WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't let funding run out for Missouri's children

For the cynical Republicans in Congress, it’s all about dismantling the Affordable Care Act and undermining President Barack Obama’s most significant domestic achievement.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: We need legislation requiring students to pass civics test

Missouri state legislators are pushing for a mandatory civics exam for all Missouri high school students. Ignorance of civies indicates a deficiency in education and threatens informed participation in representative government.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ethics reform gets silent treatment in Mo. Legislature

Some people want to do something about Missouri’s weakest-in-the-nation ethics laws, but not many.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cheating for advantage in sports has become the rule

Is there any length to which certain players, coaches, and administrators won’t go to gain an unfair advantage?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Crowded candidate field bodes well for Republicans

Today, the GOP is stuffed to the gills with varying ideas and varying kinds of talent. Republicans have a chance to let a crowded field winnow itself down to a few clear and coherent choices.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time to provide relief for crushing student debt

Today, student loans are nearly impossible to discharge in a bankruptcy proceeding, but many students have such high loan amounts they believe they will have problems paying off those loans.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to overcome state laws that ban gay marriage

If opponents of gay marriage stopped and listened to themselves — really listened — the moral decency that they cite as their motive would compel them to stop.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: President and his family must be kept secure

That Monday's drone crash was a mishap, and not an attack, was a blessing. But it was not a sign of competent policy.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Wiping out an Ozarks stream deserves more than a wrist slap

After repeated environmental offenses in Missouri, Tyson still gets off relatively easy after killing more than 100,000 fish

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Take public school funding out of a power struggle

Nixon has proposed "record funding for K-12 education," with a $129 million increase to the funding formula. That claim is deceptive because all but $50 million of the increase hinges on the legislature expanding Medicaid eligibility limits.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: What the wealth gap means to every American

In voting for our political leaders, we can select candidates who show us they understand the implications of this widening wealth gap and are prepared to do something about it.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hard workers deserve a living wage

The minimum wage is a poverty wage. While 20 states have raised their minimum wages this month, those increases will not be enough to reach realistic living wages.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Marijuana reform works elsewhere, can work in Missouri

Just as many who did not use alcohol saw the shortcomings of alcohol prohibition, many who will never use marijuana can see that our present policy is foolish, counterproductive and doomed to fail.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The state of the state of Missouri? Losing ground

Missouri finds itself near the bottom of rankings by states in numerous measures: funding for education, highways and mass transit, social services and medical assistance. Only corporate welfare seems to thrive.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cancer may be 'bad luck,' but we also make choices

Is a lifetime of eating organic food, getting plenty of exercise and doing every other good thing you’re supposed to not enough to protect you?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri is not prepared for its aging population

Missouri's General Assembly should act sooner rather than later when it comes to preparing for the incoming "silver tsunami" of Medicare beneficiaries.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let degregulation level the playing field for Uber, other taxi companies

Fewer limits on Kansas City's taxicab industry could help it compete with encroaching   ridesharing companies like Uber.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Skirmishes leading to open warfare in the state Capitol

"Rising tide of cynicism" regarding Missouri government may be deserved.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Recreational marijuana points in wrong direction

A comparison to alcohol is not a compelling reason to legalize another mood-altering substance, which experience has shown creates problems and is difficult, if not impossible, to repeal.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: When the death penalty hits close to home

Lisha Gayle, a former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, was robbed and murdered in 1998, and her killer is currently on Missouri's death row.