GUEST COMMENTARY: Republicans short of strategy before fall elections

The latest debate among party insiders is whether GOP House and Senate candidates should produce a document like the Contract With America that tells voters what to expect if Republicans win full control of Congress.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New EPA standards give kids a fighting chance

The director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign writes that we are the last generation with "the chance to turn the corner on climate disruption."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Wait until facts are in to judge Sgt. Bergdahl

No matter the ifs and buts about how Bergdahl came to be under Taliban captivity, information known to this point shows he basically was a prisoner of war.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Soldier's return raises significant concerns

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Calling the bluff on legislative favors and sweetheart deals

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Veterans should have flexibility with medical care

DAVID ROSMAN: Small tax breaks add up to big losses in vital services

Rosman argues that the state's new tax-reduction deal will likely average less than $35 per person and adversely affect the bottom line of an already austere state budget.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 10 reasons to vote down the transportation sales tax

There is a lot of juice behind the three-quarter-cent state sales tax increase proposal, which would result in the largest tax increase in state history. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time for the state to get tough with Tyson

Tyson has an environmental legacy in Missouri that includes 20 violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The introduction of a chemical in Clear Creek is the latest issue.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Governor's tactics are alarming and ineffective

It's time the governor works with the legislature on budget issues, as well as other important legislation, rather than ringing alarms after the fact.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Prayer can have a place at public meetings

The most recent legal challenge was filed by two non-Christians who contended the prayers at public meetings in a New York state town should be more generic or diverse.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Climate change is real, and it's hurting us

Guest commentator Johann Bruhn writes about the consequences of climate change and urges readers to take action to save the planet.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Another run at solving execution issue

Attorney General Chris Koster's suggestion that Missouri make its own lethal drugs is grim and should not be seriously considered.

DEAR READER: Missourian site is ending its time paywall and moving to surveys for revenue

A program through Google will present short one- or two-question surveys before users can read a story. If you are a member, you won't see any surveys.

DEAR READER: Helping readers navigate style changes in the news

The Missourian editors will be examining changes to the Associated Press Stylebook and deciding which to implement with its own style. If you have a revision for us to consider, please send it along by Friday.

DEAR READER: A wreck on the road hits home

Photos from a motorcycle accident prompted strong reactions from some readers.

ROSE NOLEN: Ugliness in the world? I'd rather not talk about it

Nolen says are many things to feel bad about, but wasting time thinking about them constantly ruins your outlook on life.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Lack of basic information puts city in twilight zone

Confusion and misinformation complicate important community conversations on infrastructure, and even the most basic facts on issues such as water treatment and electricity are elusive.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: We interrupt the news for a short comment about naps

Studies have proven the effectiveness of napping, and new products have been designed to help people sleep in public.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Change Washington football team's name, end insult

The nickname is patently offensive, and 50 U.S. senators have sent a letter to the NFL saying as much.