WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's keep calling deer what they are — wildlife

Thanks in part to the Humane Society of the United States, and real hunters who were offended by the lack of "fair chase," Internet hunting is now illegal in Texas and most other states, including Missouri.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Consider new evidence in case of inmate scheduled to be executed

Regardless of one's perspective on the death penalty, all should concur our society is ill served by executing the wrongly convicted.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Children's plight makes immigration reform urgent

The United States is facing a flood of children seeking safety from violence in their countries. They may be here illegally, but they are still children and deserved not to be treated with such ugliness.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Good luck to Robert McDonald running Veterans Affairs Department

It is hard to ascertain exactly how much difference McDonald can make and how quickly, but he must summon up all his considerable skills and powers to do so.

GUEST COMMENTARY: No one is exempt from a tough pregnancy decision; don't make it harder

If pregnancy isn’t compatible with the woman’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health, then access to abortion is a part of her right to seek full health, to control her destiny.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: We are still a nation of immigrants

America is nation built upon immigrants and the promise of a greater life. We should not be so quick to deny people access to that promise.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Study divides nation into seven groups, but all are proud to be American

The Pew Research Center poll found that while Americans may be more politically divided than ever they are still united by patriotism.

DAVID ROSMAN: Someone else's religious beliefs have no place in a woman's health decision

If the veto is overridden in a September session, it could lead to a slippery-slope for restrictions on other matters, including birth control.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mental health-law enforcement partnership is bonus for state

The initiative contains two laudable goals: decreasing societal costs and treating individual mental health disorders.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A useful diet tip: Fruits and veggies have calories, too

“Eat all the vegetables and fruit you want, but you have to cut out more calories from other foods,” to lose weight, study author David Allison, associate dean for science in the UAB School of Public Health, told the Website

WHAT OTHERS SAY: After middle school, extreme quest for popularity doesn't pay off

The main thing everybody should take away from researcher Joseph P. Allen's study is timeless: The only lasting form of popularity is based on confidence, benevolence and individuality.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gov. Nixon did right thing to veto abortion bill

Columbia’s Sen. Kurt Schaefer and Rep. Caleb Rowden both voted in favor of this harmful bill, which requires women to wait three days after their first meeting with a provider to access abortion services.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU School of Medicine committed to diversity

The students who shared their stories and experiences are to be commended for giving voice to a nationwide challenge.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Compassion should be a forefront of immigration efforts

Congress should support enhanced border enforcement by giving Mr. Obama the $2 billion he has requested to further bolster efforts during the crisis.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Cheap shrimp in U.S. depends on slave labor abroad

Shrimp is America’s No. 1 seafood. In fact, we eat far more shrimp than our other two favorites, tuna and salmon. For consumers, cleaning up our shrimp act doesn’t have to mean giving up shrimp entirely — but it does mean doing a bit of homework.

DEAR READER: What Angela Anderson taught us about journalism, trauma

In following up on the story of Angela Anderson's family coping with the loss of two children, our newsroom learned a valuable lesson.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking care of veterans is a nation's responsibility

For generations, the Department of Veterans Affairs has managed an excellent system. The failure to provide medical services to some of our nation’s veterans is unconscionable, but the VA is not the only option for veterans seeking medical care. If all states expanded Medicaid, nearly half of the nation’s uninsured veterans would have access to health coverage.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Job creator says Missouri legislature wrong about Medicaid

Mr. Taylor’s letter isn’t a prediction of something hypothetical. It’s a real letter from a real CEO laying out how Missouri’s legislature has chosen to be a job killer.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Supreme Court has lousy record on safeguarding individual rights

Rutherford Institute founder John Whitehead keeps reminding us of brazen Supreme Court violations of the Constitution during this and past administrations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Facebook practices become increasingly creepy

In secretly manipulating the information on users' news feeds, as part of an experiment on social media's emotional impact, the company has gone too far.