GUEST COMMENTARY: Scott Walker gets a few lessons on pre-campaign trail

In London, the governor of Wisconsin and Republican presidential hopeful wanted to talk about cheese, but his audience wanted to talk about sticky topics.

GUEST COMMENTARY: If your armed neighbor is angry, move

What kind of country do we live in, where it’s legal for a man to bring a weapon to a noise complaint? Or a parking dispute?

EDITORIAL: Most voters want government to cut spending

So deep is American support for government to rein in spending that even boosters of the military, a traditionally strong area, do not come through unscathed.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Some leaders take climate concern more seriously than others

Polls show that the American people — including a majority of Republican voters — overwhelmingly want the government to take climate action and promote clean energy.

EDITORIAL: Stingy legislators strike again with petty bills

HB 129 would charge inmates to visit the infirmary. Since the state pays a flat fee to medical providers, this won't save any money.

EDITORIAL: Missouri highways a wreck waiting to happen

There may not be enough state money to qualify for Missouri’s share of federal highway funds, which means the federal gasoline taxes Missourians pay at the pump will end up going to other states.

EDITORIAL: Packing heat on campus — so many things could go wrong

Gun advocates have identified a new scene where bans on firearms must be lifted: college campuses, but the idea has deadly potential.

EDITORIAL: Rebuke for Obama's immigration order is justly deserved

Despite wide support of a generous immigration policy, a judge's decision in Texas demonstrates that Obama's political whims are the wrong way to get there.

EDITORIAL: Virtual schools not a quality option for Missouri

Virtual or cyber-based schools are a topic of legislative discussion in Jefferson City, but with no accountability from the state's department of education or motivation to learn from students, they're not a solution.

DEAR READER: The weather from Planet Boone is much more than a forecast

No green screen, no Doppler radar, no five-day forecast graphic — the forecast from Planet Boone is the Missourian's John Schneller at his campfire best.

EDITORIAL: U.S. needs long-term, realistic energy strategy

After serious tank-car crashes, the country needs to encourage rapid development of an integrated network of modern, safe and more efficient underground pipelines to carry the energy we rely on.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama's use of BuzzFeed to sell health care is political future

This is the new media universe at work, and any candidate for president in 2016 who doesn't understand and utilize this universe will be at a huge disadvantage.

EDITORIAL: Attacks on Missouri Conservation Department miss their mark

Punishing a respected department when state legislators don't get their way is mean and short-sighted.

EDITORIAL: Strikes against Islamic State must be contained

President Obama has made it clear that we are not engaged in an attack on Islam, nor are we committed to "long-term, large-scale ground combat operations" against the Islamic State.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Plastic bag ban would impose punishing rules

Ideally, ban proponents would show real leadership through education and advocacy to make environmentally friendly bag use the cultural norm, instead of imposed by law.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislator's bill hurts, rather than helps, middle class, local governments

HB-865, a proposed bill that would prevent towns from raising the minimum wage, could inhibit the middle class as well as those in lower economic classes.

EDITORIAL: UMKC learns hard lessons about college rankings

Chancellor's public apology for trumped-up ratings in the School of Management was welcome but belated.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider staggered four-year terms for representatives

If newly-elected representatives must start fundraising so quickly after their election, why not help relieve the problem by staggering their terms in office.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 2016 presidential race is already looking ugly and expensive

We need a system where everyone participates and everyone's voice is heard. We need to ensure that everyone knows who is trying to buy influence in our elections and government.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Student loan forgiveness is a shell game

Buried in the White House budget is a $21.8 billion writedown on the government's student loan portfolio that no one seems to want to mention — perhaps because taxpayers can expect more red ink to come.