LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Finley Gibbs is the right candidate for associate circuit court judge

Finley Gibbs is an expertly qualified and very deserving candidate for Boone County Associate Circuit Judge. He’s exactly the type of person you would want on the bench — a balanced, thoughtful man who knows the law in depth

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote 'no' on the highway sales tax

Highway and bridge building and repairs should be paid for by the people and businesses that use them. If MoDOT needs more money, we should increase tax on fuels.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 'Right to Farm' vague, confusing, one-sided

The wording of the Right to Farm Act raises questions about whom the proposed law protects: Missouri farmers or big ag?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Storm cleanup work was phenomenal

David Wallace's home and yard became a major staging area for crews working to get the power lines back up. He expresses his gratitude for the work the teams did in the aftermath of the July 7 storm.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri needs to think policy, not politics

This year's legislative session provided many more examples of partisanship at its worst, leading to bad law in some cases and failure to get necessary work done in others.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: EPA needs to clarify Clean Water Act for farmers

A number of farmers in Kansas, Missouri and other states are concerned that a pending clarification of the federal act will require them to give up some of their current farming activities or seek the EPA’s permission for how to handle water runoff on their lands.

GENE ROBERTSON: Lack of involvement might be our undoing

Many African-American professionals are a part of the perpetration of injustices against low-income disenfranchised members of their own culture.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Keep your teens safe behind the wheel

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 1,000 people were killed in crashes involving teen drivers and more than 550 of those fatalities were teens.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Colleges have some work ahead to protect sexual assault survivors

Sen. Claire McCaskill has turned a spotlight on sexual violence at colleges and universities. She is working on legislation to help clarify overlapping sex-crime laws and strengthen campus disciplinary proceedings.

DEAR READER: How do you classify a storm? Depends whether you have a room with a (new) view

Monday's storm wasn't the roughest event in Columbia's weather history, but that didn't stop it from knocking out power in the west.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Signs of robust economic recovery are uplifting

The economy added 288,000 jobs this past month and 2.5 million jobs in the past 12, the fastest annual growth since 2006. Still, there are factors that are perhaps cause for worry.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's keep calling deer what they are — wildlife

Thanks in part to the Humane Society of the United States, and real hunters who were offended by the lack of "fair chase," Internet hunting is now illegal in Texas and most other states, including Missouri.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Consider new evidence in case of inmate scheduled to be executed

Regardless of one's perspective on the death penalty, all should concur our society is ill served by executing the wrongly convicted.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Children's plight makes immigration reform urgent

The United States is facing a flood of children seeking safety from violence in their countries. They may be here illegally, but they are still children and deserved not to be treated with such ugliness.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Good luck to Robert McDonald running Veterans Affairs Department

It is hard to ascertain exactly how much difference McDonald can make and how quickly, but he must summon up all his considerable skills and powers to do so.

GUEST COMMENTARY: No one is exempt from a tough pregnancy decision; don't make it harder

If pregnancy isn’t compatible with the woman’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health, then access to abortion is a part of her right to seek full health, to control her destiny.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: We are still a nation of immigrants

America is nation built upon immigrants and the promise of a greater life. We should not be so quick to deny people access to that promise.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Study divides nation into seven groups, but all are proud to be American

The Pew Research Center poll found that while Americans may be more politically divided than ever they are still united by patriotism.

DAVID ROSMAN: Someone else's religious beliefs have no place in a woman's health decision

If the veto is overridden in a September session, it could lead to a slippery-slope for restrictions on other matters, including birth control.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mental health-law enforcement partnership is bonus for state

The initiative contains two laudable goals: decreasing societal costs and treating individual mental health disorders.