EDITORIAL: Lawmakers should move cautiously on drug-related bills

Three proposed bills concerning drugs were reviewed in the Missouri Capitol last week — some would tighten drug restrictions, others would loosen them.

DEAR READER: The Missourian gets a new publisher, David Kurpius

The recent announcement of David Kurpius taking over as dean of the School of Journalism has a big impact on the Missourian, but also on all of MU.

EDITORIAL: Blunt, McCaskill choose politics over addressing global warming

Even though the world just concluded the warmest winter on record, and even though conservative and liberal economists alike agree that a carbon tax would be the most effective way to cut carbon emissions before it’s too late, your two U.S. senators are taking care of parochial interests back home.

EDITORIAL: Your tax refund may be in the hands of criminals

The IRS delivered $5.8 billion in fraudulent refunds in 2013, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office. Much of the money was claimed by identity thieves filing multiple returns with stolen Social Security numbers.

EDITORIAL: Don't create new tax credits until program is reformed

As state lawmakers ponder expanding the number of tax credits and deductions that Missouri families can claim,  legislators should first consider capping existing tax credit programs.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Sizing up the hopefuls in the First Ward

The question of which candidate would best serve not only the ward but the city as a whole must be answered by considering a mix of experience and personality. To me, three are most appealing.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Betsy Peters will put the Sixth Ward in good hands

Judith Miles, a physician in Columbia, shares why she believes Betsy Peters should be elected as Sixth Ward councilwoman.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kennett for Boone Hospital trustee

Jerry Kennett is running for a seat on the Boone Hospital Board of Trustees.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re-elect Darin Preis to School Board

Judi Privitt, an educator with Columbia Public Schools and a member of Columbia Missouri National Education Association, shares why Darin Preis should be elected for Columbia School Board.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Betsy Peters has skills for City Council

Columbia resident Wayne Brekhus supports Betsey Peters for Sixth Ward City Council.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Betsy Peters will represent her neighborhood well

David Leuthold of Columbia supports Betsy Peters for the Sixth Ward council seat because she is a neighborhood activist and owner of rental properties on East Campus.

EDITORIAL: Much ado about Missouri's state symbols

We have a state tree and a state invertebrate, and a state game animal is part of pending legislation. One legislator thinks we've gone too far.

DAVID ROSMAN: Unintended consequences of the gun-rights amendment are now biting us

Amendment 5 makes owning a firearm an "unalienable right" for Missouri residents. But columnist David Rosman writes that the bill could allow felons and teenagers to get firearms, and he worries that a new proposal, based upon a statute in Kansas, may take Amendment 5 a step further.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Crisis of public trust should doom ballot propositions

A no vote on propositions 1 and 2 is a positive action, calling a "time out" to allow us to regroup, restore public trust and get our community back on track.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: As a teacher, I support Darin Preis

Darin Preis' devotion to the community, children and teachers is why he must remain on the board.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Sixth Ward needs Betsy Peters

Betsy Peters will thoughtfully listen, research and vote for what she thinks is best for our community.

EDITORIAL: Fulton public schools apologizes for ill-advised lesson plan

Middle schoolers were asked to reveal private information to teachers and peers, upsetting some.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Government to shrink carbon footprint, save tax dollars

Uncle Sam will cut its carbon emissions by 40 percent over the next 10 years while ramping up renewable energy; the equivalent of taking 5.5 million cars off the road.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Fair trade is a racial justice issue

Hundreds of jobs could disappear from cities like Ferguson if the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade and investment pact gets through Congress.

EDITORIAL: Calling a doctor's bluff on Medicaid hypocrisy

Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, is going to have to end his hypocritical charade, and vote on the bill that promises so many Missouri senior and disabled citizens who want what people like them have in the 29 states that have expanded Medicaid.