Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Give a hand to our veterans

We should all take advantage of the opportunity to say “thank you” to everyone who put their own safety on the line to protect our country to let them know that we appreciate their service.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Best result is that reality rules again

This is part of the new reality that will sink in, very quickly, as a result of Tuesday’s election: Obamacare, as Republicans liked to call it, is here to stay.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Redistricting splits Missouri's political personality

Redistricting has led to Democrats moving to the left and Republicans moving to the right. This reduces voters' choices and the ability of Congress to govern.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: After election, it's time for officials to get to work

The new government will have many familiar faces that need to push differences aside to have a productive term in office

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Defeat of cigarette tax increase hurts Missouri

By failing to pass Proposition B on Tuesday, Missouri has put itself in a difficult position.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Incumbents have success in 2012 election

Across all levels of government, the incumbents laregly defeated their challengers, which speaks on the feelings of the voters. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Obama must lead a still-divided nation forward

Despite a bruising campaign, voters showed a willingness to let Obama continue the slow but upward trajectory the nation has followed since he took office.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's official: Missouri likes the middle

Those voters sent a message loud and clear on Tuesday: They are happy in the middle.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The next administration's top 5 foreign policy challenges

The success of sanctions against Iran depends in large part on Russian cooperation. Russia is an important international actor, particularly because it still possesses nearly half of the world's nuclear weapons.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Americans haven't learned from past hurricanes

The nation is still not bracing properly for the potential consequences of high winds and rising water.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Can young Americans rescue our economy?

A sound education, helpful mentors and internships will lead to young American entrepreneurs and a foundation for future economic prosperity.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Get educated, then vote

In a local and national race this close, every vote is important. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Once again, disaster proves need for solid FEMA funding

Our elected officials must be careful when slashing government services, so core responsibilities can be maintained.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Avoid scams by despicable predators

Missourians must be wary of bogus charities seeking donations to capitalize on Hurricane Sandy and other disasters.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Public health funding is critical for the future of America

Bert Malone, vice president of Missouri Public Health Association, thinks investing in public health funding will strengthen the nation's health infrastructure.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri AFL-CIO endorses Claire McCaskill

Hugh McVey, the president of the Missouri AFL-CIO, says the choice between Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin is clear.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hurricane Sandy redefined 'harm's way'

The monster that shut down New York became the monster that shut down a presidential campaign. In that regard, it touched all Americans.

GUEST COMMENTARY: McCaskill's voting record could hurt Missouri

The senator's support of cap-and-trade system and EPA regulations could cost Missouri residents.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voter drop-off a threat to Missouri judicial election

The drop-off in Missouri judicial retention elections was 16 percent in 2010.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Smoking is jeopardizing the health of our students

As education leaders, our job is to cultivate the student as a whole, to help them grow and thrive personally, and to care for their health and safety so that one day, their contributions can benefit all of society.