Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: The fight for control over our dinner tables

The driving ethic of the thriving “good food movement” rebuts the insistence that agriculture is nothing but a business.

GUEST COMMENTARY: In his own way, Pope Francis seeks forgiveness

The new Pope has stressed a less legalistic, rule-bound encounter with the faith, seeking always to forgive rather than to judge. In a remarkable interview with the Jesuit magazine America, he stressed that "we must always consider the person."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Don't get too eager for the end of 2013

The issues and conditions that have plagued this long year are not magically coming to an end on Jan. 1, 2014.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: America's middle class is stuck

Middle class prosperity is needed to grow the economy. So where are the solutions?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Kansas regents social media rules supress free speech

In giving university leaders the authority to discipline or terminate even tenured professors for vague, subjective offenses, the regents have set up a chilling environment that runs contrary to the ideal of academic freedom.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Make football safer by preventing concussions

Almost all the brains of former pro football players that were studied had a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is caused by repeated head injuries and can lead to depression, dementia and suicide.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Iowa's Medicaid waiver should push Missouri GOP to act

Another of Missouri’s border states is a step closer to expanding Medicaid and reaping the economic benefit of billions of dollars flowing into its state.

GUEST COMMENTARY: U.S. is losing sight of privacy

We're spying on foreign allies and gathering information on domestic household purchases. Has it all gone too far?

GUEST COMMENTARY: GOP quietly building Obamacare alternative

The time is right to move forward on a Republican alternative to the troubled health care scheme.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Separate pension systems in state hurt teachers

The Show-Me Institute hopes to find out what type of compensation arrangements would help schools improve teacher recruitment efforts and be appealing to teachers.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Sandy Hook anniversary: Too little action on treatment for mental illness

Mental illness cannot be treated cheaply. Missouri, Kansas and the federal government are not providing adequate resources for people with disorders.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: An exemplary Person of the Year

The humble and inspiring Pope Francis was a worthy choice for Time's Person of the Year.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Corporate subsidies don't work

Study shows that state tax incentives to corporations don't create any more economic growth than would have been expected without the tax breaks.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Back to basics at Fort Wood

Fort Leonard Woods plays host to military members from around the world and this hospitality may make a significant impression on people who will bring that experience back to their country.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Secrecy harms chance to help Kansas City schools

The Missouri Board of Education, Commissioner Chris Nicastro and others insist they are working to an inclusive public conversation. But the questionable bidding process and the behind-the-scenes maneuvers create an impression that public input is being sought only to justify a foregone conclusion.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nelson Mandela's legacy includes a wave of words

Nelson Mandela's words inspired millions. The former South African president died Thursday at age 95.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Seat belts can save lives

Wearing seatbelts is the law and could save your live. Yet only 79.4 percent of Missourians actually use their seat belts.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: An emphasis on the value of education

Tim Wolfe, a former business man and the president of the University of Missouri System, is in the midst of the "Show Me Value Tour," a promotional tour to highlight the importance of higher education.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Celebrating the season without worshipping consumerism

 You can be a Scrooge when it comes to holiday shopping and still be generous.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: New MU chancellor faces funding challenges

No matter how you define state support for higher education — per capita, per income, as a percentage of state budget — Missouri ranks near the bottom in every category.