EDITORIAL: Corrective action must follow Justice Department’s report on Ferguson

If the Justice Department recommendations are followed, Ferguson can become an example to other cities of good policing, where all lives and public safety truly matter.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let's hope the Ferguson report sparks change

The Department of Justice report highlights the complicated history of race relations in the United States, just at a time when our problems in that area are very evident. But, then, that's hardly a coincidence, since problems with race relations are constantly part of our lives in America.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 9/11: Watching history unfold in the press

MU senior Lindsey Davison writes that newspapers provide students with the opportunity to seek knowledge and formulate their own opinions in a nurturing environment.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Learning about today puts the past in context

The Newspaper Association of America Foundation found that children who read newspapers in school and at home are 78 percent more likely to grow up to be readers than children who didn't.

GUEST COMMENTARY: What happens in the world affects everyone

MU senior Andrew Hodsgon writes that reading newspapers during his youth helped him gain a window to the world from his Pennsylvania home. He writes that if more young people read newspapers, then perhaps it will help them to become "good citizens." 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Civic education leads to critical thinking

A report produced by the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools has found that discussion of controversial issues and current events in the classroom is more important than ever.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Scuffle over roll carts leads to healthy civic debate

The proposed hybrid system could suit most customers, with a pay-for-what-you-toss option that seems efficient and equitable.

EDITORIAL: Trusting Iran is a risk, but it's one worth taking

Although Netanyahu argued that there is no significant difference between Iran and Islamic State, it's possible to accept Iran's willingness to negotiate on nuclear weapons.

EDITORIAL: Felons can own weapons under gun rights amendment

A Circuit Court judge in St. Louis last week ruled that because of the passage of Amendment 5 last November, Missouri law banning felons from owning guns is now unconstitutional.

EDITORIAL: Keystone veto will hurt Obama and won't stop the project

Completed, the pipeline would have given the U.S. more ready access to oil from Canada, an ally, and perhaps less need for oil from the likes of Venezuela, whose leadership disdains this country and whose currency is in tatters.

EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton should not have official channels with emails

She's not the first government official to be caught conducting the public's business through private channels, but she may well be the most willful violator.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri Republicans must change their tactics

Missouri Republicans are ideally positioned to devour their own. The state has no contribution limits, and it has a wealthy individual, Rex Sinquefield, who will spare no expense to elect candidates to support his causes.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Lack of compromise hinders international trade

You would think that an issue so obviously beneficial to the American economy would command wide bipartisan support. But you would be wrong.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Republican leaders wake up to need for taxes

Sadly, GOP governors seem wedded to trickle-down economics that relieves the wealthy of income taxes and burdens the middle and working classes with higher sales taxes and less disposable income.

EDITORIAL: Medical use of drugs is for relief, not recreation

Legislators now are considering a proposal by Rep. Dave Hinson, R-St. Clair, to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

DAVID ROSMAN: Tom Schweich's death must be a wake-up call

Something must be done about the lack of mental health professionals to handle an increasing number of successful and attempted suicides in the state.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New federal food guidelines are a bold move

“A healthy dietary pattern,” a draft from the Department of Health and Human Services says flat out, is “lower in red and processed meat” and “low in sugar-sweetened foods and drinks and refined grains.”

EDITORIAL: Remembering Tom Schweich, 1960-2015

He believed in honesty, integrity and good government. He may not have looked like a giant, but he might have become one.

DEAR READER: Linguistic malfeasance in the shortest month

Although a mere 28 days, the month of February was filled with lessons about linguistics.

EDITORIAL: Missouri women shouldn't let mixed signals take away from real problems

Wage discrepancies, a dearth of child care centers, higher poverty rates and a lack of adequate health insurance are all issues that affect Missouri women.