WHAT OTHERS SAY: Obama has lame excuses for opposing Keystone pipeline

This oil is going to the market, one way or another — either to Nebraska to link up with other pipelines on its way to refineries in this country or to Canada's western coast and then to China.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pay raises for legislators pose a quandary

Most legislators were compelled to reject the pay raise for themselves to avoid public criticism and scorn. But if a filibuster beyond deadline may mean lawmakers receive a pay raise without even voting for one. 


STEVE SPELLMAN: Winter road trip reinforces the importance of family

Despite a brutal drive and a bitter forecast, a reunion in Nebraska was a welcome weekend for all.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Protect state's seniors from financial fraud

Proposed legislation would provide financial industry professionals with resources, including training, to identify signs of cognitive decline.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Avoiding vaccinations is shortsighted and dangerous

Despite scientific studies and myth debunking, some people still believe vaccines are not necessary.

GUEST COMMENTARY: When most lawmakers can't agree, the country suffers

The 114th Congress is 80 percent male, 80 percent white and 92 percent Christian while the America it represents is composed of 51 percent women and is 60 percent white and 60 percent Christian.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Life is short; don't beat yourself up

Valentine's day can be a day of self-loathing, but people can change that tradition this year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Is it too late to save America's wilderness?

President Obama will ask Congress to increase environmental protections for millions of acres of pristine animal habitat in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Opposition from lawmakers is already gathering steam.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: University president seeks to end Missouri's race to the bottom

Tim Wolfe is tired of elected officials failing to tell voters the truth, so he’s taking his message directly to the people.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't expect Cuba to embrace change overnight

According to the Miami Herald, despite the change of tone from inside the White House, there are three major obstacles preventing calm waters between the United States and the island nation of Cuba. 

MARK SELIG: Alden's legacy highlighted by growth, but missteps should be more than just footnotes

Missouri athletics director Mike Alden became a divisive character because of his myriad successes and failings.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri should manage its aircraft fleet more efficiently

State Auditor Tom Schweich released a statement that the state could save money by consolidating its fleet of aircraft used to fly Gov. Jay Nixon, commission members of various state agencies and other officials across the state.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't let funding run out for Missouri's children

For the cynical Republicans in Congress, it’s all about dismantling the Affordable Care Act and undermining President Barack Obama’s most significant domestic achievement.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: We need legislation requiring students to pass civics test

Missouri state legislators are pushing for a mandatory civics exam for all Missouri high school students. Ignorance of civies indicates a deficiency in education and threatens informed participation in representative government.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ethics reform gets silent treatment in Mo. Legislature

Some people want to do something about Missouri’s weakest-in-the-nation ethics laws, but not many.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cheating for advantage in sports has become the rule

Is there any length to which certain players, coaches, and administrators won’t go to gain an unfair advantage?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Crowded candidate field bodes well for Republicans

Today, the GOP is stuffed to the gills with varying ideas and varying kinds of talent. Republicans have a chance to let a crowded field winnow itself down to a few clear and coherent choices.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time to provide relief for crushing student debt

Today, student loans are nearly impossible to discharge in a bankruptcy proceeding, but many students have such high loan amounts they believe they will have problems paying off those loans.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to overcome state laws that ban gay marriage

If opponents of gay marriage stopped and listened to themselves — really listened — the moral decency that they cite as their motive would compel them to stop.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: President and his family must be kept secure

That Monday's drone crash was a mishap, and not an attack, was a blessing. But it was not a sign of competent policy.