GUEST COMMENTARY: Supreme Court has lousy record on safeguarding individual rights

Rutherford Institute founder John Whitehead keeps reminding us of brazen Supreme Court violations of the Constitution during this and past administrations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Facebook practices become increasingly creepy

In secretly manipulating the information on users' news feeds, as part of an experiment on social media's emotional impact, the company has gone too far.

DAVID ROSMAN: Extreme right puts two-party system into serious jeopardy

The GOP will be further split, if the tea party Republicans continue to try to gain power through strong-armed tactics and threats. To stop the right wingers from gaining any more traction, moderates from both parties must be mobilized.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Religious exemption sets a disturbing trend

The full implications of the decision, which ruled in favor of employers who do not want to include contraceptive care in their company health plans, as required by the Affordable Care Act, will not be known for some time.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: To get climate change message across, talk about beer

Warmer temperatures could negatively affect taste, and, ultimately, the price, of your favorite brew.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: After 50 years, battle for civil rights is not over yet

After two months of debate, including filibusters by Southern senators, President Lyndon Johnson on July 2 signed the legislation — legislation that is viewed, 50 years later, as the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Voters should scratch lottery amendment on August ballot

Missouri has a responsibility to properly fund services for veterans and also to prepare children for a bright future. It shouldn't be placing good causes into competition with one another for gambling funds.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hobby Lobby decision could snarl legal system

We agree with the majority's decision, but we share Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's uncertainty of what the future might bring. There are a lot of religions out there with a lot of different beliefs. And some of those beliefs are pretty far out of the mainstream.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Child Development Laboratory offers great service for price

The Child Development Laboratory is a fully licensed and accredited child-care facility in the state of Missouri and provides high quality child care to community members, faculty, staff and students alike.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Extra credit for Brazil, but not the grand prize

Is it really fair to consider not cutting down big swathes of rainforest as a positive action?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Court should send dangerous gun amendment back to legislature

Amendment 5 would add ammunition and gun accessories to constitutionally protected status. It would make these new rights “unalienable,” and require the courts to apply “strict scrutiny” to any challenges to gun laws.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: GOP raises childish bickering to new heights

What Missourians need is an adult discussion on sensible state spending; what we are getting is childish bickering.

DEAR READER: Ask, and you will find yourself in the Indian Ocean

Slow news days beget curiosity, and executive editor Tom Warhover has quite a few questions he would like answered.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote no on Right-to-Farm amendment

Five reasons to vote against amendment includes that it will remove most local governments’ ability to stop foreign companies from polluting and contaminating our land.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A challenge to the Missouri GOP: Do the math

Somewhere between empty statements about “fuzzy math” and the $1.1 billion that Mr. Nixon has cut or withheld to balance the budget is the truth.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Holy Chutzpah! St. Louis takes on the state's gay marriage ban

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch calls on Missouri Republicans to challenge their party's platform against gay marriage.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Turns out walking is the solution to aging well

Steve and Cokie Roberts write about their family's walking habits and about traditions around the world.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Congress finally takes a stand on the NSA

Last week, the U.S. House finally took action against the NSA by defunding two of its most invasive surveillance practices.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Too many airline controllers asleep at the switch

The FAA needs to sit down and develop a new schedule for air traffic controllers that reduces fatigue on the job and increases flight safety.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Gun, data amendments would hurt law enforcement

These two proposed amendments to the Missouri constitution are almost certain to drag the state into costly court battles, the Kansas City Star writes.