Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Smoking is jeopardizing the health of our students

As education leaders, our job is to cultivate the student as a whole, to help them grow and thrive personally, and to care for their health and safety so that one day, their contributions can benefit all of society.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Proposition B is good tax policy; good for schools

Businesses need good schools, both for their employees' families, and to provide a pool of qualified future employees. Missouri is failing in this regard. Proposition B is just a first step to righting that ship.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Utility practices threaten Missouri's trees

Missouri residents fear Section 537.340 of the Missouri Revised Statutes will infringe on property and due process rights.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Without disarmament, nuclear conflict a permanent concern

With a stock of nuclear weapons on both sides, conflict over missile defense shields and strategic war plans with nuclear strike options, U.S.-Russian relations haven't entirely left the Cold War behind.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Threat of nuclear war still exists between U.S., Russia

The United States and Russia still have thousands of ready-to-launch nuclear weapons that could hit their targets within minutes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Romney tacks toward Obama's foreign policies

Barack Obama's thoughtful demeanor and Mitt Romney's anti-war agenda in the third debate meant neither candidate emerged as a frontrunner with the election just two weeks away.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Amendment would damage courts

Voters will render a verdict on the future of the Missouri Plan with Constitutional Amendment 3, and, in our opinion, it would unnecessarily change a nonpartisan court plan that has been imitated by more than 30 states across the nation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia should refrain from raising hotel taxes

There are other ways to pay for the Columbia Regional Airport expansion, other than increasing the hotel tax.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Ads alone won't rein in Wall Street

Political campaign ads won't stop Wall Street greed, but a financial transaction tax might. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Akin apologized for his wording, not for his message

Todd Akin's statement about pregnancy and rape has become infamous, insinuating that a woman who becomes pregnant during rape was not actually raped. His remarks are emblematic of a larger problem regarding ignorance about women's issues.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A timely warning on Internet spying

A recent report by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee cautioned American companies about equipment supplied by two Chinese companies: Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Vote no on Amendment 3, Proposition E

Both Amendment 3, which would give the governor more power to pick judges, and Proposition E, which would take away power from the governor to unilaterally create a state health exchange, are cruel legislative jokes and do not have any business being on the ballot.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri must limit malpractice awards

Two statesand two wildly different conclusions about what is permissible when someone accuses another of medical malpractice.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Jim Murphy gave public service a good name

Former Republican state Rep. Jim Murphy believed in public service, and he gave it a good name.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The contraception conversation

As someone who strives to be an involved community member and active citizen, it troubles me that our state assembly would waste so much of its time on an issue that will have little effect on the health insurance most Missouri businesses provide women employees.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri friendly to business but that's not funding education

So as our leaders examine the causes of Missouri's economic malaise, we suggest they look to the real facts. Missouri is friendly to businesses, but it's not funding education.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Vote 'yes' on Proposition B

We believe that the health of our readers and our citizens is important, and we know that tobacco hurts people’s health.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Contentious debate becomes unintelligible

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan engaged in what became more a schoolyard squabble than intelligent argument on the issues.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Politicians hunting for votes

National Rifle Association makes no endorsement in governor's race, despite backing other statewide candidates.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Representative, deliberative and decisive

Members of the Silver-Haired Legislature have convened at the Capitol, and their recommendations traditionally receive serious consideration.