JILL RICHARDSON: Watch out for the toxic chemicals in camping gear

In a life full of risks, stay a little safer by avoiding flame retardant chemicals.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to step up and help protect your neighborhood

This year marks the 31st installment of National Night Out, a partnership among residents, law enforcement officers and Neighborhood Watch groups.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Job applicants lack fundamental skills, but schools aren't the only ones to blame

Employers in Kansas City can't fill jobs because applicants can't read or write, and the responsibility for that falls on everyone.

DEAR READER: Why I'm throwing away NFL team's T-shirt

A racist team name makes a former favorite T-shirt a necessary addition to the garbage pile.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to ground high-flying lottery officials

As the Missouri Lottery sends less money to schools, officials are flying across the country on public contractor's dime.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Promising start to the school year, on several fronts

MU's enrollment is the highest ever, with the highest ability freshman class ever, and the Tiger's football season is off to a good start. However, a gray cloud still looms.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Setting the record straight on home-care wages

Eleven dollars an hour is not only fair to vendors in the home-care program, it is a step on the path toward a truly fair wage for home-care attendants.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: CVS takes bold stance and drops tobacco products

When CVS announced its plans, company leaders said the sales of tobacco, and its harmful and widespread effects on people, contradicted the company's broader mission in delivering health care.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The high cost of journalism in dangerous places

Journalists have died in dangerous places for as long as newspapers and war correspondents have existed. The Committee to Protect Journalists says 1,073 journalists have died, worldwide, since 1992.

TIM MAYLANDER: Gun culture leads to more shootings, police militarization

Make no mistake about it: Incidents like the one in Ferguson are the price America pays for having the Second Amendment in our Constitution and fostering a culture of guns throughout our nation. And that culture is growing.

DAVID ROSMAN: Home health care workers are not fairly compensated

President Barack Obama and many of his supporters have suggested $10.10 per hour as a fair working minimum wage. But caregivers need to be paid better if we want more than simply adequate care for our disabled and elderly.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tolls on I-70 could be solution to MoDOT's funding problems

If the state would toll Interstate 70, both passenger and commercial vehicles would pay to use the interstate based on their size and distance traveled.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Ignoring due process an injustice to college students

Real sexual crimes should be prosecuted in real courts by law enforcement professionals. It's an imperfect system, but faculty tribunals are a joke.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Iowa proposes dropping bar exam for state law graduates

Graduates of Drake University and University of Iowa law schools who intend to practice in Iowa would be granted a "diploma privilege," meaning they would be exempt from taking the exam.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Marking milestone 57 years after Brown v. Board of Education

Arkansas' capitol city was seen as a moderate Southern metropolis, and Gov. Orville Faubus was regarded as more progressive than the firebrand segregationists who dominated states such as Mississippi and Alabama.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Cameras, deadly force and another incident in St. Louis

The use of deadly force is complicated, and officers under stress often can't recount the exact details of a situation. Cameras are the best way to keep cops and the public safe.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support for Canine Cruelty Prevention Act should remain strong

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation hopes bill gains support and is not misinterpreted.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri must stop subsidies to illegal day cares

Missouri fails its children when it continues to provide millions in subsidies to unlicensed day care providers without direct oversight or inspection. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: A plea to give U.S. workers something to cheer about

Labor Day is a call to action to renew the working class.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Buddy Packs fill hunger gap for kids, but not enough

More resources are needed to provide enough weekend meals for students who rely on free or reduced-price meals at school.