Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: The hidden agenda in Jefferson City

Perhaps the biggest disappointment this session was the failure of a broad coalition of supporters of Medicaid expansion to get so much as a reasonable debate in either chamber.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Reducing the number needed for 'one too many'

Making progress on the problem of reducing drinking and driving among both social drinkers and heavy drinkers is a matter of political will, say members of the National Transportation Safety Board.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Failure and inertia prevail in Jefferson City

How else to explain another session ending without a jobs plan or a strategy for funding transportation projects? How else to explain a legislature that allowed bountiful debate time for a host of preposterous gun-rights bills but never got around to seriously discussing Medicaid reform and expansion?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Guns in schools is not the answer

It’s not right for someone young to be exposed to something so deadly as a gun. Children should not be exposed to guns — especially in schools.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon inconsistent with tax credits

As Missouri's legislative session is about to close, some are wondering why so little has been done with tax credit reform.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: In a leaks case, and a leaks investigation, who is helping whom?

The Justice Department's decision to issue blanket subpoenas for two months’ worth of records from 20 phone lines used by Associated Press reporters and editors raises questions about the administration's commitment to a truly free press.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: State services, employees hit in crossfire of spite-based budgeting

An issue flared after a civil lawsuit in the Bootheel challenged the Department of Revenue’s collection of personal information as part of its driver’s license permitting process.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Time is running out to fix Second Injury Fund

The fund is part of the way workers are compensated for serious work-related injuries whch leave them permanently unable to work. Sadly, the fund is now bankrupt.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri House wins the triple crown of right-wing porn

House Bill 436 seeks to nullify any and all past and future federal laws that might infringe upon Missouri’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, which is very different from the Supreme Court’s and which can be summarized thusly: Anything goes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: LP's disappearance for years should lead to reforms

Records released by the Missouri Department of Social Services contain no indication that anyone called LP’s mother or visited her home. Given the family’s history, a call to the state child abuse hotline would likely have resulted in a search for LP and possibly a return to state supervision.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Revenues raise exuberance for capital improvements

With state revenues on the rise, Gov. Jay Nixon has been prompted to increase the number of improvement projects he proposed in the State of the State address in January.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to collect taxes on Internet sales

Passage of this year's Marketplace Fairness Act would allow far more efficient collection of taxes already owed to states and others.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Approve ‘priority’ public safety measure

A measure to extend closure of security plans for public buildings, including schools, continues to bounce back and forth between the House and Senate.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Go slow with tax credit caps

Legislators should avoid draconian action with low-income housing tax credits because it has a proven track record.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Paranoia about Common Core is a lousy way to fix schools

The anger about the Common Core State Standards is being fueled by conspiracy theorists, including some in the Missouri legislature, who see them as some evil federal takeover of schools.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Three cheers for Speaker Tim Jones' leadership on education

Despite the fact that funding per student has more than doubled since the Missouri Outstanding Schools Act of 1993, achievement has remained flat.

GUEST COMMENTARY: More efficient buildings can reduce energy usage

Sustainability with better design would help our community in countless ways.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We need more Arvarh Stricklands

What if brown-skinned children in inner-city schools had the opportunity to sit before their brown-skinned teachers everyday, who instilled in them pride and confidence in themselves and their academics to achieve beyond measure? More people looking like me, teaching people like me?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri and Kansas lawmakers are hard at work for gun lobby

Lawmakers are using Newtown as an impetus to propose gun laws designed to put more firearms into the hands of more people and to weaken what safety laws we have. Their behavior is shameful.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Dipping into an anti-bullying strategy

State lawmakers are considering legislation to require public school districts to adopt and enforce anti-bullying policies.