WHAT OTHERS SAY: Push for more pre-K education has state, nation on right track

The National Governors Association embraces the idea of spending more federal money on early childhood education while urging the federal government to give states flexibility in how they spend the money.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Small gestures yield happy neighborhoods

It’s easy these days to dwell on the world’s cruelties, or to yield to the isolation of technology. Curbside kindnesses remind us that sharing is alive and well.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Gun lust is costing us our freedom

No one is less free than a man, woman or child who must live in fear of death.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Plan to ease student debt was good idea with sloppy execution

The amount of outstanding student loans soared past the trillion-dollar mark several years ago, an amount greater than either credit card debt or auto loan debt.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 100 days after Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared, more questions remain

Flight MH370 is Malaysia's nightmare in more ways than one. Unprecedented in aviation history, it challenges the ingenuity of a small, economically emerging nation.

DAVID ROSMAN: Gov. Nixon should veto religious 'liberty' bill

Rosman argues HB 1303 could create problems for instructor oversight and could create the perception that a school is sponsoring a particular religion.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tax breaks seriously threaten quality of state services

If Republican leaders try to override special-interest tax break vetoes this fall, Nixon must be prepared to slash proposed spending for state programs as early as next month.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: New immigration crisis looms in wake of drug violence

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Oh, deer: Will we hunt 'livestock'?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Find a solution for child abuse in Mo.

GENE ROBERTSON: We must demand accountability

Accountability is the responsibility of all parties involved, and should not be only considered at the end of the situation — it should be a process explained when an idea is conceived.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Transportation sales tax is inequitable, inconsistent, ill-advised

This matters because lower-income residents pay a higher proportion of their incomes in sales tax but use the highways less than average. Meanwhile, the truck operators who stand to benefit greatly from road investments hardly would be impacted.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Holding graduation in a church seems harmless

Using a church sanctuary for the comfort and convenience of students and parents on a big day in their lives is not an endorsement of the church's religious views.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Dining in Europe can be safer than in the U.S.

Europe is much stricter than our country about what kinds of chemicals get into the food chain. Europeans don’t find many — if any — artificial dyes in their food. They can also rest assured that their cows aren’t shot up with artificial growth hormones. Regulation did that.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Right to Farm is a waste of time

Changing the state constitution to give extra protection to an industry that has had its way in Missouri since the founding of the state shuts consumers out completely.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon's vetoes: Good for the state, not an economic roadblock

The governor contends the measures will punch a $425 million hole in the state’s budget, as well as diminish revenues for local governments. Proponents of the measure should respond with facts about the financial repercussions.

DEAR READER: Spending 'beach reading' afternoon with Justin Bieber, really

There are plenty of candidates for leisure reading this summer. First up is something that certainly fulfills that "not-so-complicated plot" requirement for a beach read.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: World Cup overshadowed by discontent with power politics

For many in Brazil, a country with a long love affair with fútbol, not to mention more than its share of World Cup victories, the costs are just too much.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon should veto gun bills that increase likelihood of violence

If Gov. Jay Nixon fails to veto the two gun bills on his desk, Missouri is likely to experience an uptick in gun violence. The bills would make it more difficult for police officers to protect themselves and the public.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Take a look at Plan B, which could help solve the city's problems

Petitions threaten to overturn City Council development actions, but downtown zoning and overflowing sewers are issues the public and the council should agree on.