Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Trace Chinese investments to U.S. golf courses

Chinese investment in America reached $12 billion last year, according to the Rhodium Group, an economic advisory firm. Much of it was put into golf courses, with the goal of moving to the U.S.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hillary Clinton should survive manufactured scandal

The best thing that Hillary Clinton can do is to start taking stands on current issues that matter to most Americans.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Student debt is a time bomb about to explode

Many students are defaulting after facing the stressful realization that they can’t find a job that pays enough to repay their debt. Over half of outstanding student loans are presently in deferral, delinquency or default.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Americans are starting their days with better food

In the last quarter of 2014, Kellogg’s morning foods division experienced an 8 percent drop in sales, the division’s seventh straight quarter of decline.

EDITORIAL: More progress needed to bridge the digital divide

Most of the world's 7.2 billion people still do not have access to the Internet, though a growing number are living within reach of wireless networks.

EDITORIAL: Court case could cause 223,000 Missourians to lose health insurance

Should the court decide King v. Burwell for the plaintiffs, the 8 million Americans who bought subsidized health care through the federal exchange will see insurance costs increase by an average of 250 percent, and most will drop out.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The stakes in King v. Burwell are unreasonably high

Many Republicans see this case as an opportunity for the chief justices to redeem himself after a vote making the insurance mandate legitimate. 

EDITORIAL: Panic-for-hire versus Stan Kroenke and the Rams

A consultant says the Inglewood, California, stadium project would be an attractive terrorist target and shouldn't be built. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let's hope the Ferguson report sparks change

The Department of Justice report highlights the complicated history of race relations in the United States, just at a time when our problems in that area are very evident. But, then, that's hardly a coincidence, since problems with race relations are constantly part of our lives in America.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 9/11: Watching history unfold in the press

MU senior Lindsey Davison writes that newspapers provide students with the opportunity to seek knowledge and formulate their own opinions in a nurturing environment.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Learning about today puts the past in context

The Newspaper Association of America Foundation found that children who read newspapers in school and at home are 78 percent more likely to grow up to be readers than children who didn't.

GUEST COMMENTARY: What happens in the world affects everyone

MU senior Andrew Hodsgon writes that reading newspapers during his youth helped him gain a window to the world from his Pennsylvania home. He writes that if more young people read newspapers, then perhaps it will help them to become "good citizens." 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Civic education leads to critical thinking

A report produced by the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools has found that discussion of controversial issues and current events in the classroom is more important than ever.

EDITORIAL: Felons can own weapons under gun rights amendment

A Circuit Court judge in St. Louis last week ruled that because of the passage of Amendment 5 last November, Missouri law banning felons from owning guns is now unconstitutional.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri Republicans must change their tactics

Missouri Republicans are ideally positioned to devour their own. The state has no contribution limits, and it has a wealthy individual, Rex Sinquefield, who will spare no expense to elect candidates to support his causes.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Lack of compromise hinders international trade

You would think that an issue so obviously beneficial to the American economy would command wide bipartisan support. But you would be wrong.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Republican leaders wake up to need for taxes

Sadly, GOP governors seem wedded to trickle-down economics that relieves the wealthy of income taxes and burdens the middle and working classes with higher sales taxes and less disposable income.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New federal food guidelines are a bold move

“A healthy dietary pattern,” a draft from the Department of Health and Human Services says flat out, is “lower in red and processed meat” and “low in sugar-sweetened foods and drinks and refined grains.”

EDITORIAL: Remembering Tom Schweich, 1960-2015

He believed in honesty, integrity and good government. He may not have looked like a giant, but he might have become one.

EDITORIAL: Popular Conservation Department in legislative cross-hairs

We're not sure why Missouri lawmakers would want to intrude upon one of the most successful operations in our state. In fact, the model used for the Missouri Department of Conservation is considered one of the best in the nation.