DEAR READER: It's time to stem tide of disappearance of 'about'

Breaking the so-called rules of language seems to be happening with more frequency. It would be much more effective if the rules were broken on purpose instead of misusing words out of ignorance.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Sen. Claire McCaskill's college tour gives sexual violence deserved attention

The Missouri Democrat hopes her proposed Campus Accountability and Safety Act can pass Congress in 2015.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time for Missouri to take the Sunshine Law seriously

A report released earlier this week by Auditor Tom Schweich shows transparency violations throughout Missouri. Attorney General Chris Koster must press the case all over the state that the Sunshine Law is a valuable accountability tool for citizens.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Sexual violence finally has attention of those with influence

Sen. Claire McCaskill said at a meeting in Columbia Tuesday morning that she thinks MU “has turned the corner.”

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri needs tax cuts, not tax breaks

If the economic environment is "ripe" for incentives, then it is also ripe for broad-based tax cuts.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: R.I.P. Saturday morning cartoons

The CW Network, the last bastion of Saturday morning cartoons debuted a five-hour package of educational and informational shows. No longer are there cartoons on network television.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Another layer of protection against Ebola makes sense

Air travelers are screened in West Africa before they are allowed to leave their countries. Still, the American health care system needs to react with greater vigilance when cases of Ebola do reach this country.

STEVE SPELLMAN: You can't legislate morality, in either direction

Political activist Jennifer Bukowsky made important points about Republicans stepping back from legislating moral issues, including gay marriage and marijuana laws.

DAVID ROSMAN: Urging mass resignation is misguided way to oppose the president

Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn just wrong-headed in urging U.S. generals to resign as a protest to President Obama's foreign policies.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Learn the symptoms of mental illness, promote understanding

One of the main messages of Mental Illness Awareness Week stresses spotting indicators of illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia with the goal of timely intervention in mind.


GENE ROBERTSON: Support for Fire and Police departments should be voted on separately

Voters must become better informed and active if we want our taxes to address our needs rather than the needs of politicians and administrators.


ROSE NOLEN: Friends don't like friends who tattle and gossip

When someone doesn't know when not to tell everything they know, it's no wonder that they have few friends. Others, though, know just how to handle those sorts of people.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Supreme Court decides gay marriage issue by declining to decide

The middle-ground reading of the court's action is that gay marriages must be allowed in other states in the judicial circuits from which the five cases originated. The broadest reading is that the debate over gay marriage is over.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Dallas exposes the weak link in the Ebola fight

The effects of the communication breakdown in the case of the Ebola patient in Dallas continue to ripple outward.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hunters urged to look for evidence of missing persons

It must be devastating to deal with the unanswered questions and unknown circumstances that surround the disappearance of a loved one. Hunters can — and have been known to — solve those riddles and help provide answers and closure in missing persons’ cases.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Undermining health care can't conceal its success

Missouri is one of only a few states that does not review health insurance rates. Potential health care customers here don't know which companies are offering plans, what benefit options are available or how much it will all cost.

JILL RICHARDSON: Do your kids a favor — give them a chance to pick apples

Whether you munch on apples, carrots, celery or peaches, you're doing your body a favor whenever you simply eat fruits and veggies. When it comes to getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetable, apple picking is the ultimate low-hanging fruit.

DEAR READER: 'Go Naked Babies!' and other tales from Kewpieville

Of all the Tigers and Lions and Bears of this world, there might just be only one loveable doll of a mascot, and she (he?) lives right here in Our Fair City.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: As Eric Holder resigns, a confusing legacy as attorney general

Holder, the nation's first black attorney general, fiercely defended civil rights, but his treatment of civil liberties and refusal to prosecute the bankers behind the 2008 financial crisis leaves much to be questioned.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: U.S., extremists are not playing the same game

The U.S. needs to focus on women's education in the long-term battle against extremists.