Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Football, our ruinous game

Football is a dangerous, potentially lethal sport, but its most ardent fans say that violence is just part of the game.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Name change for UMKC could be a game change

Sticking with the current name — the University of Missouri-Kansas City — will forever suggest that Kansas City's public university is a branch campus of MU in Columbia.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri House speaker's legacy: It's El Rushbo's House now

House Speaker Steve Tilley sold out Missourians when he gave talk-radio personality Rush Limbaugh a spot in the Hall of Famous Missourians.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri budget pact puts fairness in funding in play

Missourians can hope lawmakers wisely craft a new higher education funding formula down the road, but nothing is guaranteed.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ballot proposals offer stark contrast to legislature's follies

Two of the proposals aim to help the working poor and the tobacco tax would buttress education funding. Each of the four issues was brought to the legislature and discarded.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Human trafficking has ambiguous presence in western Missouri

It is important to recognize that human trafficking is a problem in Missouri, even if the exact number of victims and cases is unknown or kept quiet.

GUEST COLUMN: Relearning a lost mother's lessons

Missourian interactive news editor Laura Johnston reflects on celebrating Mother's day after the death of her own mother.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Legislators should keep hands off 'Hall of Famous Missourians'

State lawmakers should focus on legislation rather than trying to occupy and control the nominations of the Hall of Famous Missourians.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Shame on Steelman for hypocritically condoning violent rhetoric

In condoning violent rhetoric directed at her opponent, U.S. Senate Republican candidate Sarah Steelman turned away from her past values and shamed the proud political legacy of her family name.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Well-deserved state pay raise advances

Despite a budget gap that has prevented the legislature from giving pay raises to state employees, 97 percent of employees will receive a 2 percent increase. Missouri currently ranks last in pay among 50 states.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Party leaders favor ethics reform, so what is the holdup?

Republican candidate for governor Dave Spence's ethics reform needs to be given a serious look. Campaign donation rules need to be reigned in and Spence's reform plan can do that.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri bill is a bad bet for gamblers

Casinos want to be able to make loans to their patrons, thus allowing people to gamble with borrowed money.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: General Assembly takes small but important step toward prison reform

There is still much to be done to correct Missouri's prisons, but the new bill will save money and reduce prison populations in an effective way.

GUEST COMMENTARY: CiVic seeks to have civil debate about enhanced enterprise zones

Citizens Involved and Invested in Columbia, or CiViC, is pushing to allow residents to participate in the discussion about enhanced enterprise zones in Columbia.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Least offensive way to ruin judge selection still a bad idea

Senate Joint Resolution 51 asks voters to change the part of the Missouri Constitution that limits political influence in the selection of judges for the state courts. Missouri senators should dig deep into their consciences and vote it down.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We need to listen, take the advice of Missouri's veterans

In order to "ensure we’re living up to the promises made to our veterans," we need to listen to their suggestions on how best to improve Veterans Affairs hospitals.

GUEST COLUMN: Cycle of domestic violence and abuse can be stopped

Columbia provides resources for the those affected by domestic abuse, and there are many ways community members can help put an end to the violence.

GUEST COMMENTARY: True North provides care, resources for domestic abuse survivors

The organization is raising awareness of the domestic abuse epidemic while providing shelter, counseling, support groups and referrals for medical and child care to women and their children.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Report from Mexico brings questions about Walmart's ethics

It is alleged that Walmart paid millions of dollars in bribes in order to open new stores in Mexico more quickly.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Enhanced Enterprise Zone is not the answer

Mayor Bob McDavid may believe calling half the city "blighted" as just semantics, but an Enhanced Enterprise Zone would cause more harm than good for Columbia.