DEAR READER: Terrorists spread, not suppress, Charlie Hebdo's free speech

Charlie Hebdo's cartoons are seen 'round the world now. And the assassins found out that you shouldn't bring a gun to a pen fight.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Robust economy showcases flaws of government spending

The private sector does a much better job than government of allocating scarce resources for maximum benefit.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mario Cuomo governed by inspiration to help and persuade

Few people of his generation had the capacity of Mario Cuomo to convey the struggles of the American people with such eloquence and passion.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Former public servant takes on city with justice in mind

Bill Weitkemper is pursuing the self-assigned mission of repeatedly insisting that the managers of our water, sewer and electric utilities are levying unfair charges and not following the rules spelled out in city ordinances.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A wish for 2015: Choose common ground over division

Of late, Americans tend to use their disagreements to drive wedges between themselves rather than seek the common ground that can bring us together.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Better things for city to do than strong-arm Uber

Discovering that Uber's innovative concept appears too much like bloody anarchy for legacy systems, cities are learning to compromise. That's not happening yet in Columbia, though.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time to prod legislature to rein in lobbyists

It is the unrestricted and unlimited money that ethics laws need to address in Missouri.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Obama system of ranking colleges may stumble

The Obama administration has pledged to avoid simplistic comparisons that don't reveal the real value of a college education. That's to its credit, but so far, the ratings appear to oversimplify complex information and compare too many apples with oranges and bananas.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On taxes, Missouri's neighbors raise the stakes

Missouri lawmakers deserved applause for finally getting a tax cut across the finish line in 2014, and make no mistake: Support for tax relief has never been greater in the Missouri legislature than it will be in 2015.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Class warfare rules on U.S. airlines

“Calculated misery,” the airlines technique for gathering more money from passengers, depends on oppressing people for its success.

Remembering Rose Nolen

Rose Mary Nolen, a Missourian columnist for 17 years, died of cancer Thursday in Sedalia at the age of 79.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A novel solution to Missouri's I-70 problem

Iowa's bottle recycling program might provide Missouri with a way to pay for rebuilding Interstate 70.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Finally, equal treatment for cancer patients

Past inequity occurred because oral chemotherapy was considered by insurance companies as a pharmacy benefit, which may require higher payments by patients. Intravenous medication, however, was characterized as a medical treatment eligible for lower co-pays among patients.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri could lead by ending vengeance

With 10 executions to Missouri's credit in 2014, it’s a disgraceful record for Missouri, one of 32 states that still retain the outrageously expensive, unreliable and immoral system of capital punishment.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Protect yourself when gas prices go up again

When it comes to propelling our vehicles there are an increasing number of energy alternatives available, and some of them are less expensive – and less damaging – than our predilection to gasoline.

GUEST COMMENTARY: End the Cuban embargo for good

Cubans have a ready explanation for the economic hardships they experience. The failure of Communism? Nope. They blame the U.S. embargo.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Programs for offenders are giving back

The Department of Corrections reported that its garden program set a record for 2014 by donating 180 tons of fresh produce to local food pantries, shelters, churches, nursing homes and school districts throughout Missouri.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Economy seems to be thriving. Thanks Mr. Obama

The gross domestic product, the key measure of the size of the economy, grew 5 percent in the third quarter, confirming that the nation’s economy is rapidly expanding.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: How Kansas blew a $279 million hole in its budget

Just a few years ago, Missouri legislators were heralding Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's aggressive tax-cutting agenda. Now he's scrambling to keep the state running.

DEAR READER: Missourian writer takes a turn at stand-up comedy

Joke possibilities sometimes pop into my head while I am lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. I have an iPhone notes document filled with roughly two-dozen premises and possible punch lines. But they’re farther from being game-ready than they appear.