EDITORIAL: Making children safer in storms

Our area is far safer than it was almost four years ago. At that time, about 80 percent of the homes hit on May 22, 2011, were without basements or shelters.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Volunteers are our humble heroes

Volunteering isn't only about accomplishing services cost-free. The volunteer often gains something greater than what a paycheck can offer. 

DAVID ROSMAN: Sexual orientation bills show changing moral views

Laws such as Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Missouri's HB 104 are not necessary to protect religious freedom.

CARL KENNEY: Slim margin of victory means more voices need to be heard

Black apathy is difficult to understand given the context leading up to last week's election. 

EDITORIAL: Too many black men sent to death by racially biased juries

Gov. Jay Nixon should appoint a Board of Inquiry to ensure that no person from St. Louis County is awaiting execution because of a racially biased jury.

EDITORIAL: Government should help maximize tax collections

Government should do everything it can to maximize collection of taxes that are legally due.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Spring into action on school board reform

School board elections come and go with minimal disturbance to the establishment. The system, as it is now, invites apathy and increased union control. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Government shouldn't deny food stamps on basis of criminal record

Jill Richardson shares her thoughts on why people with criminal records should have access to food stamps.

EDITORIAL: Lobbyist gift limits are just part of needed reform in Missouri

Large campaign contributions are toxic to Missouri, and the time is right for a citizen’s ballot initiative to limit them. Unlimited gifts from lobbyists make the lawmaking process look tawdry and disreputable. Legislators should pass a bill this year capping or eliminating gifts and closing off obvious loopholes.

DEAR READER: AP's 'big announcement' disappoints copy editors at annual conference

At the annual American Copy Editors Society's national conference, editors from the Associated Press discussed changes to the AP Stylebook — but dropping the distinction between who and whom wasn't one of them.

EDITORIAL: When coverage of sexual assault fails everyone

The issue is not whether students are being sexually assaulted or whether universities are too lenient on perpetrators. It is that journalists must honestly and responsibly cover these complicated subjects.

EDITORIAL: How Ferguson and North Charleston are tightly connected

Both cities have high African-American populations and police departments that don’t reflect the makeup of the population. Black residents in both cities have complained about being unfairly targeted because of the color of their skin.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Achieving diversity must be a priority for new journalism dean

The historical exclusion of blacks is all too apparent when looking at the demographics of today’s student body.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Journalism will be tarnished by Rolling Stone's carelessness

Given the kind of journalistic casualness the writer and the editors engaged in to publish the article about "Jackie," and after reading the Columbia University report, it's hard to believe that any single part of the story is true.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Estate taxes could cover the cost of college tuition

In 19 states, estate taxes raise significant revenue from the wealthiest households and use the money to fund education.

DAVID ROSMAN: Pledge of Allegiance means same in English, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili

HB 499 would require that the pledge be said daily in all schools receiving public funding — but only in English.

EDITORIAL: Missouri proposal would put police videos behind a wall

To obtain a video taken by body or dashboard camera, you would need to hire an attorney and obtain a court order.

CARL KENNEY: Questionable motives behind crowd control at Bob McCulloch's speech

Carl Kenney questions if the invitations to Bob McCullough's speech last Tuesday were warranted.

EDITORIAL: Missouri can learn a lot from Indiana's religious-freedom episode

Religious-freedom laws originally were meant to protect the rights of religious minorities. Now they are unnecessary pandering to the religious majority. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects faith already.

EDITORIAL: Ethics reform makes progress in legislature

Missouri is the worst in the country in terms of ethics controls. So we figure we have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the pending ethics legislation.