WHAT OTHERS SAY: Start of schools signals change in traffic patterns

A new school year means students will be walking, biking and boarding buses — creating activity on and around roadways that motorists haven’t seen or encountered in months.

DAVID ROSMAN: On the brink of marriage equality, and perhaps, understanding depression

Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s DOMA decision in June 2013, the courts have agreed that the various bans on same-sex marriage are an apparent violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Columbia's parking dilemma will work itself out without unnecessary mandates

I raise a big red flag on parking requirements, which actually mandate that a greater amount of increasingly limited downtown real estate shall, by law, be car parking facilities.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Debt continues to be a problem for many Americans

More than 35 percent of Americans have been reported to credit agencies for unpaid debts, according to the institute. Certainly some of those involve debts that are in dispute, but most are bills that Americans can't or won't pay.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't like politics? Disengaging is no solution

A new Associated Press-GfK poll indicates Americans are frustrated by politics, and neither party is trusted much to manage government.

ROSE NOLEN: Politicians need to pay attention closer to home

Politicians do not take the time to explain to young people how politics affects their lives.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More leverage needed to fight factory farms

Factory farms bankrolled Amendment 1 so they can impose their unsustainable system of agriculture across Missouri.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Shooting death in St. Louis and lack of due process

Perhaps the tragic death of Michael Brown will spur a little political will.


GUEST COMMENTARY: MoDOT vastly overstates its need for funding

If the federal government continues to maintain current support, Missouri officials only need to ensure that the state has matching funds for transportation needs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Well-meaning company's campaign sends women mixed messages

Ads for products targeted to women perpetuate the very lack of confidence that the new Pantene commercial tells us to fight. As we drive profits for companies like Proctor and Gamble, which makes Pantene, the shame and self-loathing we feel for our bodies is toxic to every part of our lives.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Protesters at Planned Parenthood help no one

Each time I work, I face a group of people on the sidewalk, just behind the “No Trespassing” signs, the ones put up to keep these people from approaching those using the health care services of the clinic. How much better their time and efforts would be if they were truly involved in those services that reach out to children in dire straits and needing homes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop Opus from building an unnecessary student housing complex

The Opus student-housing complex is not needed and will add pressure to an already overwhelmed sewer system in downtown Columbia.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: In Missouri, child care costs too much, delivers too little

In a perfect world, the state and the federal governments would help families by further subsidizing the cost of child care, by licensing facilities so a standard of care is established, and by regulating the quality of care.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't let Congress cut Medicare funds for in-home health care

A proposal to slash Medicare reimbursement rates could end up costing the government substantially more if in-home health care providers are forced to go out of business.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Election results point to this: We hate taxes and are conflicted by much else

Missouri is still a farm state, but we’re grappling with just what that means these days. We worry about protecting our privacy even as we give it up on social media. In Boone County, of course, we’re a little more progressive; but any tax increase is still going to be a hard sell.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Voters want better ideas before funding transportation projects

The task for Mayor Sly James and city leaders now is to figure out how to make the funding for a streetcar extension palatable to more voters.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Election reveals continuation of disturbing trends

The indicators from Tuesday’s primary are more disturbing than encouraging. Issues defeated on both the state and county levels indicate government continues to suffer credibility problems.


DAVID ROSMAN: Immigration reform package neither helpful nor humanitarian

“Just kick them out” is not an answer. It is a reaction to the influx of new and younger immigrants traveling to the U.S.

GENE ROBERTSON: We all lose when we're not inclusive

There are too many instances of discrimination in the sentencing of persons of color,  as well as in other prejudicial behaviors in our communities.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Questionable tactics used to boost rankings at UMKC

The rankings may have deceived students and parents and appear to have played a role in the receipt of a major financial gift.