Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: The mysterious death of Thomas Schweich

The puzzling death of former Missouri Auditor Thomas "Tom" Schweich continues to spawn questions: about his health, about his motive, about how he committed suicide and about the death of his former spokesman Spence Jackson. 

EDITORIAL: Washington U. decides to study guns and public health

Gun violence is leading to tremendous tragedy in this city, and this country, on a daily basis.

EDITORIAL: We will not accept discrimination

While the vote to repeal the nondiscrimination ordinance, expanded last October to include sexual orientation and gender identity, is a win for some, it's a loss not only for our friends and neighbors, but for our city as a whole.

EDITORIAL: Education vouchers involve more than transferring dollars

Offering parents of children in failing public schools vouchers to use for private school enrollment sounds like a great idea — until you take a look at private school tuition and how much the state is willing to fork over.

EDITORIAL: Pass a small fuel tax to invest in Missouri's roads and bridges

Approving a 2-cent increase in the state’s gasoline tax, which at 17 cents a gallon is one of the nation’s lowest, is the much-needed Band-Aid approach to maintaining Missouri's roads and bridges.

JILL RICHARDSON: Life in Anxietyland

The best thing you can do for someone suffering from anxiety is to listen without judging.

EDITORIAL: Removing Cuba from terror list is bowing to reality

Crossing Cuba off the list should not be deemed a reward but an acknowledgment of the change in behavior.

EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton speaks message of everyday Americans, at least in her ad

The former secretary of state enunciated her views through the everyday Americans she featured in her online announcement — people of all ages, races, genders and sexual orientations looking hopefully toward the near future.

EDITORIAL: Obama's gamble on nuclear deal with Iran

Barack Obama's latest challenge is to convince Congress to support the Iranian nuclear framework agreement.

EDITORIAL: Better pay for low-wage workers would benefit everyone

Workers rallied in midtown Kansas City on Wednesday for a higher minimum wage in the city, even though state legislation makes it illegal for a city's minimum wage to be higher than the state wage.

WEATHER FROM PLANET BOONE: Morels, turkey hunting and the weekend forecast

City editor John Schneller delivers the weekend weather, talks morels and sings about turkey hunting. 

EDITORIAL: From World Series tickets to Ferguson: a case for police accountability

Four times now, a judge or panel of judges have ordered the release of documents relating to the investigation of city of St. Louis police officers who in 2006 seized World Series tickets from scalpers and then handed them over to friends and family. But a group of police officers has continued to block release of the full investigative report, citing privacy concerns.

EDITORIAL: Making children safer in storms

Our area is far safer than it was almost four years ago. At that time, about 80 percent of the homes hit on May 22, 2011, were without basements or shelters.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Volunteers are our humble heroes

Volunteering isn't only about accomplishing services cost-free. The volunteer often gains something greater than what a paycheck can offer. 

DAVID ROSMAN: Sexual orientation bills show changing moral views

Laws such as Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Missouri's HB 104 are not necessary to protect religious freedom.

EDITORIAL: Too many black men sent to death by racially biased juries

Gov. Jay Nixon should appoint a Board of Inquiry to ensure that no person from St. Louis County is awaiting execution because of a racially biased jury.

EDITORIAL: Government should help maximize tax collections

Government should do everything it can to maximize collection of taxes that are legally due.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Spring into action on school board reform

School board elections come and go with minimal disturbance to the establishment. The system, as it is now, invites apathy and increased union control. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Government shouldn't deny food stamps on basis of criminal record

Jill Richardson shares her thoughts on why people with criminal records should have access to food stamps.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Achieving diversity must be a priority for new journalism dean

The historical exclusion of blacks is all too apparent when looking at the demographics of today’s student body.