Guest Commentaries


The space race promoted new endeavors and innovation, the opposite of what occurs in today's gridlock.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: How long will Missouri legislature remain ethics-free zone?

Most industries have some sort of ethical guidelines or regulation concerning gifts, in some cases including outright bans. Not so the Missouri legislature.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Raising awareness about a complex issue

Domestic violence may be a complex problem, but we — as individuals and as a community — can send a message that it will not be tolerated.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Give undocumented immigrants the right to drive legally

Most people would rather share the road with others who can provide remuneration in an accident. Would you rather have a wreck with an insured, though undocumented immigrant, or an uninsured American citizen?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tab grows for closed parks because of government shutdown

Nationwide, communities surrounding national parks and recreation areas are losing $76 million daily as the Congressional Republicans’ irresponsible action is keeping 700,000 people from visiting the sites.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Police chief should rehire Sanders

The Columbia Police Department should rehire the acquitted Rob Sanders or relieve Police Chief Ken Burton of his duties.

GUEST COMMENTARY: More attention should be placed on food sovereignty

Increasing the world's food supply won't end hunger unless we address inequality and injustice.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Resist complacency; raise the debt ceiling

Constituencies with significant clout in Washington, D.C., have voiced little objection because government largely has shielded them from distress.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon's cut to food aid hurts most vulnerable population

Governor Jay Nixon's administration has filed a proposed rule with a legislative panel that would do away with the federal waiver that helped feed 58,000.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Newspapers are still the cornerstone of democracy

Even though there are naysayers who predict the newspaper industry pessimistically, it is in fact improving and growing in a new media platform.

DONALD KAUL: It's all their fault

Cutting government spending in hard times only makes times harder. We’re already hurting the economy by cutting government employment too much.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't lift spending lid on federal campaign finance law

A case scheduled to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday could move federal campaign law closer to Missouri. McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission seeks to throw out the overall limits on what a donor can contribute to all party committees, political action committees and federal candidates in a two-year election cycle.

GUEST COMMENTARY: It's high time to clean house

No matter where these disasters strike, we Missourians are pitching in to help pay the costs of recovery. That makes climate change personal.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The newspaper is all about the community

Newspapers should make a difference in the communities they serve and stand up for their citizens.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Voting for Hall of Famous Missourians welcomed

In a departure from tradition, Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, asked Missouri residents to nominate and select two additions to the hall. The decision was popular.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: America needs a 20-minute, no exceptions government shutdown

As a nation, we have decided that government will perform certain duties. We can argue about which of them are vital, but those discussions should take place calmly and rationally, not at the point of a gun held by greedy people.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Could the problem be us?

As I think about it, maybe it is our generation that doesn’t spend enough quality time with our children today. Maybe it is our generation that will not protect young children from standards that are too high or expectations by society today.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Unreasonable tea party demands drag nation into turmoil

In America, elections have consequences. But that premise is undermined by the ability of an intense faction to shut down government because it won’t accept a particular law.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Climate change is getting worse. When will nation act?

What we all want is a planet, a country, a city that we can pass on to the next generation. We want our children and grandchildren to have better opportunities than we have had. Climate change is making that less likely.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Kinder's stance on Obamacare hypocritical

The Affordable Care act is set to being Tuesday, and Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's attempt to block the legislation is two-faced for the state pays the most of his health care costs.