GUEST COMMENTARY: Telling the truth about religious violence

President Obama said, at an inter-faith event, that we shouldn’t hold all Muslims responsible for the acts of a relative few. Christianity also has a skeleton or two in its historical closet.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: College students report more stress, less time to socialize

Stress is part of life, and the survey shows it is an ever-increasing part of a student’s life. Too much stress, however, can become overwhelming, debilitating and counter-productive.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri aligned with Alabama on same-sex rights

Alabama has a long history of refusing to acknowledge that federal power trumps state power. Missouri is a relative newcomer to this Civil War-era brand of doing business.

DAVID ROSMAN: IBM layoffs are another sign of civic blindness

The City Council seems to be choosing big business over the citizens of Columbia with increased frequency. Whether it is about IBM or Opus, the council has been ignoring the needs of the 130,000 residents of the city.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for Ferguson Commission to rally the region

Help a community that is dealing with rising violence, a lack of empathy, continuing distrust between police and the people they serve, and the distractions of daily life.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Major parties face bumpy road to 2016 nominations

Ever since the modern political process made running for president a four-year job, this is the time when potential candidates started making their public moves. So how are the two parties' races for the nomination shaping up?

GENE ROBERTSON: Claim Black History Month for action, as well as celebration

Rarely are contemporary issues given contemporary attention, despite the vast belief that few of the old issues have been resolved. They have just been masked.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Obama adopts anemic position on terrorists

The Obama administration continues in its own policy-free zone of doing just enough to avoid international condemnation and too little to make an impact.

GUEST COMMENTARY: GOP hopefuls discover the curse of running for president

Long before any real voters cast ballots in a real election, candidates for president face a "media primary" conducted in full public view that carries risk for White House wannabees.

DEAR READER: Searching for stories in a losing season

Losing is a drag. Writing about MU's losing basketball season requires creativity.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: For MU recruit Beckner, big opportunity means heavy load

College sports have become big business, with athletes providing the grunt work.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Governor should commute Storey's death sentence

Missouri could use the money it spends pursuing death sentences on crime prevention tactics and victims counseling.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion makes sense for Missouri

Medicaid expansion could benefit 50,000 Missouri adults through community treatment programs providing behavioral health services.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion is a matter of life and death

The approximately 300,000 Missourians who don't qualify for Medicaid face devastating hardships.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Slashing the IRS budget only helps tax cheats

Critics attack the IRS for making mistakes, darkening the public’s view of it. That gives political opportunists a chance to lobby successfully for cuts. A smaller budget virtually guarantees future mistakes by a cash-strapped agency.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Cut crop insurance support and protect taxpayers

President Barack Obama has put forth an intriguing idea to reduce federal subsidies for crop insurance.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Catherine Hanaway channels her inner Todd Akin

Catherine Hanaway has made several outrageous comments about women, liberals and child pornography that bring to mind former U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments in August 2012.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Measles outbreak is pending public health crisis

Comments suggesting that parents should "choose" whether to vaccinate their children are a rejection of irrefutable science about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lifeline for poor and middle class finally crosses political lines

Income inequality, long a fundamental concern of Democrats that President Obama has seized as his current theme, is being recognized by some GOP leaders as a major national issue that deserves a solution.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Obama has lame excuses for opposing Keystone pipeline

This oil is going to the market, one way or another — either to Nebraska to link up with other pipelines on its way to refineries in this country or to Canada's western coast and then to China.