DEAR READER: That Washington team's name? You make the call

Redskins is an offensive term. Others might disagree, but that's not the point: The context is. Using the R- word casually serves no good purpose. Using it to engender debate and understanding does.

GUEST COMMENTARY: KOMU outlines reasons for not settling with DirecTV

Simply acquiescing to DirecTV's demands would do significant harm to KOMU's viewers and its educational mission.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Celebrities draw attention to social ills but mask deeper issues

We're mistaking moralism for morality. The real systemic sins are hiding inside the latter. Yet the cycle spins on.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: At least one American city has sensible gun laws

The right to bear arms is not unlimited. Washington, D.C. has gun control laws that should be emulated in Missouri's cities.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Conservatives, Common Core critics put ideology above facts

You hear opponents' criticism and you have to ask yourself, are these people stupid or just ignorant? Or, considering that they’re seeking membership in a legislative majority so conservative it no longer listens to Kit Bond, are they cynically mouthing words they don’t really believe?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Governor needs to veto 72-hour abortion bill

This bill tells women in no uncertain terms that we are thought to be incapable of making responsible decisions about our own bodies and our own families.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Rich are growing exponentially richer

The concentration of wealth is more extreme than you might imagine. The 400 richest Americans possess combined assets of over $2 trillion — as much wealth as all 41 million African Americans.

DAVID ROSMAN: Columbia needs general aviation to improve its airport

City government views commercial aviation as the ideal way to increase traffic at the Columbia Regional Airport, but other options such as a flight school or private planes for short-haul trips could boost use as well.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Jay Nixon and the summer of 176 vetoes

Missouri's failure to pass a Medicaid expansion bill is a crisis — one that demands bold moves from its governor, writes the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mom was right: The 'five-second' rule does apply

Scientific studies have found that the potential risks of eating food that falls on the floor are minimal.

ROSE NOLEN: Texting while driving — dangerous for everyone

In Missouri, the texting while driving ban applies only to drivers under the age of 21, but it's not just young drivers that are easily distracted by their cellphones.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Climate change is no longer up for debate

The IPCC panel warned that the planet is indeed warming, that humans are primarily responsible and that we are not anywhere near prepared for the dire consequences.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ameren rates are likely to go up

Ameren hasn't disclosed the exact amount of the rate increase yet, but company officials are making the case for more revenue in a more aggressive public relations campaign than we've seen in a while.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: E-cigs aren't cigarettes and need their own regulations

E-cigarettes can help with smoking cessation and should be regulated similar to other "nicotine replacement pharmaceutical products."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Wildlife, wind energy collide at pristine Missouri refuge

A planned wind-power project near the Squaw Creek refuge is creating a collision of environmental values and causing alarm among people who believe those giant tri-bladed turbines pose too great a risk for eagles, migratory fowl, bats and other flying species.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The sad myths of the superfood industry

So-called superfoods usually are good for you, but variety is the key to a healthy diet. So is eating whole foods. And most whole foods provide wonderful health benefits.

GUEST COMMENTARY: As with much in America, commencement becomes a political issue

Until recently, commencement speeches were just part of the routine. Now, they're part of the partisan divide. Speakers across the spectrum are getting "uninvited."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon must veto 72-hour abortion bill

Gov. Jay Nixon, who has passed on a couple of previous opportunities to jump into the abortion wars, must do so now. He should veto the appalling bill finalized late Wednesday.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pain and frustration at the gas pump

America's oil boom is delivering broad benefits, but not necessarily at the pump. The good news is that oil analysts say gasoline prices probably peaked for this year in late April.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Legislature's greatest failure is inaction on Medicaid expansion

The Missouri General Assembly did both too much where it didn't matter and not enough where it did.