Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: 2016 presidential race is already looking ugly and expensive

We need a system where everyone participates and everyone's voice is heard. We need to ensure that everyone knows who is trying to buy influence in our elections and government.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Student loan forgiveness is a shell game

Buried in the White House budget is a $21.8 billion writedown on the government's student loan portfolio that no one seems to want to mention — perhaps because taxpayers can expect more red ink to come.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Building an aqueduct across Kansas is ludicrous

Gov. Jay Nixon has called the notion of siphoning off the Missouri River a "hare-brained idea" and stated plainly: "We can't let that happen."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: More clout needed to fight drug traffic on U.S. borders

Two members of Congress, a Republican and a Democrat, have introduced legislation that would channel resources — technology, personnel — to places where stronger response is needed.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Congress shouldn't let the Pentagon blast away its spending caps

The $534-billion base military budget — which doesn’t even include all that money Washington spends on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria — is bigger, adjusting for inflation, than it’s ever been.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Proposed net neutrality rules promise to keep Internet open

New rules would give the FCC the strong authority it needs to prevent Internet service providers from blocking or interfering with online content.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Telling the truth about religious violence

President Obama said, at an inter-faith event, that we shouldn’t hold all Muslims responsible for the acts of a relative few. Christianity also has a skeleton or two in its historical closet.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for Ferguson Commission to rally the region

Help a community that is dealing with rising violence, a lack of empathy, continuing distrust between police and the people they serve, and the distractions of daily life.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Major parties face bumpy road to 2016 nominations

Ever since the modern political process made running for president a four-year job, this is the time when potential candidates started making their public moves. So how are the two parties' races for the nomination shaping up?

GUEST COMMENTARY: GOP hopefuls discover the curse of running for president

Long before any real voters cast ballots in a real election, candidates for president face a "media primary" conducted in full public view that carries risk for White House wannabees.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Governor should commute Storey's death sentence

Missouri could use the money it spends pursuing death sentences on crime prevention tactics and victims counseling.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Slashing the IRS budget only helps tax cheats

Critics attack the IRS for making mistakes, darkening the public’s view of it. That gives political opportunists a chance to lobby successfully for cuts. A smaller budget virtually guarantees future mistakes by a cash-strapped agency.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Winter road trip reinforces the importance of family

Despite a brutal drive and a bitter forecast, a reunion in Nebraska was a welcome weekend for all.

GUEST COMMENTARY: When most lawmakers can't agree, the country suffers

The 114th Congress is 80 percent male, 80 percent white and 92 percent Christian while the America it represents is composed of 51 percent women and is 60 percent white and 60 percent Christian.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Life is short; don't beat yourself up

Valentine's day can be a day of self-loathing, but people can change that tradition this year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: University president seeks to end Missouri's race to the bottom

Tim Wolfe is tired of elected officials failing to tell voters the truth, so he’s taking his message directly to the people.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Is it too late to save America's wilderness?

President Obama will ask Congress to increase environmental protections for millions of acres of pristine animal habitat in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Opposition from lawmakers is already gathering steam.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't expect Cuba to embrace change overnight

According to the Miami Herald, despite the change of tone from inside the White House, there are three major obstacles preventing calm waters between the United States and the island nation of Cuba. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: We need legislation requiring students to pass civics test

Missouri state legislators are pushing for a mandatory civics exam for all Missouri high school students. Ignorance of civies indicates a deficiency in education and threatens informed participation in representative government.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cheating for advantage in sports has become the rule

Is there any length to which certain players, coaches, and administrators won’t go to gain an unfair advantage?