Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: House Bill 436 bad for Missouri

Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, is apparently the only Republican thinking clearly on the issuen of HB 436. He voted against the bill because it is not only unconstitutional, it would cause havoc in law enforcement efforts.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Action in Syria could lead to moral crisis for US

Going ahead with military action against Syria in the face of widespread disapproval of the American people and discord among the international community would constitute a moral crisis for the United States.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The top five failures of Missouri's flawed tax cut bill

Rarely has a veto session of the Missouri General Assembly received such a buildup as the one beginning Wednesday. But rarely has a bill as bad as House Bill 253 stood a chance of being enacted into law.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri lawmakers can stand against gun bill or against Constitution

Attorney General Chris Koster's legal analysis of House Bill 436 is not partisan. It simply separates the bill's plain wording from the emotion of the gun debate.

GUEST COMMENTARY: U.S. strikes in Syria would compound problems

Congress should push for diplomacy in Syria, not authorize military involvement.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Political courage needed to reform sex-offender registry

Studies disproving the effectiveness of such registries have proliferated. Extensive research has been conducted on the types of sexual offenders who will repeat their crimes, and the frequency — or more often, infrequency — that it happens.

DAVID ROSMAN: Let veto of Missouri tax bill stand

Lower taxes might sound good, but in reality we need to ask ourselves how the monies will be replaced and who will take the hit?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Koster's opinion boosts case to kill tax bill in Missouri

Chris Koster’s opinion reaffirms what independent analysts and others have said all along: House Bill 253 is a sloppy piece of legislation that could have dire consequences for Missouri citizens and services.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Affordable Care Act offers attainable coverage for small businesses

An online health insurance marketplace will offer small businesses a choice of qualified health plans from different private health insurers and make it easier for employers to compare these plans.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Connecting dots shows relationships of economic stories

A long series of tax and public policy decisions has created an America that values wealth far more than work.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Staff cuts at Ellis Fischel impact quality of patient care

We wanted Ellis Fischel simply because of the team approach they had. This included Advance Practice Nurses. We would rethink that decision now given the current circumstances.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The genius of energy conservation and clean energy adoption

Citizens must take collective responsibility to conserve energy and slow human-caused climate change in an attempt to protect the environment for future generations.


GUEST COMMENTARY: American Dream needs fair minimum wage

Many American companies have been driving down wages to poverty levels that are too low for workers to live on and too low to sustain the consumer demand that businesses need to survive and thrive.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: An unhealthy drone in the air

Journalism schools will no longer be able to use unmanned drones for news gathering purposes as the federal government sees it as an infraction to aviation regulations.

GUEST COMMENTARY: HB 253 veto should stand

Besides its inadvertent tax increases, HB 253 puts vital state services at risk through its tax cuts.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Embrace our linguistic diversity to strengthen America

Greater and lesser pockets of diversity emerge when one zooms in on the U.S. Census Bureau's map. In California, 44 percent of people don’t speak English at home. In Laredo, Texas, it’s an astounding 92 percent. Here in the heartland, English has a firmer hold. In Kansas, 11 percent of people speak something else at home. In Missouri, it’s only 6 percent.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Get the facts on food stamps

A new farm bill must address the needs of our nation's agricultural industry and the need to cut an increasingly unsustainable national budget.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Reducing tax rates and investing in education: We can have it both ways

The governor would like you to be naïve enough to believe that if the state reduces its tax demands from citizens and small business that funding for critical investments, like education, will plummet. I’d like to share a couple facts with you to consider as you make an informed decision on whether or not you feel Missouri’s tax rates should be adjusted in favor of the people. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Speed limits must be both safe and sensible

Establishing speed limits is the fine art of finding a balancing point between convenience and risk.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Honoring 'unsung heroes' of the criminal justice system

As director of the DOC, I feel privileged and proud to hear accounts where the department’s staff have stepped out of their comfort zone to help those who are in need.