GUEST COMMENTARY: State Criminal Code revision would provide critical tools for public safety

The Criminal Code revision that is currently being debated in the General Assembly modernizes antiquated statutes, harmonizes numerous duplicitous provisions and gives us an important new tool in the form of a fifth felony class.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Medical marijuana — how effective is it?

In matters such as medical marijuana, public preference polls should take a back seat to real research into the medical benefits and negative side effects of marijuana use.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Raising the minimum wage is no kindness to low-income workers

Minimum-wage earners made up 3 percent of the U.S. workforce in 2012. According to a policy analyst with the Show-Me Institute, raising the minimum wage could cost them their jobs.

GEORGE KENNEDY: In the wake of TIF rejection, city officials weigh the next move

I was surprised that only Michael Trapp joined Mayor Bob McDavid in supporting the proposal. In retrospect, I overestimated the appeal of a device that would have used the increased tax revenue from new development to pay for the necessary sewer, water and electricity upgrades and underestimated the influence of a strongly negative reaction from the vocal segment of the public.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Abstinence-only is not enough to equip teens with sound information about sex

Abstinence-only sex education does not educate teenagers about the benefits of using contraception and leaves them ill-equipped to deal with the reality of teenage sexual activity.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion will keep communities healthy

Medicaid expansion makes fiscal sense, and it will bring billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: Let's find practical ways out of student-loan debt

Columbia represents MU, Stephens and Columbia colleges, one community college and a number of private for-profit institutions. It is time that U.S. Rep. Vicki Hartzler, R-Mo., take a stand for students and alumni by adding her name as a co-sponsor of H.R 532.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Jumble of proposals seeks to undo 'the damage of Obamacare'

Some Republicans are no longer trying to repeal Obamacare and instead are proposing ways to deal with its problematic parts.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Governor, legislators wrestle priorities over tax cuts

Gov. Jay Nixon announced he will sign a tax cut — a move that he vetoed last year — if state legislators agree to approve tax credits and increased school funding.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tax cuts, Medicaid expansion key to Missouri business success

Missouri lawmakers can grow state employment if they pass measures to expand Medicaid and cut taxes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: State database would curb prescription drug abuse

The federal Office of National Drug Control Policy characterizes the abuse of prescription drugs as “a serious public health and public safety problem.”

WHAT OTHERS SAY: John Boehner spares the GOP another black eye

The time to address spending is not after the money has already been spent and the bills are due. Cuts should be made up front. And the government should pay its debts.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Complex regulations on business stifle the local economy

Insurance broker Wally Pfeffer writes that he has encountered many business owners who have a hard enough time making ends meet without the added logistical and economic pressures of complying with multiple and oftentimes redundant regulations.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The cold truth about Atlanta's epic traffic jam

It’s not just the risk of an Atlanta-style fiasco that should concern the millions of people who live in other car-dependent communities. It’s also the toll of their day-to-day experience.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Peoples' Visioning addresses energy needs in Columbia

People's Visioning successfully designed a Net-Zero home being built by Habitat for Humanity and is now looking at other renewable energy sources for Columbia.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Even the NRA opposes latest Missouri gun bill

It’s odd to find ourselves on the same side of gun issue as the National Rifle Association. Of course, the NRA is against it for all the wrong reasons, but in the spirit of togetherness, let’s ignore that.

DEAR READER: Amid the news of Michael Sam, a titan in Columbia passes

Wynna Faye Elbert spent a lifetime giving voice to those who were otherwise voiceless. It is ironic that her life story was buried in the public conversation this week by news of Michael Sam’s coming out.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: National Guard recruiting fraud needs full accounting

Sen. Claire McCaskill's committee should not stop investigating Army fraud that involved illegal recruiting bonuses until those at the upper end of the hierarchy have paid a price for failing to honor the uniform and protect taxpayers from fraud.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: War on Women targets health care decisions

More than 20 health bills filed in the state Legislature since Jan. 8 aim to prove that women aren't smart enough to make health care decisions on their own, a reader writes.


DEAR READER: Too many Americans didn't read in 2013

Even though more Americans opted for e-books than ever last year, nearly 25 percent of U.S. adults didn't read a single book — in print or on screen.