Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MU's out-of-state recruitment lets policymakers off the hook

Missouri isn't limiting its recruitment to just Illinois, but is pressing hard in California where high school students are looking to escape soaring college tuition rates.

Students don't benefit from early decision policies

In an ideal world, colleges would either eradicate early decision or make the acceptance rates equal, regardless of when students apply.

ESSAY: Americans, united in horror for a moment

And yet, amid all of this fragmentation, some things still stop us in our tracks, make us think, make us talk, make us look to each other, make us feel as if, somehow, we're one in shock and tragedy.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Taxpayers become casualties of Kansas-Missouri border war

Tax incentives issued by Missouri and Kansas to businesses, designed to lure companies across state lines to improve job growth, are succeeding only in hurting those who pay their fair share.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for Missouri to consider statewide fire, building code

Missouri lacks a statewide fire code — something that could help save lives if one were in place.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: An inauguration by and for the (corporate) people

Mr. Obama has decided that this year, he will solicit money directly from corporations to pay for the cost of the inaugural festivities.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MoDOT mats along highway offer several benefits

MoDOT is now using mats made of recycled tires to control the growth of weeds and vegetation around highway sign posts. The action will save costs and improve safety.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: McCaskill's efforts to cut military waste are paying off

McCaskill's measure would improve the way contracts are managed, expand planning requirements and boost oversight responsibility of inspectors general.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for river states to stop bickering and work together

Piecemeal fixes and short-term reactions to natural disasters will never be sustainable ways to decide river policy.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why 'land of the free' is more than a lyric

Students can tweet about their favorite five freedoms and compete for a $5,000 scholarship.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Drop the politics and expand Missouri's Medicaid program

The healthcare debate has not ended with the conclusion of the presidential election. Lawmakers weigh the benefits and costs as they assess the issue of Medicaid expansion.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Nuclear power — 70 years later

70 years ago, America was able to create a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. In 2012, what are the implications of nuclear power in our world?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Data supports retaining helmet laws

Missouri legislators are wasting their time with motorcycle helmet legislation.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Heart attack patients need the ER, not STEMI Regional Centers

The STEMI law mandates ambulances bypass the local hospital,  depriving you of the lifesaving and disability-reducing fibrinolysis (clotbuster) treatment available within 30 minutes at every ER.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Filibuster needs fixing, but it can wait until after the 'fiscal cliff' is fixed

There were more filibusters in the 111th Congress (2009 to 2010) than in the '50s, '60s and '70s combined.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Seeking help, not succumbing to violence, is best response

Instead of demonstrating to kids and others the heights to which one can rise, Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher showed us the depths to which one can descend.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Restrictive, narrowed pledges limit deliberation

Our elected officials should make rational choices based on the most comprehensive and accurate information that will best allow them to adhere to the pre-election pledges that they have made. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia's fireworks law change reveals rifts

The debate about fireworks boils down to a battle in Columbia that has been waged for generations: The conflict between a temporary student population and residents who have called the city home for years.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for Nixon, legislature to embrace Medicaid expansion

Lawmakers in the Missouri Legislature face questions on how to handle Missouri's health care in order to achieve economic development. Reports such as one commissioned by the Missouri Hospital Association predict the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri will create a significant number of jobs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Shell game reduces transparency in lobbyist gift giving

When the lobbyist who represents other lobbyists suggests something might be illegal, don’t do it.