Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Facing the mortgage cliff

If the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 expires at the end of the year, homeowners will have to pay taxes debt reduction in a loan modification or short sale.

GUEST COMMENTARY: University research, sold out

The recent exposure of numerous sham scientific reports generated by biased individuals at supposedly objective institutions should draw intense public scrutiny to this new era of corporate-funded science.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Save the planet. Save Social Security. Save Medicaid. Tax carbon.

Instead of a regressive flat tax on payroll, the carbon tax would be more efficient consumption tax.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri would benefit from Medicaid expansion

A recent state budget analysis adds more weight to the case for expanding Missouri’s Medicaid eligibility threshold, which currently is one of the nation’s lowest.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We must improve programs to help the mentally ill

We must have a comprehensive conversation about the way Washington funds federal programs that treat mental illness.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: No more dodging on gun safety measures

We need tough gun safety measures, starting with bans on assault weapons and on high-capacity ammunition clips. And we need background checks before all gun purchases.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Gun owners bear responsibility, need accountability

Gun owners should have, by now, come up with a way of demonstrating a commitment to preserving a right to bear arms that involves holding one another more accountable.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Compelling tales draw visitors to prison tours

The attraction of the prison tours is more about the captivating stories told by the guides than about the building itself.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: National commission must address gun violence

A national commission can and should focus the spotlight on those who profit from America’s gun culture.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MU's out-of-state recruitment lets policymakers off the hook

Missouri isn't limiting its recruitment to just Illinois, but is pressing hard in California where high school students are looking to escape soaring college tuition rates.

Students don't benefit from early decision policies

In an ideal world, colleges would either eradicate early decision or make the acceptance rates equal, regardless of when students apply.

ESSAY: Americans, united in horror for a moment

And yet, amid all of this fragmentation, some things still stop us in our tracks, make us think, make us talk, make us look to each other, make us feel as if, somehow, we're one in shock and tragedy.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Taxpayers become casualties of Kansas-Missouri border war

Tax incentives issued by Missouri and Kansas to businesses, designed to lure companies across state lines to improve job growth, are succeeding only in hurting those who pay their fair share.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for Missouri to consider statewide fire, building code

Missouri lacks a statewide fire code — something that could help save lives if one were in place.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: An inauguration by and for the (corporate) people

Mr. Obama has decided that this year, he will solicit money directly from corporations to pay for the cost of the inaugural festivities.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MoDOT mats along highway offer several benefits

MoDOT is now using mats made of recycled tires to control the growth of weeds and vegetation around highway sign posts. The action will save costs and improve safety.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: McCaskill's efforts to cut military waste are paying off

McCaskill's measure would improve the way contracts are managed, expand planning requirements and boost oversight responsibility of inspectors general.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for river states to stop bickering and work together

Piecemeal fixes and short-term reactions to natural disasters will never be sustainable ways to decide river policy.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why 'land of the free' is more than a lyric

Students can tweet about their favorite five freedoms and compete for a $5,000 scholarship.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Drop the politics and expand Missouri's Medicaid program

The healthcare debate has not ended with the conclusion of the presidential election. Lawmakers weigh the benefits and costs as they assess the issue of Medicaid expansion.