Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: More efficient buildings can reduce energy usage

Sustainability with better design would help our community in countless ways.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We need more Arvarh Stricklands

What if brown-skinned children in inner-city schools had the opportunity to sit before their brown-skinned teachers everyday, who instilled in them pride and confidence in themselves and their academics to achieve beyond measure? More people looking like me, teaching people like me?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri and Kansas lawmakers are hard at work for gun lobby

Lawmakers are using Newtown as an impetus to propose gun laws designed to put more firearms into the hands of more people and to weaken what safety laws we have. Their behavior is shameful.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Dipping into an anti-bullying strategy

State lawmakers are considering legislation to require public school districts to adopt and enforce anti-bullying policies.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Stop the taxes

Fred H. Reiss counts the ways current, local and national, are affecting Columbia.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Who do our legislators represent?

Missouri lawmakers who contributed to the rejection of the Medicaid expansion dealt a serious blow to Mercy Hospital Washington and other Missouri hospitals.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri should be next state to ban texting while driving

More than 40,000 traffic accidents in the state each year are attributed to inattentive or distracted drivers.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voter impersonation fraud is a nonissue in Missouri

Since no case of voter impersonation fraud has ever been documented in Missouri, since our state is in the midst of major budget problems, and since it would cost more than $7 million to enact these laws, it seems wasteful for our legislators to spend time and money on this issue.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Release child abuse records in Missouri

When a child has been harmed, the public has a right to know whether the harm could have been prevented.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: General Assembly pandering, not legislating

Lawmakers have failed to pass legislation that could help the health of Missouri residents and have instead pandered to the gun rights lobby. We need stronger leadership in the legislature.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Reducing warfare could limit carnage

Donald Kaul discusses the idea of Americans being less involved in wars, invasions and attacks to try to reduce the amount of violence in the world. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Republicans consistently inconsistent

In view of the GOP interest in photo identification as a crime prevention measure, their opposition to biometric analysis seems curiously inconsistent.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Boston bombings show how journalism has changed

Journalism today blends professional reporting and online interaction among community members. Both professionals and citizen journalists find it's hard to be error-free when things move so fast.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's not stop immigration reform

The image of Mr. Tsarnaev and the limited understanding of his political thinking — mostly gleaned from friends, relatives and social media — is clouding Senate hearings on a bipartisan immigration proposal.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Senate repeats message already heard

The Revenue agency was directed last week by Gov. Jay Nixon to stop making copies of concealed weapons permits. It also will delete all previously scanned permit information from state computers.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Congress needs a new river plan to address flood, drought cycle

Congress must find the political will to both elevate the importance of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers while recognizing the need for a plan that takes climate change into account.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri lawmakers wined and dined by lobbyists

The same lawmakers that deplore citizen "takers" who ask for state services, such as Medicaid, are insistent on taking perks for themselves.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Flooded roads yield troubled waters for motorists

Past experiences of people being killed or stranded by flooding are the basis for MoDOT’s recommendations to stay away from flood-covered roadways.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri Medicaid expansion is too important to die

State Republicans continue to overlook the benefits of the Affordable Care Act with circular logic.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Senate goes rogue, lobby given too much power on gun bill vote

The Senate voted against the Manchin-Toomey amendment, which proposed that "all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System."