WHAT OTHERS SAY: O'Fallon gets serious about distracted driving

O'Fallon City Council passes a law that bans texting-while-driving for everyone.

DEAR READER: Racist acts and Ferguson counterprotests in Rosebud

When does legitimate protest cross over to hate speech? What's a journalist's role in labeling these acts?


ROSE NOLEN: One winter long ago: Cold winds, warm neighbors

A chilling breeze brings cold breaths and warm memories of a winter long past.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Soldiers over schoolchildren prioritized by Gov. Nixon

A special legislative session should be called for to prioritize children and education, not just to give corporations tax breaks and cut pensions.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No 'consensus' on Prop 2 on November ballot

I would express that it seems erroneous to say there was a consensus and further to call into question the thinking that supports an idea that REDI is in a position to weigh in on these kinds of issues that are going to the vote.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coverage of factory farming risks appreciated

Members of the Friends of Responsible Agriculture express gratitude for Missourian coverage on concentrated animal feeding operations.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The system must be changed

If it had not been for protesters blocking traffic, showing up to malls, boycotting Black Friday and disrupting life as usual, we would not be seeing President Obama talking about legislation to de-militarize the police.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Belated steps to enforce Title IX seem to be a good start

Although MU has pledged itself to "prompt investigations" and "timely action" regarding sexual harassment and assault, the university continues its search for a permanent Title IX coordinator.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Public servants should listen to constituents

If after all, your position contrary to public demands is simply the case of an unreasonable hubris (i.e. “I know better”), then you may go the way of others.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: FAA approach to drones threatens important uses

A new proposal on commercial drones is expected to require operators to have a pilot's license for a manned aircraft. Operators also would be required to keep the drones in sight at all times.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Immigration order and eligibility for benefits

By extending certain rights to people who immigrated to the U.S. illegally, President Obama is getting closer to letting them obtain insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

STEVE SPELLMAN: A powder keg like Ferguson could happen almost anywhere

 Much has been said about racism, poverty, police aggression, the breakdown of law and order, but there's more at work here.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pretrial prisoner release plans seem to be working

Franklin County could become the next Missouri county to adopt a pretrial prisoner release plan, which would ease crowding conditions at the county jail in Union.


DAVID ROSMAN: Ferguson conversation needs to move on — to education, economics, race and trust

GUEST COMMENTARY: Legislature can raise fuel tax with a public vote

Using 1 percent of previous state revenue as a cap, the legislature can collect an additional $84 million or so in fuel taxes next year, writes Joseph Miller, a policy researcher at the Show-Me Institute.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hungry children live and starve close to home

While the logic of not wasting food might escape many 5-year-olds, the worry about wasted food is a real one. Food currently comprises 20 percent of what we put into landfills.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: State workers need a raise before lawmakers do

The case against the pay increases rests on two arguments — one based on comparative fairness, the other on the principle of public service.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Thankful for transparency in Missouri

Missouri is doing OK in regard to the government data it provides citizens. The Missouri Accountability Portal, began in 2009, helps keep citizens informed about how money is being spent.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Race. Let's start talking about it

More than a century after Emancipation, progress has occurred grudgingly, mostly because of courts, federal intervention and activists who wouldn't go away. What didn't happen was economic equality.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: America needs solid new defense secretary

America needs better from its leaders as the Obama administration looks for its fourth Defense secretary in six years. There is too much danger in the world.