GEORGE KENNEDY: Determined attorney needs a little help from his friends

Stephen Wyse is trying to appeal a civil rights case to the U.S. Supreme Court and is reaching out to 100,000 people to sign a petition.

DAVID ROSMAN: Bad idea — an abortion bill that would give fathers more rights than mothers

HB 131 would require "the written consent of the father of the child before an abortion can be performed, with certain exceptions."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Education Department needs change of direction

President Obama is asking for a system to recognize colleges that excel at enrolling students from all backgrounds, focus on affordability and help all students graduate within a reasonable amount of time.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Be careful, be watchful, be safe

No fatalities were recorded during the New Year’s counting period last year. With planning, good judgment and luck, that could happen again.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: College students will suffer without Medicaid expansion

We need to stop making the assumption that college students are always on their parent or guardian’s health insurance plan.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support city ordinances; e-cigarettes are not safe

Studies have found that e-cigarette users are significantly less likely than non-users to stop smoking.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: EPA should kill New Madrid Floodway project, once and for all

Trying to tell the Mississippi River where it can’t go, particularly in the unpredictable era of climate change, is truly a fool’s errand. Mother Nature always wins.

GUEST COLUMN: Living with anxiety has taught me compassion

A Missourian staff member shares her personal journey with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.

DEAR READER: Never too late to add to store of knowledge

As journalism graduates enter the next phase of their careers, they would do well to heed my father: You're not finished yet.


Rose Nolen has ended her column, would love to hear from readers

Nolen was a Missourian columnist for 17 years.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need aggressive policies to keep youth from smoking

By disrupting the supply chain of tobacco in high schools, we can help keep it out of the hand of young people.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lessons from Colorado about legalizing marijuana

Tribes have every right to adopt regulations to legalize the sale and cultivation of marijuana, but they should move cautiously

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Higher education is important, but its methods are obsolete and expensive

Taxpayers wonder why one well-qualified professor couldn't teach thousands of students at far less cost per student in high-tech classrooms and why textbooks can't be free, online and included in the cost of tuition.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion is most pressing need in Missouri

People are dying unnecessarily from delayed access to care because Missouri has not acted.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Stan Kroenke is far too silent on the Rams

Rams' owner Stan Kroenke owes it to the team's fans and local taxpayers to declare his intentions. You trade in public loyalty and benefit from public dollars, you owe the public some answers.

DEAR READER: Try your hand at reporting accurately and ethically

Beware: Ethical chasms open at every turn when you play "Decisions on Deadline."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Don't pay for more preschools when enough already exist

Research on the benefits of early childhood education has yielded mixed results. Even those studies showing significant benefits of preschool expansion touted by Gov. Jay Nixon as “proven” are subject to criticism.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri is not a great place to be a woman

Nine percent of Missouri seniors live in poverty, and two-thirds of them are women.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Treat your Christmas tree as a fire hazard

The National Fire Protection Association reports, between 2003 and 2006, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 240 house fires each year that started with Christmas trees.

TIM MAYLANDER: New York City shootings highlight disparity between police, minorities

Many people are comparing the deaths of two New York City police officers with those of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice. But the situations behind these events aren't the same, and the discussion is twisting people into picking sides in a senseless fight.