Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Inequality is behind dismal life expectancy in U.S.

A new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that America's continuing health woes may be more tied up with social inequality than health care.

J. KARL MILLER: Cooler heads prevailed in Zimmerman case, but not everyone was calm

Although most of the population consists of level-headed people, there will always be those who are ignorant and racist.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Volume of vetoes speaks to poor legislation

Gov. Jay Nixon's veto statements provide numerous examples of legislative failures.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: In Zimmerman verdict, fear was enshrined in law

Despite what the special prosecutor said, the Florida v. Zimmerman case was about race and guns.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Seek justice for Trayvon Martin through violence prevention

Do not allow the legacy of Trayvon Martin to be violence, allow it to be violence prevention.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: As drownings spike in state, swimmers should know limits

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reminds residents that swimming is a strenuous activity. Swimmers should avoid being too tired as well as too far from safety.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Humane horse slaughter may serve sound purpose

Daviess County might seem like an unlikely place for horse slaughter, until you consider it is home to Missouri's largest Amish settlement, where horses are common in everyday life.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Out of touch Congress puts college out of reach for many

Rates on subsidized loans doubled on July 1, leaving many families unable to consider the cost. What's worse, state support for higher education in Missouri could reach zero by 2036, experts say.

DAVID ROSMAN: Employment numbers may be up, but half of jobless are older workers

For those over the age of 55, the job search can be even more difficult. Employers may not believe they can teach an old dog new tricks.

J. KARL MILLER: Immigration reform is necessary, and overdue

If immigration reform is to succeed, there will have to be compromises made from both sides of the aisle.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Paula Deen, Aaron Hernandez suffering fates of their own making

Cooking star Paula Deen and football player Aaron Hernandez had climbed high into the national spotlight, which meant a hard fall.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Why do other SEC states care more about students than Missouri?

Missouri is lagging behind most other SEC states in scholarships, making it difficult to keep the best and brightest at home.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Curfews are not the solution to youth crime in Columbia

Curfews raise many questions about enforcement and foster increased rebellion.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Snowden matter shows that NSA contracts need a tougher review

Oversight of top-secret work is inherently difficult because only a limited number of people have clearance to scrutinize it.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time to end term limits in the Missouri legislature

House Speaker Tim Jones and other legislators have pointed to problems with the shorter terms. Legislators are just learning how to be effective when their time is up.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 150 years after Gettysburg, issues that drove the Civil War remain

There has been progress — a black man occupies the White House, after all. But every day, millions of black Americans live in conditions spawned by America’s failure to enforce the victory.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon pushes back against bad tax bill

Governor's challenge — in the form of a veto and spending freeze — sets the stage for a showdown with the GOP. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Modern civil rights movement still has work to do

The truth is that Jim Crow may be dead, but racism is alive and well. Our first order of business now needs to be demanding that Congress reformulate the pre-clearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Legislation is a critical step toward high-speed broadband access for Missouri

House Bill 331 would bring uniformity to Missouri's current guidelines and result in expanded wireless networks.

ROSE NOLEN: I understand my pets, even if no one else does

Removing a cat's claws could mean taking away a tool for survival — but might make snuggling much more enjoyable.