pressure educators into representing unacademic and religion-based ideologies.

Moral issues must always be monitored

A bad habit, common to many of us, is the tendency to believe that once we have identified a problem and addressed it, we have fixed it for all time.

New department shows splintering of education

As departments and majors become more specific on college campuses, important information will be left out of the coursework.