Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Due diligence reinforced in Mamtek audit

State Auditor Tom Schweich released an audit Tuesday that faulted a state agency, a municipality and private entities for insufficient due diligence before awarding state tax incentives to a proposed manufacturer.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: U.S. lawmakers should behave like grown-ups

The next Congress must show Americans they are the “grown-ups” worthy of high office, willing to compromise to move the nation forward.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Kansas City officials looking to reform flawed pension program

Kansas City is now short more than $600 million for fully funding its workers' retirement benefits.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Senators push for river funding; jobs await action

Congress' failure to spend money maintaining the physical infrastructure along the Mississippi River and environmental and flood protection of the Missouri River harms business interests.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Register, prepare and participate

Area county clerks, who serve as local election authorities, generally agree registration takes between two and five minutes when done at a clerk’s office or another designated facility.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Gallup poll shows distrust of news media

The latest Gallup poll shows that Americans are losing trust in the news media — and Congress and the Supreme Court.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Farm bill wilted, for good reasons

After the November election, Congress should take a closer look at making serious reform with a revised version of the farm bill.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Class warfare comes to Monday Night Football

The NFL referee lockout leads to more than blown calls. It demonstrates class tensions in the United States more visible. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri's 12-year funk catches up with it

Twelve years of evidence show budget cuts and slogans, from both Democrats and Republicans, are not the way to prosperity.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Caseload still stresses public defender system

The number of criminal cases exceeding available public defenders has posed a problem in Missouri since at least 2006.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Major changes proposed to land subdivision regulations

Among many changes the Country Planning and Zoning Commission has proposed is a regulation on the use of private roads to access public roads.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mixture of factors fuel airport decision

The Cole County Commission is weighing if the city of Jefferson City should contribute an additional $100,000 to Columbia Regional Airport, a decision that's complicated if you consider a number of key factors. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: What I really want you to know about Columbia, S.C.

Thomas Barclay, an MU student, expresses his mixed emotions about the Missourian's previous article on his home town, Columbia, S.C.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Sequestration would significantly damage defense industry

Budget cuts that are set to begin in January 2013 could have a devastating effect on the American Military and economy. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mamtek deal proved more diligence, safeguards needed

The economic development debacle that left Moberly in default on a loan has been marked by a shocking lack of due diligence by state and local officials. And there’s nothing in place to prevent a recurrence.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tigers quarterback Franklin tough enough to resist foolish choice

Missouri quarterback James Franklin's decision to sit out Saturday's game against Arizona State because of an injury was a wise choice.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: No gouging these sharks

Missourians for Responsible Lending ran out of money and time in its effort to get an initiative on the ballot that would limit interest rates on payday loans to 36 percent.

GUEST COMMENTARY: School transfer case needs common sense solutions

The prolonged legal battle over allowing students in unaccredited districts to attend schools in nearby accredited districts benefits neither students nor taxpayers. We need solutions from legislators that will give students in failing districts more options.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Big mistake to dismiss drought

Officially, a state of emergency caused by this summer's drought in Missouri has been extended to Nov. 15. Unofficially, the drought's impact will last well beyond that for our region.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Yes on tobacco tax for your children, grandchildren

Proposition B would add a 73 cent tax to each pack of cigarettes. This new tax will generate more than $250 million, revenue specifically designated for elementary, high school and college education, as well as supporting tobacco prevention and cessation