GUEST COMMENTARY: Retail workers should get to enjoy Thanksgiving, not be forced to work it

Our capitalist craze to get the best deals has spawned a new shopping holiday: Grey Thursday. Or, as it's more commonly known, Thanksgiving Day. People choosing to go shopping on a national holiday is one thing. Retail employees being forced to work it is another.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ferguson paid a high price for mistakes by governor, prosecutor


There are many brave and decent people in Ferguson and elsewhere who still want to turn the horrors of Brown’s death into something good and lasting. But it has not happened yet.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Laws needed to prevent suicide among veterans

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Dust has settled after immigration order, now let's solidify it

It's important for the nation to focus on the opportunities that Obama's executive action makes available, opportunities for those immediately affected and for the nation at large.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why CEOs earn salaries bigger than company taxes

Last year, 29 of the 100 highest-paid CEOs made more in personal compensation than their companies paid in federal income taxes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A bill in Congress would finally give artists a percentage of sales

In one famous incident recounted by NPR, the artist Robert Rauschenberg confronted the collector Robert Scull, who had just sold for $85,000 a work that the artist had sold to him for $900.

DAVID ROSMAN: A reasonable, humane approach to illegal immigration

On this Thanksgiving week, some of those who have come to this country undocumented, in many cases unwillingly as children, are being given a chance to live the American dream without the immediate threat of deportation.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The grand jury said no. St. Louis must make the most of it.

Confirmation bias is a big problem for democracy. We owe it to each other and to society to keep an open mind, to seek out facts instead of relying on our beliefs. But this doesn’t play so well on Twitter and Facebook. They don’t call them “followers” for nothing.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Real steps toward new Fulton State Hospital are encouraging

Building a new state psychiatric hospital is necessary both for treatment of patients and the safety of staff.  Advances in society continue to reveal the benefits of diagnosing, understanding and treating mental health issues.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Downtown park for Royals in K.C. is long way in future

Although Kauffman Stadium was renovated in 2009, there are talks of building a new Royals stadium in downtown Kansas City.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: No legal status granted to immigrants, just work permits

Despite outcry from the right, Obama's executive action protecting some undocumented immigrations is reflective of presidents before him. Since the mid-1950s, every president has issued executive orders granting immigration relief, including Republicans. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: The poor and hungry look a lot like you and me

Despite moral-high-horse predictions, when Florida tested welfare recipients for drugs, only 2.6 percent tested positive — far less than the 8 percent of Floridians overall who use illegal drugs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Congress needs to finish job of immigration reform

President Obama's executive action is not enough to fix our country's broken immigration system.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: After scandal, Koster raises the bar for Missouri's ethics with new rules for himself

Attorney General Chris Koster's self-imposed ethical guidelines are a move in the right direction for ethics in Jefferson City. Now the Missouri legislature needs to step up, too.


DEAR READER: How Columbia responds to Ferguson grand jury

We know there will be a decision in the killing of Michael Brown. We don't know whether Columbia will use the event to move forward or to just move on.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Gov. Nixon got it right with Ferguson Commission

Ferguson Commission can be a step to repairing ignored race relations in St. Louis.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Illnesses linked to raw milk argue against wider sales

There has been debate in Wisconsin about the sale and consumption of raw milk. With 38 people recently becoming sick in Durand, Wisconsin, 26 confirmed by consuming raw milk, the opponents of raw milk sales argue against broader sale of the milk.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Peggy Kirkpatrick's reach has extended far beyond the Food Bank

Longtime Food Bank members observed Kirkpatrick's legacy not with a retirement party but with, more appropriately, an appreciation party.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lapse in DNA testing is maddening reality in rape cases

Cyrus R. Vance Jr., Manhattan's district attorney, has set out to repair this ugly lapse with a plan to help prosecutors nationwide do DNA tests.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Latest sign world is slightly off-balance — cat cafes

Cat cafes, which started in Taiwan and Japan, are coffee shops where you can go to play with cats while you enjoy a hot beverage.