GUEST COMMENTARY: Americans are starting their days with better food

In the last quarter of 2014, Kellogg’s morning foods division experienced an 8 percent drop in sales, the division’s seventh straight quarter of decline.

EDITORIAL: Missouri Promise is right path for economic gain

Why does Missouri fall behind every one of its neighbors in education? Because legislators think investing in education, while good, is not as good as raising taxes is bad.

EDITORIAL: Shooting of police officers clouds Ferguson reform effort

The nonfatal shootings in Ferguson on Thursday brought a violent end to a day that otherwise produced a step forward, as embattled Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson stepped down from his post.

DEAR READER: Ferguson, OU haven't cornered the market on hate

The Oklahoma fraternity video triggered another round of discussions on racial discrimination. Although miles separate the event from Columbia, it might be misleading to assume Columbia is an island of tolerance for the rest of the country.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roll carts would be costly and unworkable

Those who faithfully compost and recycle plastic, glass, cardboard and paper don't deserve an expensive switch to accommodate those who do not, said Carolyn Doll.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re-elect Darin Preis to School Board

Philip G. Peters said Darin Preis brings a positive, can-do attitude to the Columbia Board of Education.

EDITORIAL: Human rights sanctions will hold violators accountable

In Venezuela, once a proud democracy, Obama's executive order to freeze assets and ban visas after acts of violence will put bullies on notice that there is a price to pay for their actions.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Mayor makes plea for consensus on Columbia's growth

Listening to Mayor Bob McDavid, one wonders how many student apartments downtown is too many student apartments downtown. And how tall is too tall?

EDITORIAL: Switching to permanent daylight saving time could be confusing

Under a proposed constitutional amendment, Missouri residents would switch to daylight saving time in March 2017 and never switch back. If nearby states don't do the same, we'd be stranded in a sea of different time zones.


EDITORIAL: More progress needed to bridge the digital divide

Most of the world's 7.2 billion people still do not have access to the Internet, though a growing number are living within reach of wireless networks.

EDITORIAL: Court case could cause 223,000 Missourians to lose health insurance

Should the court decide King v. Burwell for the plaintiffs, the 8 million Americans who bought subsidized health care through the federal exchange will see insurance costs increase by an average of 250 percent, and most will drop out.

DAVID ROSMAN: Don't use public money to fund private education

There are multiple problems with vouchers, the least of which is the very real possibility that the money will go to support religious education, something specifically prohibited by the First Amendment.

EDITORIAL: Finally, good news about the pallid sturgeon

The Missouri Department of Conservation's hatchery near Sweet Springs was the first in the nation to successfully spawn and rear pallid sturgeon in captivity.

EDITORIAL: Widespread support may not sway legislators

Last year, Gov. Nixon vetoed a bill to allow local governments to ask the state-operated Local Government Employees Retirement System to take over older retirement plans. The Senate approved the bill 33-0 Thursday and advanced it to the House.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Making a case against roll carts

Columbians resist a system that is more complex, slower in pickup and aesthetically ugly. Plastic roll carts require more work. They need cleaning and moving to and from the driveway and necessitate additional storage by the city and by every home, many of which lack garages or even driveways for placing roll carts.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The stakes in King v. Burwell are unreasonably high

Many Republicans see this case as an opportunity for the chief justices to redeem himself after a vote making the insurance mandate legitimate. 

EDITORIAL: Panic-for-hire versus Stan Kroenke and the Rams

A consultant says the Inglewood, California, stadium project would be an attractive terrorist target and shouldn't be built. 

EDITORIAL: Corrective action must follow Justice Department’s report on Ferguson

If the Justice Department recommendations are followed, Ferguson can become an example to other cities of good policing, where all lives and public safety truly matter.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let's hope the Ferguson report sparks change

The Department of Justice report highlights the complicated history of race relations in the United States, just at a time when our problems in that area are very evident. But, then, that's hardly a coincidence, since problems with race relations are constantly part of our lives in America.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 9/11: Watching history unfold in the press

MU senior Lindsey Davison writes that newspapers provide students with the opportunity to seek knowledge and formulate their own opinions in a nurturing environment.