WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon must veto 72-hour abortion bill

Gov. Jay Nixon, who has passed on a couple of previous opportunities to jump into the abortion wars, must do so now. He should veto the appalling bill finalized late Wednesday.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pain and frustration at the gas pump

America's oil boom is delivering broad benefits, but not necessarily at the pump. The good news is that oil analysts say gasoline prices probably peaked for this year in late April.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Legislature's greatest failure is inaction on Medicaid expansion

The Missouri General Assembly did both too much where it didn't matter and not enough where it did.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Stop playing politics with women's reproductive health

Instead of infringing on a woman's right to make her own family planning decisions, lawmakers should spend their time working on a Medicaid expansion proposal.

GUEST COMMENTARY: It's box turtle season: Keep a lookout on roadways

Turtles are struck by cars throughout the warm months, but they are at special risk at this time of year, when they are moving around looking for mates and establishing home ranges.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Unruly Medicaid rally was an ineffective way to lobby

An estimated 300 group members, including area pastors, participated in a rally at the Capitol to encourage Medicare expansion. Their voices expressed both passion and frustration.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tax cut isn't disaster predicted by the governor

The tax measure that will now become law over Gov. Jay Nixon's veto is not anything like the deep tax cut plan enacted in Kansas. It is markedly less ambitious than the plan offered a year ago in Missouri.

ROSE NOLEN: Journey after desegregation has been slow and rocky, but also steady

Racism cannot be changed with a simple court ruling, but rather requires a consistent desire for a better society.

DAVID ROSMAN: Expansion of gun rights could have dangerous consequences

There are too many questions concerning this joint resolution. It is as if the gun lobby decided that if we are to be a true “conservative state” we must do away with any common sense law concerning firearms.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's getting tougher to deny scientific results

It may be difficult to tie a single event, such as our own 2011 tornado, to climate change, the way it is to tie one particular person’s lung cancer to smoking. But it’s also becoming increasingly difficult to deny the larger pattern with climate change, just as it became impossible to deny the larger pattern with smoking.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Student-loan relief shows promising outlook

Student loans are the equivalent of payday loans for the middle class, second only to home mortgages as the highest form of consumer debt in the nation. They account for 6 percent of the nation’s $16.7 trillion debt.

GENE ROBERTSON: Downtown mess should not be par for the course

The downtown core has to contain an adequate infrastructure. The infrastructure must support all of the activities occurring within it.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Online sales tax would level playing field for all businesses

The current sales tax code is unquestionably confusing for consumers and companies.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Discover nature and feed your spirit

Studies now show that spending time in nature — with or without exercise — provides cognitive and psychological benefits.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Aliens and Flight 370 — dumbest. poll. ever.

CNN poll indicates that 46 percent of Americans think that officials are looking for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane in the wrong place.


DEAR READER: Be a big man on campus when it comes to sex

What you need to drill into your brain and the brains of every other man on campus is that it's not OK to get drunk and stupid and then have sex with a woman who is drunk and stupid.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nation's founding rested on a Christian mindset

We place our liberties at risk if we forget the religiously-informed wisdom of the Founders. Regrettably, that forgetfulness seems to be all too common today.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Single terminal option seems promising for K.C. airport

The Kansas City region deserves a more modern airport that will deliver convenient experiences for millions of travelers and visitors every year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MU wastes thousands on coaching search

GEORGE KENNEDY: Cost of fixing downtown overload will fall on nearly everyone

New sewers headline a list of to-do's for the city if it is to continue its bright plans for downtown development.